Monday, September 30, 2019

Reaper Bones V, it's one hot potato.

Tomorrow Reaper Bones V drops its newest Kickstarter , I dropped the being a gaming industry gadfly a long long time ago and haven't posted any kind commentary in I dont know how long.

Anyone who has read this blog more than a couple time since 2007!!! knows I am a long time supporter of Reaper Miniatures- the company, in fact these days most of my miniatures either as gaming or display pieces are from Reaper.

I was supporter on Bones 4 which just delivered in April of this year from my Wave 5 status due to certain pieces in my order being shipped late from the factory in China.  I didnt bother blogging about my hassles then but as time has gone on with another Bones KS dropping seemingly crazy soon after,  its worth pointing out some the issues I had and some of my observations.

Reaper just finalized delivery of Bones 4 this summer to the final Australian  markets.  Now barely 3 months later moving to Bones 5 seemingly finalizes the move into Reaper Miniatures joining the existing slew of companies that are funding their entire operations through crowd source funding . While I'm pretty sure Reaper at this point could operate conventionally without it, there is just no reason for them to with so many people lining up to throw millions of dollar at them up front.

 More isnt always better., there  is a reason "less is more" is prescribed mantra ..I'll be surprised if the quality is as good as the stellar designs of B4, I can already see from the base core set photos, its clearly not.

While that's just my opinion the following is just the reality:

The delivery window based on these 100% crowd sourcing models is inherently longer, The Bones 4 delivery window was very close to 1.5 years in the US  2 years for people in Australia, and somewhere between for the rest of the world.

One thing I have certainly noticed and have personal experience with that is very common with alot of these game oriented Kickstarters. People get consumed by the hype and often buy "all in"  into these and like many things in the crowd sourcing world by the time they are delivered  to your door years later , the hype is gone , buyers remorse has set in or you have have lost interest. The result is alot of product getting dumped on ebay right away and the whole "Exclusive for Kickstarter pledges" goes right out the window,

Not only that but Reaper's "Waves" distribution is actually meaningless...yes , orders are shipped as they are received but Reaper makes no distinction between its single customer and resellers (who are really just retailers , as much as the fandom would have you not believe) . Kickstarter exclusive products are big business for resellers who front the money for huge amounts of Reaper KS product then resell it at big margins for easy cash while the long delivery window of Repaers "Waves" is in effect.

Last time around every single piece my order was held up for 2 months for was already- for sale on ebay a few days after Wave 1 started shipping,. Granted at a higher price than I paid,  but resellers last time actually shot themselves in the foot because so many people did it..that prices were pretty competitive.

 Reaper also manufactured alot more product last time around than wasy ordered thru the Kickstarter, selling these extra sets thru the website immediately upon that Countries fulfillment, so if you say lived in another country and  fulfillment was delayed for what ever reason and the US had completed delivery you could beat out your own KS fulfillment by just ordering off the website. These qualities were limited, and went fast but between that and ebay you could have gotten everything a Kickstarter backer waited 2 years for "on demand" and not paid much more than retail, even less in  some cases.

The moral of the story here is there is no reason to rush your pledge or if you are one of the many people with only a causal interest in a few pieces. The reality is there is no reason to pledge at all.

History has shown with the last two outings  that you will be able to easily get what you want during the KS fulfillment phase when the time comes,  without having to front Reaper your money , and without having to pay much more that actual retail price when it "x" piece finally sees a general release. Also there is no incentive if you are not a US customer to buy in  because again, odds are you'll  be able to get it sooner elsewhere, then thru the normal fulfillment.

That fact that pledging thru Kickstarter isnt really offering you anything special outside the person who just wants a alot of miniatures at a discount and can wait "as long as it takes" for it. We will see if this actually catches up with Reaper and hurts them- I really have no idea, but I am certainly sitting this one out and odds are I am not alone  because then there is THIS

Kickstarter the Company has recently been accused (I'd say admitted) to Union busting, firing 3 employees that were in charge of attempting to unionize kickstarters work force. Initially claiming these employees where fired for cause but at they same time announcing they will NOT voluntarily recognize a employee union.

Regardless of your political stripes , this isnt really a Left / Right  debate about Unions in its reality its a Us vs Them debate because Kickstarter is at its worst a 250 million dollar a year company and IF its employees, are trying to unionize its due to workplace conditions or perceived unfair pay.  This might not bother you depending on whatever political bullshit you subscribe to but I'm old enough to been taught the reason you even have a free weekend to play with your toy soldiers at all is because of organized labor and that wasnt even until 1938.

