Thursday, January 3, 2013

Antiquity Campaign- Round 3

Hail Caesar! play continued pre-holidays with our ongoing Antiquity Campaign.

Again the participants are :

Rome (Rome) Yellow
Syracuse- Orange
Sparta- Red
Macedonia - Green
Persians- Achaemenid - Blue
Rome (Byzantium)- Purple

Here is our map after 3 rounds in our  Both my Spartans and Syracuse where the big losers this week, Syracuse soundly driven back by Rome and Spartan getting mauled in "300" fashion by the Persian Hordes. I need a win this week or I fear Sparta will go the way of Sparta just years earlier under my command. I'm up against either Rome or Macedonia this week...either one is going to be tough.
Round 4 happens this coming Tuesday.


Scottswargaming said...

John, can you elaborate a little how you run these campaigns?
You touched on it here alluding to similarity to RISK...

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Sure Scott, basically after running Warhammer Campaigns (Mighty Empires) for years the problems were obvious in that if you stick to direct map results people often played the same person week after week and there was not good metric for fighting on multiple fronts without playing extra games which never really worked. Then you also had the problem of Real Life getting in the way and people being absent.

We removed these obstacles by separating the map from the game. meaning while game results most definitely effect your performance. Whom your playing does not.

Games are simply round robin, (if it works out the people invading each other play great if not, not a big deal.)We use the raw games scores per player to direct map results, not who plays who. Your game score each week is applied to chart that shows a different result based on whom you moved against on the map. Your score is matched by three columns Winner Vs Loser, Winner vs Winner, Loser vs Loser.

So, I'll make my map moves, and say I make moves against 3 different opponents( moves are done secretly by bringing a move sheet to game night in advance) I then play my game against a random person. say I win my game with a score of "21" , my score is then matched against my other opponents on the map. If I invaded 2 other game winners and 1 one game loser my results would vary, on not only win/loss but difference in scores
versus another winner.

This systems allows for games again neutrals on the map and also works for games not being played.

It allows the map to played in a "Risk" like faction without the physical realities of playing the game, holding back forward long as two people play each week the campaign advances...fortunately we only had one round with man down, so far..

I'm sure it seems confusing to the uninitiated, but its really not. if you want more detail try to follow the current weekly thread in the "Club Night" section on our forum..just ask questions someone will surely respond. Thanks for the interest.

Scottswargaming said...

Thanks for reply John.

I too enjoyes ME in its own way, but as a campaing basis the problem was always, two armies meet , now we have to stop the whole campaign game while we resolves this, errr you other players just hang around for while , we'll be back in a couple of hours... didnt work!

I think I roughly followed what you were saying.
I'll check out the forum as you suggest.

Elhion said...

Its a pretty clever way to keep things going in a map based campaing.

I would like to know however about the map. What software do you use to have such an excellent map?

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Hi Elhion,

it's all done using Photoshop CS2
I start with finding a map, in historical campaigns, the "Risk" free map resources are invaluable. I then edit out all the characters I dont want and add what I do. In photoshop you can save separate layers so thats what the colored sections are. They are easy to adjust week to week once the initial version is done.


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