Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fresh Paint

Just a couple things I got done over the last few weeks, My army generals Griffon mount and some Free Company Archers. The griffon is out of the Karl Franz box, the saddle is magnetized and custom, I cut the saddle off an extra horse and the flags are for the lances in the Knightly Orders box. It needed the saddle because there was no way to really mount a rider model on the beast that would be removable without one. The Karl Franz model, has a *cough* "wide stance" so he is physically created to fit on it, models from the General's kit were problematic without some minor customization.

While it still needs a few touch ups, I am really happy with this model, it was a hassle to build but painting it was fun (even thou all that menial drybrushing gets tedious on big model like this.) Archers are straight up out of the militia box, I have others I built as huntsmen that a lot of conversion from various kits that you could easily call Empire Rangers, if there was such a thing, but since they are not in my Adepticon Army, they're on the back burner for painting. next up is paint up my General both mounted and on foot, then my artillery, then into my Greatswords, last up will be my Pistoliers..then Adepticon!.



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