 Most sensible people agree we dont need anymore Amazons or Walmarts in the world where huge portions of  its workforce are on public assistance because these Billion dollar companies cant pay their own workforce a living wage (and dont pay any taxes, but that's a whole other can of worms) .

 Kickstarter the company is of course nowhere near that huge by any stretch but as more and more companies like Reaper start basing their whole financial operations around crowd source funding can Kickstarter and similar companies growth as financial powerhouses in manufacturing really be that far behind? Pretty soon they'll be partnering with Banks and fulfilling KS orders through Amazon Prime. (Sign up for Amazon Prime and your KS orders 2 weeks faster!)

The fact Reaper can merrily go along taking millions of dollars thru Kickstarter for the pre-ordering of toy soldiers and not address this, should be of some concern to anyone who actually works for a living.

Ok, back to maybe doing some painting, I'll be watching this one from afar with interest.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Ranger of Shadow Deep, Mission: Burning Light. Scenario E: The Herb Store.

 Summertime blues…not really “blues” as I am having a great summer, so much so I don’t have much inside time for gaming…I played this one awhile back just getting to the write up before I play the next mission , which will hopefully either this weekend or next.. Fall is rapidly approaching and there a couple of new things hobby and event wise coming up I need to focus on which I’ll post about later.


Blackwulf’s report- Death has overcome this place, Very few signs of finding the decanter have been found. The Chapel was a bloodbath, we almost lost both Calistra and Thorvald. We are wounded with supplies running low,  and have little to go on other than to do a room by room search, fighting thru the evil that now dwells here.  Still- hope prevails St Emilia’s presence lingers , Sigurd felt it, we saw it….perhaps luck with find us, or this could very well  be my last entry.

This report is a complete play-through

All die rolls are shown as (x) all combat rolls are shown as (x,x) with the heroes roll always being first.

Pre Game Notes

Board is scaled down to 20 “x 20 “  from the scenario  listed 30”x  30” 
Since I scaled the board down 1/3 ,* I have changed the Max line of sight to 8” to match the scenarios original intent.

Original Map

The game with last 9 turns

Special Rules

It is especially gloomy within this tower, The maximum line of sight is 12”, (*changed to 8”*) before the scenario begins , select one hero at random and place a darkroot vine in combat with it. Heroes may only exit the table through the entry point. The target point is the Entry Point.

Event Deck – Shadow Deep cards added . Black 7 and 8
Experimental V2 Playtest rules
House Rule – Russian Roulette

Ranger Sheet

Companion Sheet


“As you push through the broken door into the gloom of the tower, you are nearly overwhelmed by the strength and variety of scents from within: basil, thyme, rosemary, farlight, and even a few herbs you can’t identify. There is something else though, a sweet, sickly scent that runs underneath them all.
Inside the dim tower, you can just make out numerous drying racks and cupboards along the walls, and a huge apothecary’s table in the center, all sitting on an unpaved dirt floor. Then, in the darkness of the far corner, you spy something else, a monstrous plant, covered in oozing, sticky sap, its tentacle-like vines waving in the air. Just then, a root or vine bursts out of the ground and wraps around the leg of one of your companions.”

(I Roll off and Skuti is attacked but the initial vine from the Darkroot)



Blackwulf activates both Skuti and Gord using group activation.

Blackwulf immediately comes to Skuti’s aid hoping to kill the vine quickly he attacks at +4 to +1 (12,2) 16 to 3 he slices it apart quite quickly with the needed 6 damage,  Skuti being no worse for wear

Skuti – moves behind some crates and despite the  darkness /gloom of the room he sees another vine near the bookcase to the eastside of the room and fires  +3 vs  +1, +1 (rushed shot)  (18,5)  21 to 7 an killing blow for the Vines  10 armor
He shreds it.

Gord – moves toward table in center of room to the table cluttered with items with his 7 inch move he can make it in one move so with his second action he investigates.

C. A large apothecary’s table , make a perception roll (TN12)

Roll (7) +5 = 12! Success!

“Quickly searching through the numerous drawers, you make a fortunate discovery. Place a treasure token on top of the apothecary table. Gain 3XP”

“I’ll take that , thank you very much snorts Gord.”


