Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vampire Counts Spearhead Arrives!

Got my VC spearhead today which I am pretty stoked about, I was initially interested the Vampire Counts when I started Warhammer, but I wasn't that into the models not to mention most of the line was metal and I wanted a line with alot plastics for conversion purposes. Since all that's changed with the great new models I took the plunge. The VC are now my fourth WFB army but only the second I plan on investing alot of time into, (I also own about 1000 point each of Goblins and Dwarfs but both of those are only basically assembled and about half of each are primed). I dont plan on these guys seeing the battlefield until sometime this summer as I still have to finish my Empire Army and I want add some additional models so I can field 3000pts painted, but I'll start assembling when I dont feel like painting. I'll post some shots of the contents later tonight I like the choice of models in the box as well, they only that would have really made the line any better would be a plastic customizable lord like the Orcs and Empire have, maybe one day.

I will however get to talk about the army book and new rules in detail very soon, as my next campaign game is this coming tuesday against my friend Bill's Vampire Counts and he's going to use the new book, So expect a detailed Bat Rep soon with the Empire against a new VC list.


The Hammer said...

Arrrghh! Mine still hasn't come. Hopin' tomorrow.


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