Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dark Age Campaign Round 6

Here we have the Campaign Map, after 5 turns and before our moves for turn 6. Only 3 turns to go. Luckily, The Saxons called in their Pagan favors, (thanks in part to one bulletproof and credibly lucky Medium Cavalry unit) and beat the Arab force by 4 points!...basically nothing, 1 point on kill points and I killed the Caliphate General netting 3 more. It was great game.  I made some big gains early, but started losing it toward turn 6 (of 8) finally coming back with a decent last round to close it, although my super cavalry finally succumbed to shooting the last turn..(losing me 4 points). This close spread of our game while forcing him out my territories barely phased him as he only lost 10 armies the whole round, and when he musters for his turn 6 moves, he'll 82 armies in the field, and still firmly in the lead, The Byzantines come in second with 69 armies ( Besting the Normans 28-10) After this victory, I have regrouped to third place with 60 armies. Normandy cant catch a break rounding out the bottom at 28.

All in all things are playing out great, I play the Byzantines next week and a big loss for either of us will be brutal. The Normans are on the verge of being absorbed, if that does happen, we'll have to Aaron play the campaign out as Vassal of whomever does it. Personally having re tooled his list, I think he's overdue for the big upset.

 In other news I have been gearing for my Spring projects for Adepticon and even made some headway painting my Saxons..more on all that soon.


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