Unfortunately for Gord  the Darkroot Vines are moving toward him one latches on to him and he attempts to fight it off  +2 vs +1 (16,5)  he wins 18 to 6 even the -1 from  the dagger its enough to cut the vine off with 7 damage..

A second vine moves twice not quite reaching Gord

A third Vine moves twice toward Skuti


Sigurd and Thorvald move and engage the oncoming Vines..

Sigurd (8,4)  +4 vs + 1  wins 12 to 5..He Hacks at it and it pulls away with taking only 2 damage

Thorvald (15,9) +3 vs +1 pounds his to dust  with 10 damage from the two handed hammer..

Calistra moves to help Sigurd..(5,8)  She +4 but also +2 with Sigurds support  she wins 11 to 9 but only a point of damage this vine is a stubborn on it keeps attacking



Two more Darkroot Vines appear in front of Interest points B and D



Blackwulf activates both Thorvald and Skuti using group activation

Both Thorvald and Blackwulf make double moves to the Darkroot just visible in the darkness

Skuti fires an arrow at the Vine that’s appeared by bookcase D   +3 vs +1  (13,12)  Skuti hits home winning 16 to 14
Again  the 6 damage is just enough to destroy  the vine, Skuti is 2 for 2.


Stubborn Vine continues dancing with Sigurd and Calistra.. (11,14) but at +6 with support vs its +1 it loses the dance 17 to 15 and is destroyed

Vine that appeared at point B moves and engages  Thorvald  (16,13) +3 vs +1  18, to 14 he smashes it as it approaches him..these guys are on a tear (good thing because I am overlooking the Wounded Thorvald only has 7 health!

 Calistra and Sigurd both make double moves toward the Darkroot Plant

Gord moves twice as well , to the book case that is  interest point A, he wont be able to search this turn



Choose a random hero. A darkroot vine explodes out of the ground right in
front of it. This figure should make a Move Roll (TN14). If successful, place
the root anywhere within 3” of this figure. Otherwise, place it in combat with
the hero.

Random Hero turns out to be Blackwulf and he fails he move roll so he is immediately engaged by the Vine!


Darkroot plant is a reaper model I changed the postion and green stuffed some bits on his right side to balance him out...


Blackwulf Activates both Thovald and Sigurd with group activation
Thorvald   attacks Darkroot plant  +3 vs +3 ( 15, 8)  he smashes winning 18 to 11,l 20 for damage purposes with the two handed weapon …the plants tough armor  (14) yields only 6 damage

Sigurd joins the attack onh the Darkroot  with Thorvald supporting its +6 vs +3 (16, 7)  He slices into it 22 to 10..this times its 8 damage.

Blackwulf tries to kill the new Vine that’s burst from the ground attacking him last event Phase (16,14) he does so easily killing it with 10 damage…he second action he too moves into contact with the Darkroot plant.
(man my dice are on FIRE for the good guys)


The Darkroot plant attacks violently its taken heavy damage and is engaged by three warriors. Its focus is on Thorvald , 1st to attack and also with lowest health…it attacks +3 vs Thorvalds +7 with his Support (15,15)..despite its well timed attacks the trio is too much for it..Thorvald wins easily 22 to 15.., with the +2 damage its 10 more to plant and it is destroyed.


Calistra  - moves and searches bookcase (cupboard E)  As she open the cupboard door, several human
bones spill out onto the floor she attempts to make an unskilled perception check (TN12)  rolls (3)  and fails

(too bad that was a major score if she had caught )

Gord  Searches  the end bookcase (cupboard A)

As soon as you open the cupboard, a poison cloud wafts from it. All heroes with 3” of the cupboard must make an immediate Health Roll (TN18) or be poisoned. Everything within this cupboard has been completely covered in a
poisonous fungus. Gain 3XP.

Gord rolls..(2)  cough cough cough…what the hell!??? POISONED

Skuti  moves to search the bookcase nearest him (Cupboard D)

A locked cupboard. Make either a Pick Lock Roll (TN10) or a Strength Roll (TN16) to open it.

Skuti makes an amateur attempt to pick the lock (16)  he does….”hey Gord, how abou that !” he yells…
(Gord of course ignoring him rolling around vomiting from poison..)

