Tuesday, April 1, 2014

T- Minus 3 days

My 1000 point army for Sundays Bolt Action Tournament.
 Adepticon starts in 2 days, in reality its 3 for me since I have nothing going on until bright and early Friday and its going to be a long day. I'll head out Thursday night to get my badge and see some folks so I dont have deal with getting a badge in morning when I have an event starting at 8am.

Forgot to brush the excess flock out of the muddy road there, dont worry I already did it!
 Just wanted to get some shots posted of 1000 points of British forces for Sundays tournment.
these took longer than I thought to paint, and I probably have 1500 points when its all counted with Jeeps , the Stuart I just bought and enough men for 2 more squads, but here who coming to fight Sunday.
 I'm really enjoying playing BA and this army, kudos to Warlord Games for creating a game thats
plays great and seems pretty fair and well balanced at this size..definitely the go to game of the moment and Aaron and I counted at least dozen people locally we both know currently playing, I have not been able to say that about any games since I played WFB regularly.

The display was kind of an after thought, I realized I needed something when I set the guys up in the tray the first time, for getting it done in a couple days I'm happy with the way it came out. I found some WW2 German propaganda posters from Holland in late 44' and sized them in photoshop and printed them out on sticker paper and stuck on the walls for some thematic flavor. The building is the old armorcast modern ruins, I put some hobby stucco on and made work...the road is plasticstruct.
 There you go, my first Bolt Action Army for my first Bolt Action Tournament, hope they play as well and they do in my basement, Their counter part- Germans are next!, I'll of course report on how I make out on Sunday.


Dean Vuckovich said...

They look awesome....

Just something to point out (you may or may not know... or dont care LOL)... running 2 soldiers with your Lt, no longer makes them "small team"... if you run 1 soldier than its small team and -1 to shoot at them... could always slide that 2nd soldier over to the medic. I know it would mess up your pretty army list display then....

Mark Peel said...

Lovely display. I am currently building/painting a bolt action 6th Airborne division list for a tournament in september. Themeing it as a d-day+1 list. Hoping to find some inspiration for decent display trays to carry/show the army on.


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