Monday, March 27, 2017

Blackbarrow Castle

Just recently I finished the main construction and painting of my Hirst Arts Castle, which I call Blackbarrow Castle. It was long time in the making- the taller, thinner tower ( I call the lighthouse) and the Gate House were built and completed in 2014 for Adepticon that Spring and used on my Legends of the High Seas table for that event. The large tower was complete last fall and the remaining wall sections where finished in the last few months. There is still quite a bit of work to do before I call it "finished" and it sits at the head of Fantasy table overlooking the Village of Blackbarrow.  I still have interior details galore and its inhabitants to paint. as well as redoing the entire base.
The base itself and road to gate will be totally redone with proper foliage as well.

I just ordered some carving plaster and other goodies from Woodland Scenics to get the base looking like a real rock formation as opposed to some carved foam board., currently the floor in the tower are temporary until I can finish them properly and You can see the one, wooden interior building, (a soldiers barracks) will probably have a stable across from it.and perhaps a gallows in the courtyard.

Not really sure how much time and or plaster I used on this as I mentioned it was a long road, I know which molds I used thou the entire projects used molds..70,71,72,75,78,701,260,261,224,225 and 58, the last 3 just being the wooden courtyard building, the bulk casting being the tower molds, the wall slab and basic block molds for the Gatehouse.  I hope to get the base finished up and and remaining details complete in the next month, as I like the whole table done for this summer.  I will leave things here with the rest of the photos, there is a gallery on the left, but its currently the same photos you see here.



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