Amidst the tools and empty jars in this cupboard, you find an herb pouch. This may be given to any hero that has open item slots. Gain 3XP

Gain 1 Herb Pouch   (Skuti stashes that for himself)



The heroes hear a deep growl, and suddenly a large wolf comes bounding in. Place the wolf in the centre of a randomly determined table edge. The wolf follows all the standard rules for evil creatures.
 (wolf enters from Southern wall the main door)



Blackwulf activates only Sigurd this time with group activation..

Then men can hear the wolf growling but the darkness of the room they cannot see it

Sigurd takes off past Calistra along the east wall toward Skuti with a doube move

Blackwulf casts “HEAL” on the injured Thorvald bringing him up to 12 health.

Blackwulf moves as his second action toward the middle of the room.


The Wolf  moving in for the kill on Skuti is now redirected to Sigurd who meets it head on ..the Wolf Savagely attacks him (7,20) and he doesn’t see it coming losing  21 to 11 , Sigurd takes hard 9 damage to his health…


Calistra quickly  moves to slay the Wolf attacking Sigurd with his support shes +6 vs +1 (13,8)  her sword finds its heart and she kills it instantly with 9 damage

Gord Search the last point of interest  cupboard B

A locked cupboard. Make either a Pick Lock Roll (TN10) or a Strength Roll (TN16) to open it

Gord of course picks the lock at +5 (14)  easy peasy….

The cupboard contains numerous jars filled with dried herbs. Make a Survival Roll, and check the note that corresponds to the result.

Gord make  survival check +0 (17) 

You find one dose of haikwheat, one dose of ironbark powder, and one dose of nightnock,
which may be given to any heroes that have open items slots. Gain 7XP

major score!

 Skuti starts making his way toward the exit…….



Choose one random hero. That figure must immediately make a Will Roll
(TN12). If it fails, it loses its next activation. If it succeeds, see Note XXX

Its Gord this time  Will check +1 (4)  FAIL


At this point  Blackwulf and Company move to  all leave the building
Since Gord is poisoned he can only move once

The forces another event card



Another Darkroot vine, but since the plant is already destroyed nothing happens


All member successfully exit the Herb Store to the Courtyard


25 experience points to Blackwulf bring him to 696 after 12 missions
9 xp combat and 16 from interest points
all companions get 1 progression point


recovered /found.

Herb Pouch
Night Nock
Ironbark powder
 Gemstone of Spellfire


Sigurd Heals up to 7  Survival check Calistra (19) =+ 2 = 9 Health
Gord  Heals 3 to 10 Health  survival check Skuti (6 miss)  Survival Check Blackwulf (14) +2= full health -poison is cured!
Skuti full
Thorvald full
Calistra Full
Blackwulf + 3 = 19 + survival check from Thorvald  (12) +2= full

starting next mission everyones at full health except Sigurd at 9


Pretty much a cakewalk thanks to very kind dice for almost every engagement,  good haul of loot but light on the XP… Considering the only decent clue we have recovered yet “ we have buried it in soft earth” this leads me to think the Decanter is either here in the Herb Store  (since the dirt floor is clearly specified ) or somewhere  in the Courtyard. We are heading to the Library next to see what we can  find. I may  just decide to roll the dice and perform a “final search“ after that as this mission is getting a bit long in the tooth and I don’t the upper section of the Hospital…has any “soft earth” in it…If we do that we’ll play one more Mission (The Library) perform our final search and play the “showdown” Hopefully soon!  Definitely sooner that this one!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Ranger of Shadow Deep, Mission : Burning Light. Scenario B: The Ruined Chapel


Blackwulf’s report- no clues in the courtyard as to the Decanters location, just many undead. The fountain statues hand that seemed to point toward library was sheared off. Noises from the Chapel have our attention, we search there next. It seems as if the creatures from the Shadow Deep may have first entered here..the Stench of Death is strong. From what we have seen there are likely no survivors.

This report is a complete play-through

All die rolls are shown as (x) all combat rolls are shown as (x,x) with the heroes roll always being first.


it was pointed out to me (by the games author no less) that I was interpreting the use of the event deck incorrectly. Only two shadow deep cards are added each scenario, but each time its next consecutive two cards from the shadow deep event list so you remove the previous cards . so for this 9 turn mission we have 8 events , 6 scenario based events and 5th and 6th card from the Shadow Deep event deck.

Pre Game Notes

Board is scaled down to 20 “x 20 “  from the scenario  listed 30”x  30”   this is one case where if I had  planned to use the full size but when I set it up it just felt way too big given the last two missions, scaling it down one third and this size felt “just right” and keeps the vibe of the last two missions going.

