Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adepticon 2014 part 4

Jeremy's kick ass German Air Field stole the show as far as tables go.

My last Adepticon post covers Sundays Bolt Action Tournament. The was first time Bolt Action has had an event, this year featured a combat patrol event and this tournament. Bolt Action has been the main game I have playing since last summer so I was looking forward to event as it was something I actually played regularly. Although I have only played Aaron and Jeremy and probably played slightly over a dozen games, I felt I had enough of handle of the game not to get creamed, man was I wrong.

Tim's Warlord Ruins he shipped out , a great box set you get alot of terrain for $60 box, I have two boxes and its giving 8 full buildings and two decent small pieces, almost enough for a full 4x 6 table.

I ended up going 0-3 with my British. my first game was against Chris who came in from Louisiana.
He was running a pretty standard Fallschirmjager list with a 222 Armored car as I am accustomed too..abet he also had  Hetzer heavy tank but that did not have too much impact. The scenario was Maximum Attrition which is just a straight up assault, of which I just came out on the losing end of
I killed plenty of his guys but couldnt eliminate full unit which is was doing to me, at certain point
you reach the tipping point where it all goes downhill, by turn 6 I was nearly tabled. Chris hadn't played much and was very soft on the rules...being it was 8am, if was still a bit foggy and was forgetting alot of basic rules (small team, defensive fire etc) which led to my demise quicker than it should have.

Brents US troops are modeled after his Grandfathers regiment they look really really good, tough to tell from this shot but check them out on his blog.

Game 2 was the real eye opener. One of the cool things about Bolt Action you can played it casually and thematically as we do, or its very open to Min/Max competitive game of which my second opponent also Chris (but from Maryland) was well versed in. He had a nasty Soviet List including a Heavy tank with 2 MMGs and 1 HMG, a Flamethrower tank that also had a  ATG  gun a well in adition to couple Anti Tank rifles and Mortar...and Transport Truck with his free inexperienced platoon, that all Soviet armies get and which he had a special use for.

My second round opponent Chris's Soviets
The problem in this game was I was outmatched from the get go...I had little response to the flamethrower tank which started kicking my ass right off the bat frying my PIAT team  which I really needed from 18 inches away  He had one tank on each flank and the board had decent lanes of fire so my ATG got wiped out early with a lucky shot leaving no response for the big tank....My Humber could have taken out the Flamethrower tank and man I tried but missed on the few shots I had and the Recce move could not get completely out of the line of fire of the certain things and eventually it got popper, leaving me with zero response to his tanks..I had a decent Artillery strike but struck out when it came to the Heavy Tank and he even had Fubar from one his Anti Tank Rifles which I shot at his own tank but it missed.

The scenario was Top Secret, and while my remaining guys hit in heavy cover getting pounded and flammed, (except for my Commandos who outflanked and wiped out  a  Soviet vet squad but the real action was all the way on the other side of board) Chris had his Truck and Rookie Squad outflank in the truck disembark and overrun my mortar easily, once he had the objective he fanned his two squads out in a conga line so one squad could pass the objective to the other, (which you can only do once a turn) the rookie squard could them board the truck and then the truck could drive off the board
all in one turn!...and in this tournament scenario you add to escape via the opponent edge, as opposed to the book scenario which is exiting via your edge. I was pretty impressed you could get the thing off the board in one turn. If you've played Top Secret without a transport you know how had that is.

