Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scratch Build "The Eye" complete!

 Well complete as it going to get anyway. Here its is crewed with Aragorn and some Army of the Dead for my "Aragorn at Pelennor" list for the Thursday nights Adepticon event "The March to Mount Doom" which is a 500 point Single Elimination Tourney. This is the Army and the Boat is the display. I have a small sign that goes in front, that is yet to be made.

 I had alot of fun with this scratch build and I've some other ideas stewing around, not sure whats next this is my second totally completed ship after "The Griffon", I also have an Old Glory Brig that only needs a couple days work to be complete as well.

Painting was a pretty straight forward affair, in the future paint the masts before stitching the sails on would have saved me some time. The water stained patina on the bow ram and shields and the other weathering effects took the longest.

 As far as Adepticon goes..all my models are done..Painting all those cavalry models took me forever. .I still have my team display to paint/flock and a couple plaques/ signs for the Army make..nothing I cant get done this weekend.
I used a bunch of my Rohan Team Army for the LPL7 which starts this weekend, in conjunction with the rules I wont post my Rohan shots until probably Wednesday, the day before I head over to Adepticon. but you can get the preview over at the LAF this on Sunday. I'm not going to have much time for coverage this year..I am playing in three Lord of the Rings events, my only free time to socialize is Friday night, (so if you know me look me up then) Saturday I have split right after the event for ill timed but mandatory engagement with the wife..I may break my own rules and show up on Sunday to bum around. 


Ray Rousell said...

Fantastic work!!

Nathan Watt said...

Great work. How long did it take? What materials do you use on the boat?

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Thanks guys,
Nathan, construction and paint around 20 hours total. 2/3 build, 1/3 paint...more than half the build time was spent on the sails. I go over materials in the 1st post on 3/8

Blackwarden said...

Wow! That ship looks wonderful. Sign me up as crew!

Bard said...

That's really awesome!

Scott said...

Great work John, you have done a fine job!


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