I’ve also made the scenarios slight more difficult  I have added One more Ghoul Fiend and one more Ghoul flinger and removed the starting ghouls , I also added various bits of scatter terrain (the Altar, etc) to make feel more like a Chapel.

The game with last 9 turns

Original Map

my layout slight change moving area D

The target point is  Area D which I have changed to the Altar (see my photo diagram)

Special Rules

Event Deck – Shadow Deep cards added . Black 5 and 6
Experimental V2 Playtest rules
House Rule – Russian Roulette

Ranger Sheet

Companion Sheet



Blackwulf activates both Calistra and Thorvald using group activation.

Calistra -charges the nearest Ghoul Fiend attacking at +4 vs  +3  (5,11) . The fiend get advantage on her winning the fight 9 to 14 , against her 13 armor that’s 1 damage

Thorvald -charges as well bringing down the two handed hammer (20,13) oof hadn’t a strait critical on an attack in awhile, he automatic wins  with a 23, +2 for a two handed weapon and +5 Critical hit damage
30- armor 11 is a huge 19 damage, the Ghoul never knew what hit and is crushed to a pulp

Blackwulf seeing Thorvald’s crushing kill , decided he will draw an arrow and try to take out the fiend on the top of the rubble pile…he uses his Steady Aim Heroic ability here looking for a kill he shoots at +7 vs +3  (17,7) thunk! The arrow sinks deep in the fiend 24 – armor 11 is 13 its staggers but is still alive! With 1 health.


Ghoul Fiend vs Calistra..the fight continues +4 vs + 3 (13,19) Calistra gets mauled  17 to 22 , 22 -13 armor is 9 points of damage Calistra is in trouble!

Ghoul Flinger 1 – moves 4 inches to get LoS at the Heroes near the entrance and fires off some bone shards at Gord +1 vs +3 (Gord getting a +1 for the hurried shot)  (5,4) Gord wins the shot misses

Ghoul Flinger 2  throws at Thorvald gloating over his fresh kill +1 vs +4 (10,10) Thorvald wins a Miss

Ghoul Flinger 2  throws at Thorvald gloating over his fresh kill +1 vs +4 (5,4) Thorvald wins again a Miss

Ghoul Fiend with 1 health shambles down the Hill attack Calistra picking up Support from the other Fiend
Its +4 vs +5 (17,16) Ughhh a TIE with 21 each , meaning Ghoul fiend goes down hard with 10 damage but Calistra takes 8 damage she only has 2 health so she is OUT OF ACTION.


Gord- angered  by Calistra going down, he throws his lucky throwing at the offending ghoul..+1 vs +3 (7,10) he misses, the then quickly moves to Thorvalds flank to help him engage the Flingers

Sigurd moves up planting himself right close to Blackwulf but out of the way of Skuti’s bow and he waits

Skuti shoots at the Ghoul Fiend standing over Calistra’s body +3 vs +3  (14,5) he hits it square 17 to 8 for 6 damage its far from dead.




A ghoul rotter suddenly lunges out of the shadows. Randomly select one hero.
That figure must make a Survival Roll (TN8). If it fails, place the ghoul rotter
in combat with it. If it succeeds, place the ghoul rotter anywhere on the table
up to 3” away from that figure.

Random Selection is Thorvald!  The Survival check (TN8) roll (4)  he is engaged by a Ghoul Rotter!


the board at the start of turn 2.


Blackwulf group activates Skuti and Sigurd using group activation

Skuti fires another bow shot at the remaining Ghoul Fiend who he wounded last turn, its +3 vs +3  (11,17) he misses…

Blackwulf decides to take the same shot so hopefully Sigurd can move to attack the weaker flingers +2 vs +3
(14,11) his shot hits 16 to 14..but the resulting 5 damage leaves the Ghoul fiend still standing…

Sigurd engages to try to finish it off.. +3 vs +3 (14,6) and he does wining 17 to 9…another 6 damage cuts the fiend down.


The Ghoul Flinger nearest Sigurd responds first throwing bones at Sigurd , Sigurd decides to use his brightness field the final time giving him a big +8 defense bonus . The Ghoul blinded, covers it eyes as it throws (1,7) or a tie at 8 to 8 the bones miss! ( didn’t need the Shield , for that but you never know!)

