Sunday, March 30, 2014

T- Minus 5 days

My Rohan army from the LotR championships, no frills on the display this year.
Adepticon is next weekend and its a busy time around here, painting , printing , building, you name it. If running this years Legends of the High Seas game wasn't enough, I have two other tournaments I am playing in the Lord of the Rings Championships on Friday and Bolt Action on Sunday.

It feels strange that Lord of the Rings hasnt gotten much attention from me this year, only one new model in this army (Eomer) which was done in the fall when I was still thinking I was playing in BBB. Such is the state of the game however, Games Workshop has done everything they can to alienate long time players like myself. while not being a fan of WETA's aesthetic with the new Hobbit films doesnt help the situation. GW's insane prices and insistence of making most of the models in Finecast has killed most of the new releases for me. I havent purchased a single thing other than the Hobbit box set, and that was mainly for the rulebook..(although I do really like both the plastic Gandalf and Radagast figures) a couple other plastic boxes I've won from various events sit still shrinked because I have no use for them in any of my armies.  Even my enthusiasm for the rules has diminished. We are a couple years in now and the new fresh take on the rules that we were once excited about now seems unnecessary and cumbersome when viewed thru the eyes of lean and mean Legend of the High Seas rules I have been re-acclimating with and are based on the original Lord of the Ring Rules.

Regardless of this, I like all the guys here that play and the event is always a great time so I am in, abiet with essentially last years army, but I am in. but I can't say I dont regret the game never capitalized on the big bump in attention it got between the new army books and first Hobbit movie, it seems like something more should have happened with the game and there was lost opportunity there. Moving ahead I look forward to trying LotR armies with the SAGA rules in the future, as I see alot of the missing potential there, I touch on that briefly before and Rich and I plan on playing some SAGA very soon, just not at Adepticon.

Moving over to Bolt Action, my 1000 points of British Paratroopers and Commandos, themed on the Market Garden Invasion have gotten all my attention since last fall, while I had alot to do for the Pirate event, the rest of hobby time was here, and actually playing games which is always fun. really looking forward to the event, but I have display board to finish this week and some other small things for pirates so its off I go for couple hours before I have to sleep, I'll have some shots of my BA army up this week as soon as the display is ready...


el zorro said...

an all mounted Rohan list? sweet. can't wait to see how it fares.

and that is an epic job on the army list display - as always.

Scott Bowman said...

Very nice force John, I look forward to hearing how your tournie goes.


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