Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adepticon 2014 Part 3

Friday evening was the return of my Legends of the High Seas game which last washed ashore in 2011.  I knew the gang which only featured two returning players still had high expectations based on the previous events success, so I aimed to not disappoint.

It was somewhat odd seeing this whole set up transplanted here from my basement shocking things were moved to and from with very little minor damage
We had the full compliment of 10 players with average crew size of 12, meant 120 skirmishing figures all trying to outscore each other by capturing treasure tokens and objectives during each of the games three stages. I threw curveball in of having live 12 and 8 pound guns on the table that could be fired and could destroy buildings. The players wasted no time in jumping on this we had several buildings leveled as well as the Pirate ship being sunk as one crew valiantly tried to sail her to the other side of the board for the big points in round 2. An overshot cannonball did some damage to hull in stage one, leading to her early sinking.

I was concerned about about rules and turn protocol in a "big game" such as this. While although you were rolling initiative against the person across or nearest you, the game was really a big free for all. Anyone crew could attack anyone in the effort to score as many points as possible. The two Royal Navy players initially aimed to capture Pirates, I dont think the Privateers had the same restraint.
Thankfully, even with the rulebooks author Tim, on hand for the festivities the game played seemed very smooth, but that could also be a result of the mass quantities of rum on hand being consumed by many of the players.

With 10 players admittedly the board was crowded, this just added to excitement I think however if I added two more players, I would add at least full four feet of table space maybe more.
At the end of stage 3 we only had 2 or 3 of the 10 crews completely knocked out of the game. Newcomer to the event and game David was the high scorer with returning winner from 2011 coming in just 2 points behind. In very close match in the appearance category Jeremy's converted Perry bros Prussians proxying British Marines won the Appearance award. Prizes were of course not the usual Adepticon swag but small treasure chests filled with Pirate Coins and extra Foundry Pirate figures I had from back when we ran the campaign, everyone walked aways with something including Tim
getting awesome laser cut initiative(priority) tokens made commemorating the event.

The gang in action, Thanks to  Tim for bringing the Pirate Flag!

Feedback already has been great, its always satisfying when you put some much time into something and it goes according to plan. If my life lets me well be back again next year with some minor changes and even opening a couple spots, figure we had quite the audience watching the game which is always a good sign to increase attendance in the future. No idea on format yet but its great to see the interest in such fringe genre of gaming.. Thanks mates for all your support!

In my next and final say on Adepticon 2014, I will recount my Sunday, where I took part in Adepticon's first Bolt Action tournament.


Scott Bowman said...

Super Job, would have loved to have been there! Did anyone say Rum? ;-)


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