Ghoul Flinger closest to rear wall breach has Line of Sight on Sigurd as well although he will get intervening terrain bonus from the rubble pile. It throws bones at him  +4 vs +1 (7,6) he easily dodges it

The  Ghoul Flinger closest to Thorvald and Gord has line of sight on Blackwulf as Thorvald is in combat, and Gord is obscured, it attacks  (12,19) +4 vs +1 Blackwulf is hit 16 to 20, taking a painful 9 damage!

The Ghoul Rotter attacks Thorvald +3 vs + 1 (19,16) and Thorvald against blasts it to pieces with his hammer  doing 14 damage!


Thorvald not wasting any time with his current luck rushes the ghoul flinger that just wounded Blackwulf
He attacks +3 vs +1 (6,13) or 9 to 14 the Ghoul wins wounding Thorvald for 3 damage  (Thorvald began the game wounded and is down to 6 health.

Gord joins the Combat hoping to kill the ghoul with Thorvald supporting its +3 vs +1  (14,15) he barely wins 17 to 16 with the dagger vs Armor 10 its 6 damage , the Ghoul remains alive with 4 health left



What light there is suddenly dims, and the heroes feel the crushing weight of
hopelessness descend upon them. For the rest of the scenario, all heroes suffer
-3 to all Will Rolls.

As Shadow Deep decends on our heroes


Blackwulf can only group activate Skuti this time around

Skuti fire off an arrow at the Ghoul Flinger nearest Sigurd (10,6) +3 vs +1..he hits with a 13 doing 3 damage to the  Flinger,

Blackwulf cast his heal spell on himself  healing himself up to 15 health
and then fires and arrow at the same target as Skuti +2 vs +1  (11,18)  In the new darkness he misses,


Ghoul Flinger again attacks Sigurd  +3 vs +1 (8,11) or 11 to 12 the Ghoul hits but it does no damage thanks to Sigurds Shield. (armor 12)

Ghoul Flinger vs Thorvald and Gord  , the Flinger +1 attacks Thorvald (lowest health) +5 with support (14,7)
Thorvald delivers another smack down winning 19 to 7 with the hammers bonus damage pushing it to 21 that 11 damage to flinger is more enough to crush it , man he is on an epic roll here!

Ghoul Flinger attacks Thorvald whose right in front of him +1 vs +3 (2,19) OooooFFFF , I spoke to soon Thorvalds epic kill streak is ended as he takes  9 damage from a hail of bone shards…he is also OUT OF ACTION
He’s in serious risk of dying with the Russian Roulette rules in play

Thorvald has a three kill streak going he pastes this guy just to be cut down by hail of bone shards from the flinger just out of the bottom frame here.


Sigurd makes a double move bypassing the nearer flinger to engage the one that just put Thorvald down
Gord gets his first of several kills here

Gord the moves up to attack the Ghoul with his dagger, with Sigurd not supporting (or distracting it) he is +4 versus +1 (19,2) Oh yeah 23 to 3 even with -1 to damage its 12 damage and the Ghoul flinger is shanked by Gord and killed,  vengeance!



A ghoul snake slithers out from under the rubbish pile. Place the ghoul snake
at a random point adjacent to the pile.

I roll a d4 and it’s the comes from the corner of the pile right next to sigurd and gord.

Well talk about crap timing!, we are down to 4 heroes!



Blackwulf activates Skuti using group activation

Skuti fires off an arrow at +3 at the Ghoul Flinger in front of him the intervening terrain gives the Ghoul +2 (15,5) or 18 to 7  the 8 points of damage puts it down. Nice job Skuti!

Skuti takes him down right here

Blackwulf hearing Gord yelling “ IT’S A GIANT UNDEAD SNAKE” runs to the top of the Rubble pile and fires off an arrow  he is +2 vs +1  for the Snake because of the hurried shot (10,15) but he misses! Gord says “really? You miss from like 15 feet???”


Ghoul Snake launches into Sigurd +3 with a whiplike bite +2  (1,12) or 4 to 14 ..Sigurd is slightly wounded by the attack taking 2 damage

No idea what an Ghoul Snake is supposed to look like but I did my best


Sigurd attacks at +3 vs +2 for the Snake (9,12) or 11 to 14 Sigurd takes another 2 points of damage!

Gord joins the fray +3 with support vs +2 for the Snake (18,9) or 21 to 12…the Snakes armor is only 8 and even with the -1 damage the dagger rips the snake open wide for 12 damage , nice one Gord!

