Thursday, January 31, 2013

January's Efforts

January's was a decent month on the hobby front for me, nowhere near as prolific as I was 3-4 years or so ago but the ball is moving in the right direction. First up are some Lord of the Rings figures (what else?)  My Riders of Rohan dismounted troops for my Adepticon Team Army. The entire is force is Cavalry so despite it being 20 Cav models, I need dismounts for about everyone in case they lose their mount. So that 20 becomes 40 or in this case 35, as I am only doing 8 dismount rank and file troops figuring the odds of more than 8 of 12 men being off their horses at one time is slim., I am also only doing 1 dismounted Outrider.. everyone else gets two models.  I am almost 2 with my other 2 Royal Guard, so I can get into the Cavalry now.  With just some display base work and my other two armies for Adepticon completely done, I am at a comfortable pace to finish by April. I plan on hitting some of the Rohirim Cav first just to keep my current color schemes going then get into the heroes which for this army are Theoden, Eowyn, Legolas and Gimli

Standard Bearer on Foot, its too much of risk only doing the mounted one so Two Standards it is, minor conversion on the Standard Bearer , weapon, shield, banner top, I'm doing my Royal Guard in a somewhat non traditional color scheme.

All the older metal AoD for me thanks.
 Next up, My Army of the Dead who are making there appearance Thursday night at Adepticon in the March to Mount Doom Event..which is 500 points, 15 model maximum. I'm running Aragorn and 13 of these guys, The King plus 12.  Its themed as the scene at Pelenor when Aragon shows up in the Corsair Ship and charges off with the AoD...I have cool little display in mind that should hit all the bells and whistles from that classic scene.

These guys are WIP, but I painted a up a couple of new Goblins from the Hobbit Box set, and I wanted to show how good they can look with very little effort. . I still stand by earlier comments that these models are great, All I have done to these guys was a spray base coat of  Reaper Fair Skin, block paint the hair, loin cloth and weapons and then give then give them a wash of Ogryn Flesh.
that's it..the look great already with zero additional detailing...yeah mounting them on Dragon Forge bases is a luxury but I bought a bunch of stuff from him when he had the buy two , get one free sale in December.  Anyway 36 of these models is the deal in the Hobbit Box, as these guys have a multiple uses for me from a Moria army Idea I am kicking around for next fall, to just an nice horde of generic fantasy guys, Goblins, Mutants, Morlocks, whatever.

Finally a blast from the past,  This Two headed Giant is in the "Old School Miniatures" category
This Grenadier  Ettin is from 1986.  Thats past the window of  my initial collecting as youth which was 80% Grenadier stuff from 1979-1983  (the rest being Heritage).  I picked this guy a year or so go on ebay when I found a guy selling about 10 boxes from this Dragon Lords line still shrink wrapped uncovered from some long forgotten cache..the bidding was fast and furious..I think all the Giants from this "Giants Club" where there, I managed to score this one and some cool armored goblins.  Anyway this was a experiment in some glazing techniques I wanted to try..not quite done yet, he's close...he'll make his final appearance this year once the LAF LPL & gets rolling, Then he'll be living in my slowly growing Skirmish Dungeon,

I'll  be back soon with more HC Campaign results and more painted figures ASAP.


Tim Kulinski said...

John great work as usual man, I really love the old school figure man. I busted out some of my old models from the same era about a month ago to do some painting. Great to see you thinking on the same lines man.

Eric Hagen said...

Nice Show John! I love the old figure too. Reminded me of my first game shop when I was a teenager.

The Rohan is coming out nice. For the Riddermark!

Scottswargaming said...

Very nice John, love it.
The Ettin is very cool too.

Unknown said...

Very nice paint job. I like how the details stand out, and you can clearly see in the goblins the darkness in the recess of the skins compared to the skin tone that is truly exposed to the light.

I'm currently working on painting models and would like you to take a look if you get the chance. Nathan's Fiction Sphere Tell me what you think. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Looking great John. Whenever I run all Cav Rohan, I usually bring exactly half infantry and I've never run out.


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