Sunday, January 27, 2013

Antiquity Campaign- Round 4

Hail Caesar! play continued early this month with our ongoing Antiquity Campaign.

Again the participants are :

Rome (Rome) Yellow
Syracuse- Orange
Sparta- Red
Macedonia - Green
Persians- Achaemenid - Blue
Rome (Byzantium)- Purple

Here is our map after 4 rounds. My Spartans triumphantly defeated Macedonia in a very hard fought battle. My Victory allowed me secure all border territories I had been squabbling with and partially remove Syracuse Troops from Sparta -but stragglers still remain.Rome continued battling Syracuse, with Rome giving up some territory in this week.  In the East Byzantium laid a crushing defeat on the Persians causing them to cede territory. Round 5 happens this coming Tuesday.


Gilegion said...

I just love to see the progress on the maps! ;)


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