Chris was great fun opponent, who gave me some great advice on tweaking my list to make it more competitive and still keep the theme, I have already taken into account and look forward try it out.
so while although I was totally shellacked, this was still a great game...0-2

Aaron and Jeremy throw down Germany vs Japan, unfortunately we couldnt keep it Axis vs Allies

Game 3 was against Aaron, I had asked Tim not to pair us up because we've played the majority of our games against each other but considering we were both 0-2 there wasnt much choice
considering the event had some drops (being Sunday) and there were only 14 players. We said what
the hell and just played out usual basement game at a tourament. The scenario was Envelopment and one Aaron and I have played probably the most. My British kill at this as the attacked because of their rules I get and extra die on the Prepatory Bombardment chart which usually kicks out a ton of pins to my opponent first turn. Aaron won the roll, took Attacker and got some hot dice hurting me bad, on the second turn I call in my Artillery and I roll a "1" which allows Aaron to move it 12 inches were ever he wants and that was right into a bunch of my pinned to hell troops, it was game over right there..I gave it good try my left side was crushed, my outflanking commandos again came in on the Right, which was again the wrong side..Aaron got alot of stuff off the board and while I may have eventually killed 4 units..for 8 points, he picked up 16 for the easy win.  0-3

With Aaron and I being at the last table, I found it somewhat ironic that  He won Best Sportsman, and I and won Best Appearance, my Pal Kyle won best overall with his Germans...all victories for the home team here. Glad I pulled it off as there were some good looking armies there (Aaron, Brent, Jeremy, my second round opponent Chris)  I've been working on my guys for awhile now so I was glad people noticed as Best Appearance here was 100% player voted. -so thanks guys.

The award certificate, but I hear we are actually getting the Adepticon hard plaques that have gotten very popular as the preferred award even over the swag.
 The only downer on this event was Warlord Games lack of showing up this year and supporting this event. If you are the US rep for Warlord Games, the one event you want to be sure to make it to is Adepticon. This game has legs as it appeals to a wide genre of gaming types, not having it on Sunday and some press this could easily draw 30 players next year.  That's it for me for Adepticon 2014, we've got Little Wars coming up in a couple weeks and I will be there helping run some Historicals. If you were disappointed by the vendor hall at Adepticon and are local do yourself a favor and check out Little Wars.


Dean Vuckovich said...

"the rookie squard could them board the truck and then the truck could drive off the board
all in one turn"

How did he do this? If you board a transport, the transport cannot move till the next turn. If am reading page 93 correctly.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Hey Dean

I read the same thing, we should check to if that was in the errata because if the vehicle has done nothing that turn (ie hasnt been given an order yet) I dont see why it should not be able to move if a unit boards it, especially a truck with a separate driver , etc.
I guess they could imply that boarding the transport should also use the transports "turn" but in that case it should say so i.e "the transport should be given a down order" which it does say in reference to units that have already moved. that paragraph is poorly worded.
regardless if he move that turn or the next had no bearing on the outcome of the game..I was reduced to a few infantry unit on the other side of the board far away from the truck... something to probably clear up thou cause its a neat trick for moving a objective a long way one turn if its legal.

Dean Vuckovich said...

I do not see it in the Errata.... I think it was meant that way so you cannot do it all in 1 turn. The next section on dismounting even starts off with that it "is easier then getting on board".

Dean Vuckovich said...

Also need to watch the 'conga line'.

A1 Marker
A4 B1
A1 cannot pass it...

A4 B1 Marker
A4 can pass it to B1

If the model carrying the marker ends
its move to within 1” of a model belonging to a friendly
infantry unit (or indeed a friendly infantry unit ends its
move so that one of its models is within 1” of the model
carrying the marker), the marker can immediately be
handed over from one model to the other. This handing
over of the objective marker can be done only once per
turn, to stop an unrealistic ‘chain effect’.

Jeremy said...

The cheese was in full stink for bolt action. Arizona likes air support, the mid west loves double tanks with ridiculous machine gun load outs.

I think I prefer defending against airplanes than 32 machine gun shots from armor a turn....

John@Plastic.Legions said...

What's the tank with 4 MMG's that was the guy with the Finnish list right? I cant find it Germany Book, I thought it was german tank the Finns used?

Jeremy said...

it was the t-28 from the axis book. according to bolt action research, only 7 were captured during the war. I guess 2/7 showed up at adepticon...

I just think it is quite cheesy to bring 2 platoons so you can double down on heavily armored units. I think there were at least 3 lists there that did this to bring multiple armor.


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