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Rangers of Shadow Deep, Mission 3: Descent into Darkness, Scenario 2: Swampland


For nearly a full day, you and your companions carefully climbed down the broken stairs. Day eventually gave way to a murky twilight as the sun was blotted from the sky by the thick, dark clouds of the Shadow Deep. Most of your party have covered their faces to block out the ash and stink of the place. Finally, the stairway came to an end in front of a boggy pool, dotted with broken ruins and a few trees. The water nearest the stairs is too deep to wade, but it appears to quickly become shallower further on. If you want to carry on with your mission, there is no choice but to swim through the dark waters until you reach solid ground. Still, it is not a decision you take lightly, for who knows what could be living beneath the surface of the dark water?

This report is a complete play-through.

Updated Character Sheets

Pre game notes: At first glance this is probably the most basic of the introductory scenarios. The new thing here will be some environment  and swim checks. we are up against swimming Zombies, and potentially some Orcs and some more Flies., I used my Jungle terrain here with some dead or broken trees to get the “swamp vibe”  the Swim and Environment checks have the potential to really handicap me if I roll poorly , a nice introduction to adventuring within the Shadow Deep itself.

Set up
There is no Target Point for this scenario. During the event phase of each turn, I will
draw one Event Card. This scenario lasts a maximum of ten turns.

All die rolls are shown as (X) all combat rolls are (x,x) The first number always being the heroes.

The platform the heroes start on is the base of the Broken Stairs from the previous mission

The Dangers of Swimming

Whenever a figure activates while in deep water (water too deep to stand in) it must make a
Swimming Roll (TN5) and apply the modifiers listed in the Swimming Modifiers Table below. If
the figure fails this roll, it loses all its actions for this turn and takes damage equal to the amount
by which it failed the roll, ignoring armor.
For example, a ranger activates while in a deep pool. He rolls a die and gets a 3. To this he
adds his Swimming Skill of +3 for a total of 6. Unfortunately, he is wearing light armour (-2) and
carrying a shield (-1), bringing his final total down to 3. So, not only does he receive no actions
this turn, but he also takes 2 points of damage from drowning.
If the figure succeeds on its Swimming Roll, it may take its activation's as normal. Deep
water is, however, always treated as rough ground for the purposes of movement, and any figure
fighting in deep water receives a -2 Fight.

Swimming Modifiers Table
Light Armour -2
Heavy Armour -5
Shield -1
Carrying Treasure -2

Pretty rough!  We will see how we do we have about 8-10 inches to swim based on when we head.

Environment check

The Shadow Deep as an environment is a corrupt and dangerous place to represent this
 Before the scenario begins, each Team member must make either a Will Roll (TN10) or a Survival Roll (TN10) or suffer 2 points of damage from breathing in foul fumes.

Ranger Blackwulf   Will +4  Roll (9)  = 13 Pass
Sigurd Will +2  (19) = 21 Pass
Skuti Will +1 (11)= 12 Pass
Gord  Will +1 (12) = 13 Pass
Thorvald Will +2  (8)  = 10 Pass
Guthrum Survival +3 (5) = 8 FAIL
Xavos  Will +2 (4) = 6 FAIL

SO Guthrun and Xavos each take 2 damage


Ranger Phase

Blackwulf  will group activate with Thorvald, Skuti and Gord

Maximum swim distance is 4.5 inches on a double move

Swim Checks

Now since we are starting out of the water, I am making the swim check on the second move action since all four are trying to swim to other side as quickly as possible
The target number for the Swim Check is TN 5

Blackwulf   = (16) – 2 =14  swims 4.5 inches
Thorvald  = (2)- 2 = 0  swims 3 inches and starts drowning he takes 3 points of Damage!
Skuti = (4) -2 =2   he swims 3 inches and starts drowning he takes 1 point of Damage!
Gord = (6)  Gord wears no armor and suffers no penalty he swims 4.5 inches

Right away we get in trouble with swim checks


All three Swamp Zombies on the board can see the heroes swimming across the deep water
The all advance with a double move which in a Zombie case is 6 inches.


Swim Checks

Sigurd (11) -3 for armor and shield and 8 passes he swims 4.5 inches

Guthrum (7)  -2  for Armor =5  passes he swims 4.5 inches

Xavos (15)  Xavos has Swim +3 and no armor for 18..he swims 4.5 inches easily…



Randomly select one hero. That figure suffers some sort of infection. It must
immediately make a Health Roll (TN16) or count as diseased for the rest of this
scenario and the next one.