It fights on with 4 health



A large ghoul carrying a bag of bones climbs up the wall onto the ledge. Place
a ghoul flinger upon the ledge.

They just keep coming!!!!



Blackwulf alone on the rubble pile, and cannot group activate anyone. He decides to rush the snake and try to finish it, he is +6 with Support Vs the ghoul snakes +2  (20,5) Woot!  a brief hot streak , the Critical at 23 damage would kill Snake outright let alone its badly wounded  (35 damage two rounds ..ouch!)

Ranger Blackwulf with the Critical the Snake was done for


Ghoul Flinger on the Ledge hurls bones at Blackwulf (12,17) ughh he’s hit 16 to 18 taking 7 damage!
He’s at 8 health, may need to down that potion


Skuti want to return fire at the Ghoul Flinger on the ledge but must move to avoid a couple shooting penalties
He does so but the hurried shot doesn’t help he misses (14,18) 17 to 20..

Gord makes a double move toward the ledge where the ghoul is hoping that Skuti and Blackwulf can get it next turn, he remembers and old rumor of the convent having considerable treasure. His double 7” move gets up the ladder and onto the ledge

Sigurd moves to Altar (area D) to examine it..there is an etching carved into the stone the air feels heavy of death and despair (-3 Will in effect) he makes a will check at -1 (13)

 12= The hero suddenly has a vision of the (Altar) window fully lit. It is a beautiful depiction of St. Emilia
holding the Decanter. She is pouring water and herbs and flowers are growing up all around
her. All heroes regain 3 lost points of Health. + 8XP.

Damn that’s convenient! Thanks to St Emilia

Sigurd investigates "area D"



With a great cracking sound, several large stones tumble from the highest
remains of the tower. Randomly select three heroes on the table and make a +0
shooting attack against each of them.

I guess the Shadow Deep didn’t like that…

Skuti gets the pass here

VS Gord  17,13—missed
VS Blackwulf 10,5 missed
VS Sigurd  10,18   Sigurd is hitting by falling rock for 6 damage..healed to 12 back down to 6 health



Blackwulf can only activate himself
He fires and Arrow at the Ghoul Flinger on the ledge (13,11) or 15 to 12 the arrow does 5 damage to the unarmored ghoul.

For his second action, takes his potion of Cordial Spellfire , which recharges his heal spell.


Ghoul FIinger bombard Gord approaching on the ledge (1,3) total miss..Gord stumbles and it misses dumb luck there


Skuti fires another arrow and the lone Ghoul on table (16,13) that will do it at +3 vs +1 , 9 damage takes out the Ghoul with only 5 health remaining

Gord investigating the Ledge must make a climb check TN 8  (roll 7) just makes it with a 9
And finds a treasure token which he moves to and secures

Gord retrieving the loot as usual.

Sigurd moves over to Blackwulf looking for a heal



A trio of bright stars suddenly shines down through the dark clouds overhead.
Choose one hero on the table to make a Navigation Roll (TN12). If successful,
see Note 199

That would certainly be our Ranger at +6 (11) =17!

You recognize the stars as three of those that
make up a famous four-star constellation.
Strangely, the north-eastern star is missing.
Gain  +8XP

Huh Weird?



Blackwulf with no creatures on the table only activates himself

His first action is to cast heal on Sigurd bringing up to 11 health

His Second action is examine the rubble pile where the snake came from which requires and ancient lore check (TN 10)  +2  (roll 13)

Amongst the heaps of trash, you happen to
notice a small book, bound with golden clasps.
You recognize the book as a rare and holy text.
This book may be given to any hero and counts
as an item. Whenever the figure carrying the
holy book is in combat with an undead creature
it receives +1 Armour. If the heroes still have
the book at the end of the mission, it must be
turned over to their superiors and the rangers
will gain 10XP for doing so

Blackwulf will hang on to that for the time being thanks!


No Creatures on the board


Gord climbs down from the ledge with a double move and rejoins Blackwulf

Skuti moves to the top of the rubble pile to scan the room

Sigurd moves toward the remaining  door in the Chapel

Last Door..small room probably empty.



The heroes feel a strange tingling, and suddenly, all the monsters they are facing
seem to gain new strength. Next turn, all evil creatures gain +2 Fight.

