Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mighty Empires Round 7

2/5 @ Games Workshop, Oak Park

Current Scores (in Empire Points, 18 wins)
map post round 6 results-

Chaos (Black)- 12
Orcs and Goblins (Orange)-10
The Empire- 6
Vampire Counts- 5
Bretonnians- 4
Lizardmen (White)- 4
Lizardmen (Blue)- 3
Chaos (Brown) -3
Orcs (Green)- 2

Orc (Green) - Scouts
Chaos (Brown) -Land grab
Vampire Counts- Survey the battlefield
Bretonnians- All or Nothing
Lizardmen (Blue) - Building Boom
Lizardmen (White)- Eric
Empire- Espionage
Orcs (Orange)- Disaster @ Chaos- Chaos loses another city!..down to 11 EP
Chaos- Treasure Trove


Orcs (Green) - Had 552gp, spent last round =0, mine this round 11ogp TOTAL= 662gp
Lizardmen (Blue)- Had 550gp spent =0, mines= 110gp- TOTAL =660gp
Orcs (Orange) - Had 434, spent= 200, mines =250gp - TOTAL 484gp
Chaos (Black)-Had 240 , spent= 60, mines= 60- TOTAL 240gp
Vampire Counts - Had 184, spent=??,
The Empire (total-0gp)
Lizardmen (white) Had 70gp, spent= 0, War Tax +200gp, TOTAL= 270gp
Bretonnians Had 260gp, spent= ???,
Chaos (Brown) Had 120gp, Total 120gp


Chaos (Brown) VS The Empire
Chaos + 440- Minor Victory
(espionage resulted in a "5" which didn't apply, no score change)

Orcs (Green) VS Chaos (Black)
Chaos- Massacre!!!

Orcs (Orange) vs Lizardmen (Blue)
Orcs- Massacre!!!

Bretonnians Vs Vampire Counts
Vampire Counts- Solid Victory!!

Lizardmen (white) Vs Vampire Counts
Not played Auto loss-

Empire vs Chaos (Slaanesh) battle recap

First time playing Josh and a Slaanesh list, lots of tricky magic ( titillating illusions is a total pain in the ass) and his fast units like the demonettes where in my face immediately. I lost my wizard early leaving him unattached and thinking my huge round of shooting was going to blow away his flying skirmisher's- unfortunately the dice hurt me and a few lived who in turn killed my wizard. Losing my magic at the bottom of turn two hurt me very badly. His chaos knights were nigh unstoppable ( I managed to kill 1) mainly due to a magic banner that halved the weapon skill of on any engaged unit.

This made my infantry and knights pretty much useless and I got all my kills from my artillery and while Hellblaster blew up early with a Kaboom ( it got 30 shots off but got a below average amount of hits) My range guessing, and dice on the cannons where stellar. Josh did a great job of also keeping my General at bay managing to force his move (via spells) of keep me chasing his characters and out of other combat so he never managed to get engaged the entire game. I managed to rout his dragon ogres who rallied late game, and in the end of the game came down to about 15 swordsmen slugging it out with Chaos Knights....I survived with enough that it came down to break test for my BSB, which if I could have made, would have made the game a "draw" but alas I failed and was caught, the unit alone plus both its banners, gave josh 424 points.
good game-


Chaos +5 EP, Takes Orc City-
Orcs ( Orange)
+5 EP, takes two new tiles, upgrades to city
Nothing, All or Nothing
Lizardmen (White)
+1 EP, upgrades to City
Lizardmen (Blue) + 2 EP, upgrades to City -building boom- raids 40gp
+1 Ep, upgrades to castle
Vampire Counts
+ 2 Ep, takes new tile
Chaos (Brown)
+2 Ep Take new hex, land grab- upgrades to Castle
Orcs (Green)
+1 Ep upgrades to City, taken by Chaos!!!


Josh said...

No worries.

The game was hanging on the knife's edge there for the last three turns, I think.

You were a good sport despite having such a bad day with the dice.

I had a good time, and I hope you did too.

Bill said...

Thanks for continuing to do the updates for us John. Sorry I missed you all (and a sneak peak at the new VC book) on tuesday, I was in no shape to be gaming though. Hopefully I'll see you all next game day, or sooner.

Josh said...

Hey John, I actually think we did the cannon wounds wrong.

I should've only had to roll one ward save for that cannon hit on my Exalted Sorceror (i.e., you roll one die to hit, one die to wound, and I roll one die for my ward save, THEN you roll a D6 for final wounds).

See page 87, last paragraph, labeled "Damage."

Old Coast said...

LOL!, that actually all or nothing, you fail and then you take "d6" number of wounds from a great cannon...

I think we rolled the # wounds first and then to the see if it wounded you and you ward saved out normally.
In this case I think we'll just leave you with the minor that guy was worth alot of points. I hadn't hit a character with a cannon in quite awhile probably why I had it reversed...

Josh said...

You of course don't have to roll to hit, cannons either hit or they don't (don't know why I wrote that earlier).

Anyway, (as far as I can tell) the way we did it results in only a small statistical advantage in total wounds for the cannon user, something like one tenth of a wound more on average.

I figure Tuesday after next we just roll your Espionage check and determine the outcome then.


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