Ooof, going left to right I roll a D8 rerolling on an 8…I roll a 2.. its Ranger Blackwulf..
Well fortunately his health is 19 and you add you health to his roll so I can only fail on a (1) I roll (20)! Haha
Close it could have been the other way.  He passes

Swamp Zombies everywhere



Blackwulf  will group activate with Thorvald, Skuti and Gord

TN 5 Swim check.

Blackwulf  (10) -2 = 8 pass  its take him both actions to get out of the deep water

Gord (15) = 15 pass ..he follows Blackwulf

Thorvald (12)- 2 = 10 Pass, he still in deep water

Skuti (16) -2= 14 pass , he also is still in deep water


Swamp Zombie 2 immediately engages Gord as he emerges out of the water (10,7)  Gord wins 11 to 7 but doesn’t damage the Zombie he just wards it off

Swamp Zombie 1 moves toward Blackwulf but had move around some ground terrain and cannot reach.

Swamp Zombie 3 advances 6 inches


Swim Checks TN 5

Sigurd (20)  hey lets save these for combat Sigurd easily swims out of the water.. on his first action
On his second action he no longer subject to the rough ground penalty and moves into combat with Swamp Zombie 2 to help Gord

Guthrum  (3)-2 = 1 Fail   Guthrum begins to struggle and goes under he takes 2 damage

Xavos (14)= 17 easily swims out of the deep water to firmer land



Randomly choose one hero that is in deep water. Place a swamp zombie in
combat with that figure. If no figures are in deep water, place one swamp zombie
at the centre point of the table edge opposite the stairway.

I roll a D3 for my companions still in the water  (1)  going L to R means Thorvald has a Zombie place in combat with him.

three of them struggling in deep water Thorvald (far left) doest get out of the water until turn 6!



Blackwulf  will again  group activate with Thorvald, Skuti and Gord

Blackwulf attacks Swamp Zombie 1 who was moving in one him.  ,(3,4)  he wins 7 to 4 but fails to damage the zombie..

Gord in combat with Swamp Zombie 2 with Sigurd supporting (6,9) a Tie and 9 to 9 neither manage to best the others armor

Thorvald needs to make the swim check at TN 5 (18) -2  =16 pass

Thorvald attacks the Swamp Zombie 4 who rose from the water to attack him.  Thorvald is -2 Fight because he’s  swimming.. (7,8) with the -2 his +3 = +1 so another tie with no damage. He’s stuck in the water.

Skuti makes his swim check at TN 5  (5)  but -2 for light armor means he fails…he takes no damage but is still stuck.

(wow that was a terrible turn.)
This Swamp Zombie rising up out of the water was ill timed....


Swamp Zombie 1 in combat with Blackwulf attacks!  (11,5) Blackwulf wins this time 15 to 5 the Zombie with Armor 12 takes 3 damage

Swamp Zombie 2 in combat with Gord and Sigurd  attacks!  (2,9) ugh with Sigurd support the Zombie still manages to beat Gord but crafty rogue escapes damage.

Swamp Zombie 3 moves into Combat with Blackwulf , he’s now fighting 2 Swamp Zombies.  (10,2) Blackwulf wins again 14 to 4 but again the Zombie takes minimal damage-  2 points

Swamp Zombie 4 in Combat with Thorvald attacks!  (13,15)  Thorvald  loses  14 to 15  barely able to stay afloat
He takes 4 damage hes down to 5 health.


Sigurd with Gords Supporting attacks Swamp Zombie 2 he is +5  (10,5) he wins 15 to 5 but its only 3 damage…these Zombies are hanging in there.

Guthrum still in deep water makes the TN 5 swim check (19) and he’s out of water he barely makes it to dry ground staying more than 1inch away from Gord heading to aid Blackwulf

Xavos  moves 6 inches into Clue Marker 2…we roll (7)  Strange Flowers…great…..

Blackwulf sent Xavos out ahead to grab clue markers as it looked we had all the Zombie tied up



Place a giant fly at the base of the stairway

………………….Wow pretty bad turn for the boys overall.



Blackwulf  group activates  with this time the new dry Guthrum, Skuti and Gord

Guthrum moves into the combat with Blackwulf attacks Swamp Zombie 3  (15,17) he barely wins he +3 fight making 18 to 17..the +2 damage makes  21 for damage purpose and the Zombie is killed . Turn 4 and the 1st kill of the game..Guthrum then snaps into Blackwulfs fight as support being less than an inch away.