Not good, but no creatures yet



Blackwulf activates Sigurd using group activation

Sigurd moves the Door of the small room to investigate

The small room has only a simple door with no lock. As soon a player opens
the door (which requires an action)

The room contains a chest sitting in the corner
of the table; three ghoul rotters stand in front
of the chest. As soon as a hero stands adjacent
to the chest, it must make a Traps Roll (TN8).
If it fails, a needle shoots out of the lock and
into its hand – it takes 3 points of damage and
is poisoned. Regardless of whether it succeeds
or fails the Traps Roll, replace the treasure chest
with a treasure token.

We will save that chest for Gord IF we can clear out the Ghouls before time is up!

Blackwulf moves to the Door to support Sigurd, unfortunately its slightly more than 6” so he need both actions.


The first Ghoul Rotter moves to engage the door is blocking them
And the first ghout attacks Sigurd as his health is lower, he is +5 with Blackwulf support vs the Ghouls +3 (+2 fight from last event )  roll (2,5)  a lot of flailing but no contact (thou the ghoul wins)

Other Ghouls moves to attack but are blocked from reaching the heroes by their fellow ghoul.



A pair of ghouls crawl up from a hole in the ground. Place two ghouls directly
beneath the ledge!

Now it’s a party last turn 5 bad guys on the board!



Blackwulf activates Sigurd using group activation

Blackwulf attacks Ghoul Rotter +6 with support vs +1 (3,17) ugh thankfully Blackwulf has not used his hand of Fate yet Roll (13!!)  he wins 19 to 18 and that Ghoul falls dead!

Sigurd moves into the doorway facing both ghouls he attacks one at +3 vs +1 (19,6) Sigurd cuts the second down, following Blackwulfs lead!

Sigurd finishes off these two rotters pretty easily


New Ghoul 1 attacks Gord +2 vs +1 (10,16) or 17 to 12..ouch Gord takes 7 damage!

Ghoul 2 needs both moves to get around Ghoul 1 and engage Gord.

Last Ghoul Rotter attacks Sigurd +3 vs +1 (15,9)  the ghoul rotters stand no chance Sigurd cuts it down   The 10 armor and 8 health certainly helps.. its exactly 8 damage
late arrivals try to make a meal out of Gord


Skuti moves down off the rubble pile and engages Ghoul 1 in melee its +2 vs +1 (9,17) ooofff Skuti loses 11 to 18 and takes 7 damage he down to 4 health

Gord attacks with his Dagger on Ghoul 2, last attack of the game its  +2 vs +1  (20,7) and it’s a critical!
At 22 to 9 the bonus damage more than kills the ghoul even with the daggers penalty (17 damage)


I hate when the end mid fight like this, I guess we assume the others help kill the last ghoul and we retreat out of there death chamber with our wounded abandoning the last treasure token we could not reach!


Blackwulf – current health 11 +3 Recovery is at 14 health, Sigurd makes a Survival check +0 (17) pass
16 Health
Sigurd current health 11 +3 = Full recovery 13 health

Skuti – Current Health 4, +3 = 7  Blackwulf tries Survival at +4  (9) 13 pass
Skuti is at 10 health

Gord Health 4 +3 = 7  Skuti tries Survival Check =0 (2) fail

Thorvald – Out of Action Survival Roll -3 (12) = 9 Full Recovery which in this case is half health or 7,

Calistra Out of Action Survival Roll + 0 (5) Badly Wounded She would go to half her starting health or 7
She goes to Blackwulf for Survival +4 (11) pass shes a 10 health well apply the -5 at the being of the next scenario but she also has a healing potion to counter it…so she will start with 10


1 Treasure token was recovered  (18) magic item! Only our second one  in 11 games!
(17)  Tool Kit  +2 to Armory and Traps rolls , I guess we will give that to Gord

Also recovered

Holy Book (Blackwulf)


On of the better recent experience hauls with all the combat

37 points of Ghouls killed and then 16 for two bonus awards
(with a potential 10xp when the holy book is returned

The will push Blackwulf to level 6 at 671 total exp after 11 missions

I am going to take the bonus health here pushing his health to 20.

Gord, Skuti and Sigurd all get a progression point

Sigurd hits the 10 pp rank and takes +1 fight to go to Fight +4


That’s it for this one, 13 enemies down , we where basically in combat the whole scenario, The group is  beat up but still alive. They  head to the Herb Store next hopefully we will find some healing medicines or something.

It will be a bit before I can play this on as I have some stuff to paint for it., hopefully this month!


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