Sunday, March 18, 2012

LPL Season 6, Round 3 Ces't la vie

Round 3 has begun over at the LAF for Lead Painters League Season 6

Here is my round 2 Losing entry " The hunt for Rex Eleven" which lost 158 votes to 324. Once again in Round 3 I draw another another great painter against my entry "Just another dungeon" totally kicking myself because I have been second guessing my lighting in my submitted photo as I didnt think it was that flattering, and I just didnt have time to go setting everything back up again to reshoot.  Now, up against an a great entry, I am getting killed around 5 votes to 1. Little details like that can make all the difference that's how stiff this competition can be. I'm probably going to resubmit a couple of these entries late in the competition, which is totally ok to do, its just you dont get the the extra 10 , "newly painted" bonus points.. doing really requires you gambling on whether you think you entry is good enough that you'll get more than 100 votes as that about what 10 points is worth. This is a tough and awesome contest...There is nothing like it out there that I have seen.
So go check it out.

In other news while these weekly contest updates are somewhat fillerish, I do have someother hobby stuff going on. "Real Life" has totally sabotaged Adepticon for me this year and I am only playing in one event, The Lord of the Rings Championships, in which I have at a snails pace been working on redoing a bunch of my current Cirith Ungol army to correspond with the new "Warbands" format.
I need to get some pictures going there and will soon!.



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