Blackwulf attacks Swamp Zombie 1 (5,11) ugh we just aren’t getting anywhere here with Guthrum’s support it’s a tie neither beating the others armor score

Gord in combat with Swamp Zombie 2 attacks (17,11)  with Sigurds supports he wins 20-11 with -1 damage with his dagger the 7 damage is more than enough to put the Zombie down…2 down!

Skuti makes his Swim check at TN5 (10) finally he is free and on the beach on his 1st action on his second action he turn a fires his bow at the Fly that show up behind at the bottom of the steps (16,6)  Skuti hits!
18 to 7 the Fly is skewered for 12 damage and goes down hard..way to go!
Skuti takes out the first fly to show up, no problem


Swamp Zombie 1 in combat with Blackwulf and Guthrum attacks Guthrum as his health is lower, Blackwulf is Supporting (4,19) OooFFFF.  Brutal hit on poor Guthrum from the Zombie he lose 19 to 9 and its 8 damage and Guthrum has 8 health he goes down and Out of Action.

Swamp Zombie 4 is still clawing at Thorvald in the water he attacks (14,15) another tie due to Thorvalds fighting while swimming penalty  15 to 15.. the Zombie takes 3 damage while Thorvald takes 4 hes is down to 1 health.


Sigurd wants to help Thorvald but I cant reach the combat with the distance penalty and have risk the swim check to attack. He moves into combat with Blackwulf and attacks Swamp Zombie 1 (9,9) Sigurd wins 14 to 9 but its only 2 damage this Zombie only started 6 health its down to 1, die already!

Xavos risks moving alone in the Darkness toward Clue Marker 3 but cant quite reach it with a double move



Sink Hole. Randomly select one hero. This figure has stepped in a sink hole
or become tangled in some underwater vines if in deep water. Whenever this
figure next activates, it must make a Strength Roll (TN12) or be unable to move
during its activation. This continues each turn until the roll is successful. This
figure gets +2 to the roll for each friendly figure that is within 1”, but not in

I roll randomly and its Gord our Rogue!

The environment here is worse then the creatures...the rogue in the sinkhole was an issue!



Blackwulf  group activates  with this time the new dry Sigurd, Skuti and Gord

Blackwulf is first Die blasted Zombie Blackwulf yells…(11,9) winning 16 to 9 with Sigurds support its finally drops messy but its dead.  With his second action Blackwulf can just reach the combat with Thorvald and the Swamp Zombie 4 he will have make a swim check next activation
Gord tries to activate but fails the TN 12 strength check miserably (2) he is stuck

Skuti moves to aid him

Sigurd takes a double move after Xavos in case trouble finds him wandering off alone.

We sent Sigurd out to make sure Xavos didnt get killed , its was good timing


Swamp Zombie 4 has 3 health remaining its now in combat with Thorvald and Blackwulf , its attacking Thorvald who is on his last legs but Blackwulfs support will offset the Fight Penalty (20,4) that did for damage purpose its 25 to 4 because of Thorvald 2 handed weapon 13 damage mashes that Zombies head to paste it falls back beneath the stale water.


Thorvald must make a swim check TN5 (6) -2 = 4 fails…but not enough to do any damage he struggles in water gasping for breath.

Xavos reaches clue marker 3 roll is (2)  Treasure Token,  that is some good news he picks it up with his second action .



Place a giant fly at the base of the stairway

Another fly!

This shot is from Turn 8, its shows how long it took to get clear of the water and initial Zombies most of the game!



Blackwulf  group activates  with Thorvald no one else is close enough

Blackwulf makes a TN5swim check (19) -2 =17 pass
His first action is to use his Heal spell on Thorvald bringing him to 6 health.
His second action to get out of the water  which he can with a 1 inch move

Thorvald makes his TN5 swim check (17)-2 =15 pass finally! 6 turns and everyone is out of the water
He joins Blackwulf on solid ground.


Giant Fly advance toward heroes , Skuti is closest, but can quite reach with its 9 inch double moves


Gord- makes his TN12 Strength check, Both Thorvald and Skuti are close enough give him  +4 (6) not enough he is still stuck….He can however throw his lucky knife at the fly coming at him (14,8) The knife strikes true again hitting 15 to 8!, -1 damage makes it a 14 the flys armor is 6 so 8 damage is enough to kill it…

Gord's  lucky knife strikes again...its happened so much its now a "thing"

Skuti stays where he is to keep trying to help free Gord

Xavos makes a double move and exits the far edge of the board with the Treasure Token

Xavos the 1st to leave the board treasure token in hand he finds a safe location beyond the swamp

Sigurd makes a double back across the board toward clue marker 1



Randomly choose one hero that is in deep water. Place a swamp zombie in
combat with that figure. If no figures are in deep water, place one swamp zombie
at the centre point of the table edge opposite the stairway.

