Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dark Age Campaign Round 7

Here is our Campaign Map post 6 rounds of play. Moves are pending for round 7 based on the above.
 Scores last rounds where The Saxons over the Byzantines 34 -19 and The Caliphate over the Normans 34-10.

If you've been following this at all you'll see the Caliphate has been slowed slightly the last couple rounds a Saxon victory in Round 5 (barely) and a equal score forcing draws in Round 6 enabled me to consolidate and rebuild. Chris and his Byzantines have likewise held there own, and the loss to Saxons last round only really set the dispute over a neutral territory we where fighting over. What we currently have is 3 way ties with 19 territories a piece...Rich is in the lead with 101 Armies versus 81 for Chris and 80 for myself. Most number of territories at the end of 8 is declared the winner, with number of Armies as the tie breaker. The Norman empire is in its last throes, with 8 Territories and 24 armies he has suffered from a combination of being * man in the middle* and bad luck.. Dismissing his Heavy Cavalry would be foolish however and I since he and I are playing this week
I should probably work to complete absorb him and have him fighting for me in the last round, however a loss in that scenario would probably knock me out of the running so it might be best to skirmish against border territories and try for another smaller expansion protecting my Empires strength. However a strong push from either Rich or Chris with a high score could make that moot as well. Decisions, Decisions.



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