Sunday, April 28, 2013

LPL 7, Round 3 begins!

Round 3 has begun over at the LAF for Lead Painters League Season 7

Above is my 2 round entry, "It's got two heads! (old lead)"  Which again, lost in a just about a 60/40 spread to some GW eldar of all things, Not the the best photo I submitted with the guy front and center being slightly out of focus. The photo's here are so very important in peoples perceptions this thing ends up a miniatures photography contest all most as much as painting contest.  I didnt have alot of time for photos with my initial submission with my Adepticon prep. Things get tough from here out as I am basically working a submission a round 4 entry should be submitted today, giving me until May 11th to work on the Historical Civil War bonus round which is minimum 10 figures if I want all the bonus points. I'm torn as I am ready to dive into painting my new Bolt Action stuff, but the 20 bonus points is tempting with going 0-2 so far, with me being only 13 points down from the top leader board is pretty tempting.  Anyway this week is more of recent figures I did in preparation for Adepticon, familiar faces in "Heroes of Helm's Deep"  check it out and go vote!


Blackwarden said...

Nice pic and great painting. I never tire of looking at old school miniatures. Ahhh...the memories.

DeanM said...

Very cool! Best, Dean

Scott said...

I certainly like the Ettin

Nils Nordstrand said...

I like those Grenadier Fighting men..I love to see old lead painted up to a modern standard like this. It looks like you modified their weapons...they are much more dangerous looking now.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Thanks all,

and @ Nils. This was one of my oldest sets..I think I got when I was 12 or so as a result there were alot of broken weapons here and there when I dug them out of a box after 25 years in hibernation. so various weapons did replaced as needed as I painted them up..thanks for noticing!

Nathan Watt said...

Very nice.

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