No one is in deep water so we place a Swamp Zombie near where Xavos just left the board he got lucky he didn’t linger around!
Swamp Zombie 5 shows up via an event card just as Xavos leaves the board



Blackwulf  group activates  with Thorvald , Skuti and Gord

Thorvalds moves to Gords left to help him

Skuti no moving can see the Swamp Zombie 5 that has appeared on the board its 15 inches away but an open shot..he shoot! (16,4)  hitting 18 to 4 the Shot is true  the 12 armor on the Zombie still gives it 6 damage just enough to kill it! Woot

Blackwulf moves to within an inch of Gord to help

Gord. 3rd try to free himself from the Sinkhole TN 12  (+6) this time (9) +6 =15 hes free!
Gord makes a double move (toward clue marker 1 as well) getting as far away from that sinkhole as possible


No creatures on the board.


Sigurd on his way to finding the Bone Blade

Sigurd can reach the Clue Marker 1 on his first action we roll (17)

Bone Blade. Buried in the mud you find a strange sword that appears to be made of
bone. Make an Armoury Roll (TN6). If successful you can feel a slight magic tingle
about the blade and decide to keep it. Otherwise, you discard it as junk. The Bone
Blade does not count as a magic weapon, but anyone wielding it receives +1 Fight
when fighting skeletons or zombies

in a nice coincidence Sigurds one skill is armory +3  he rolls a (3) so justs makes  seems like its meant to be his
so lets give it to him!



Place a swamp zombie in a randomly determined corner of the table

They are still coming! I roll the NE corner

Swamp Zombie 6 via event card



Blackwulf  group activates  with Thorvald  and Skuti

All three make double moves 9 inches toward the far board edge


Swamp Zombie 6 can see Blackwulf and Skuti at a distance a moves twice for 6 inches toward them


Sigurd and Gord move twice 9 inches for Sigurd and 10.5 for Gord and reach the far board edge but are still on the table

We scoring XP for getting of the far edge of the board...Gord leaves 2nd...


An Orc patrol passes through. Place two Orc  archers and one Orc fighter at
the centre point of a randomly determined board edge (excluding the edge with
the stairway

Roll D3  I roll (2) the far board edge we are trying to exit No Escape yet!

Orc Patrol shows up right as we are getting close to exiting the board..



Blackwulf  group activates  with Thorvald  and Skuti

Thorvald spots the Orc patrol 

Blackwulf makes a 6 inch move and fires at one of the Archers. (3,14)  the rushed shot misses

Skuti heads the other way around the ruin Shooting at the same archers (17,17) normally be a tie at 19-19 but the orc gets an extra +2 for intervening terrain and rushed shot another miss

Skuti as bait

Thorvald moves toward Blackwulf stopping behind the Ruin for cover.


Orc Archer 1 see Skuti as the closer target and fires (9,9) Skuti gets the intervening terrain bonus working for his this time and the shot misses

Orc Archer 2  fires at Skuti as well (15,9) another miss

Skuti is bait as both the Orc Fighter and the Swamp Zombie see him as the nearest target and both advance on him , neither can reach but the Orc is close.


Gord exits the board.

Sigurd stays put in case he is needed.



Sink Hole. Randomly select one hero. This figure has stepped in a sink hole
or become tangled in some underwater vines if in deep water. Whenever this
figure next activates, it must make a Strength Roll (TN12) or be unable to move
during its activation. This continues each turn until the roll is successful. This
figure gets +2 to the roll for each friendly figure that is within 1”, but not in

Oh no not again!, not good thing to happen going into turn 10 with 4 bad guys on the board.

I roll D4 (2)  its Ranger Blackwulf!


Blackwulf  group activates  with Thorvald  , Skuti is too far

Blackwulf makes the sinkhole escape TN 12 Strength check, he is +3 and Thorvald is right there for +2 so its +5  roll (15) no problem hes free.

Blackwulf moves back 3 inches and fires an arrow the Orc coming at Skuti he uses his steady aim heroic ability
Which gives him +5 to his shoot..for a total of +7 versus the Orcs +2 and +1 for Terrain and hurried shot (8,3)
Blackwulf hits winning 15-7 but the Orc only takes 4 damage so keeps coming

Blackwulf hits that Orc head at Skuti but doesnt stop him , Thorvald get over there and takes the heat

Thorvald moves up right next to Skuti so he will be attacked instead


Orc Fighter moves in and engages Thorvald as he is now closer they fight, with Skuti supporting (9,7)
Thorvald wins 14 to 9 , 16 for Damages purposes the Orc still lives with 1 Health

Swamp Zombie 6 makes a double move to engage Skuti gets into combat but cant attack as he is out of actions

Orc Archer 1 and 2 can see the combat  but cant shoot into it , so they move toward the combat.
After the 1st move they can see  Ranger Blackwulf so they fire

Orc Archer 1 (15,4) miss
Orc Archer 2  (8,2) Miss


Last turn cant engage, no missile weapon…Sigurd Leaves the board so we get the XP.



Frenzy. Something in the air causes all evil models on the table to go berserk.
For the next turn, all evil figures receive +2 Fight.


Ok Wow, I hate leaving it in a cliff  hanger like this so …



Blackwulf activates alone moves into combat with Thorvald and Orc Fighter (20,18)

Even the Orcs fight at +2 thanks to the event Blackwulf wins 26 to 22 bonus damage from the Crit makes it 20 damage takes the Orcs head clean off,

Post turn 10 , I had to see what would happen


Swamp Zombie 6 attacks Skuti, Thorvald snaps into combat for support meaning the Zombie attacks Thorvald because of his low health (15, 12) or 20 to 12 , 22 with two handed weapon damage. Zombie is imploded.

Orc Archer 1, fires at Thorvald (closest) (17,4) miss

Orc Archer 2 fires at Skuti (closest) (13,15 ) or Orc hits 17 to 15, Skuti takes 7 damage. Oof,

Outside that next turn I’d have Blackwulf  and Thorvald on the Archers  and They’d handle it….I would think we’d make it out alive,  so i quit here

Didnt play past here as the heroes would chew these Archers up


• +2XP for each swamp zombie or giant fly killed.  5 Zombies and 2 Flies  = 14 XP
• +3XP for each gnoll killed. NO
• +5XP if the strange flowers are found. Yes Xavos Studies them TN5 (14) +5 XP
• +3XP if the flowers are successfully studied. +3 XP
• +8XP if the spell is successfully identified. NO
• +5XP if the signet ring is found.NO
• +3XP for each hero that exits the table on the opposite side of the stairway during the
scenario. We had 3 so +9 XP
• +5XP if the land is successfully mapped. YES Blackwulf  +6 vs TN8  roll (4) =10 yes, +5 XP

36XP total


This Scenario definitely snuck up on me, still in the damn water on the 1st 8 inches in from the starting location on turn 6! The sink holes and late enemy arrivals made the game crazy….definitely a sleeper of a scenario, looks pretty simple it was not…

Guthrum was knocked out of action
 His Recovery roll. (20) HA..NO problems there…Full Recovery.

Xavos found the Strange Flowers and a Treasure Token Roll (2) Gold and Jewels..

(I just cant seem to roll high on the treasure table for the good stuff)

Well we will definitely take the Progression Point here for Guthrum so everyone gets one.
Thorvald goes to 5 so he gets his +1 Health.

Sigurd gets the Bone Blade… hopefully that comes into use soon,.

While 36 XP feels low its enough to push Blackwulf to level 4 which means new heroic ability
It’s a toss up between Hand of Fate, Powerful Blow or Frenzied Attack.

Next up the Epic finale of the  Rangers of Shadow Deep Introductory Scenarios  THE LAST STAND.


Rogvaldas said...

what product do you use for the stringy vine over grown vegetation??? said...

its been along time but I think they are from the basket/flower arranging section at a Michaels Hobby store there some sort of filler for flower baskets but its sold in a bag, I found it hunting around for Jungle Materials years ago..

Joe Procopio said...

The fact that nobody has given you plaudits for that excellent green water effect in some of those pictures is a shame because it's very cool! Did you do that in Photoshop? Excellent job...I've not seen that before! said...

Thanks Joe! and yes sir it is done in Adobe Photoshop! long time user here..I subscribe to it these days and use it enough in many different avenues of my life its worth the monthly fee!
thanks again for noticing..


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