Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mighty Empires Round 8

Current Scores (in Empire Points, 18 wins)
map post round 7 results-

Chaos (Black)- 13
Orcs and Goblins (Orange)-13
The Empire- 6
Vampire Counts- 6
Lizardmen (White)- 5
Chaos (Brown) -4
Bretonnians- 4
Lizardmen (Blue)- 4
Orcs (Green)- 1

Orc (Green) - Disaster@ Chaos (black)
Chaos (Brown) - Scouts
Vampire Counts- Survey the battlefield
Bretonnians- Land Grab
Lizardmen (Blue) - All or Nothing
Lizardmen (White)- Building Boom
Empire- Espionage
Orcs (Orange)- War Tax +110gp
Chaos- Treasure Trove


Orcs (Green) - Had 622gp, spent last round =223gp, mine this round 50 gp TOTAL= 489gp
Lizardmen (Blue)- Had 660 gp spent =250gp, mines= 40gp, Raid 60gp TOTAL =510 gp
Orcs (Orange) - Had 484, spent= 250gp, mines =190gp, war tax 110gp - TOTAL 534 gp
Chaos (Black)-Had 240 , spent= 240, mines= TBA.
Vampire Counts - TOTAL- 184gp
The Empire (total-0gp)
Lizardmen (white) TOTAL= 270gp
Bretonnians TOTAL= 260gp, ,
Chaos (Brown) TOTAL 120gp


Vampire Counts VS The Empire
The Empire- Marginal Victory!!! (Battle Report coming)

Chaos (Black) VS Lizardmen (white)
( didn't play, 1 point each)

(due multiple challenges for Anthony's territory
we have 3000 point team game-)

Orcs (Orange) Bretonnians
Lizardmen (Blue) VS Chaos (Brown)
Orcs (Green)

Orcs and Lizardmen - Massacre!!!
( 7 ep for Joe's Lizardmen with All or Nothing, way to go Joe!)


Orcs- 5 EP
take chaos (brown city), build Castle
Lizardmen (Blue) 7 EP
take last remaining Orcs (green) hex, take adjacent free territory
Empire- 3 EP
take new hex, build another city
Vampire Counts-1EP Raid =40gp
Bretonnians-1EP Build a City
Lizardmen- (White)
1EP-Build City
Chaos (Black)- 1 EP Build City
Chaos (Brown)- 1 EP Build City
Orc (Green)- Eliminated by Lizardmen (Blue)


Josh said...

The Bret/Orc/Chaos force was massacred by the Lizard/Orc force.

I'm hoping my luck is better with the Bar Exam.

Old Coast said...

Jeez, no kidding
Best of luck with the Bar-
Hopefully one of you guys can give some highlights on that game.

Bill Lim said...

The Bret/Orc/Chaos force put up a good fight in my opnion. Highlights include the most shockingly accurate guesses for artillery I have ever seen.
Every - Single - Round, the Slann (2nd generation mage-priest) would have gotten hit in his big froggy head......if it wern't for the scatter of the artilery dice.

Every single "guess" was dead on though.

The magical battle was also very intresting, one side (Slann, skink rpiest, and Orc Shaman) vs the other (Slaneeshi Mage, x2 Bret Damsels, and a Orc Shaman)

Oh and during the course of the game I got about 1/2 of a Zombie Dragon built up....but I suppose thats not really a highlight...yet.



P.S. Best of luck with the BAR!

Josh said...


Terrain placement was two opposing hills, with two forests roughly dividing the board into three lanes. Additional forests filled the half of the board that saw less action.

I had scouts, so the Lizards and Orcs set up first, placing the Slann+Templeguard just off center next to their hill, flanked by Grimgor Ironhide's large unit of stupidly angry orcs.

These in turn were covered by two nightgoblin units(each sporting a full compliment of fanatics, as it turned out), and four artillery pieces on the hill (two doomdivers and two spearchuckas).

A couple of shaman (skink and goblin?) went on the forested half of their deployment zone, staying near the hill and woods for the rest of the game.

Some Squig Hoppers and a Kroxigor unit also went out on that flank.

For our deployment, a unit of Hounds screened a chariot and unit of Slaaneshi Chosen with Exalted Sorceror on the extreme flank (left side of the board from my perspective).

A unit of squig hoppers was next closest to the left table edge, in line with the wood.
A goblin shaman with the Staff of Sneaky Stealin' followed behind, and occupied these left side woods for the entirety of the game.

In the center, a unit of 4leadbelchers screened 5 Grail Knights with our General, the Lord of Insurance (ask Sullivan), along with 8 Knights Errant and a Paladin with the Standard of Holy Rank Denial, along with another chariot and a giant, just off center.

Meanwhile, the two Bear-Damsels, two Spearchukkas, and one Doomdiver started on our hill.

A unit of Orcs with the Dispel Dice banner held down our right flank (on the more forested side).

Our foes then deployed the scouting Chameleon skinks into the two midpoint forests.

Given the conflict between Brettonian prayer and the scouts rule, we opted to do an unmodified roll-off for deployment, which the three-man team won.

We managed to kill a goblin manning a doom-diver with our shooting; that was it.

Everything advanced, our squig-hoppers making an amazing spring into the Chameleons in the left side forest, and we ended our turn, after which it all promptly went to hell.

I'm not sure when it was that the nightgoblins in the middle released their fanatics, but it was somewhere in turn one.

The leadbelchers were panicked by casualties from a Slann spell, the Chosen lost a guy to another spell, and the Grail knights lost everyone but the Standard Bearer to double-doom-divering.

On our turn, The leadbelchers rallied, and
the grail knights' standard bearer went out and did something useful by squashing the remaining fanatic in the middle of the board.
We cautiously advanced, the hounds popping, and getting popped by, the three fanatics from the left-side nightgoblin unit.

Somewhere in here our squighoppers finished off the left side chameleon skinks, and were finished off in turn by a spell.

I'll summarize here:
The Chosen and their chariot pulled back to avoid the fanatics, but were fried by spells cast through the skink's line of sight (one on IF).

The knights errant were halved in strength by magic or shooting, and moved up to charge - but were charged by Grimgor's unit using a Waagh.
The Lord of Insurance joined this fight and was cut down over two combats in single-combat with Grimgor.

The giant took out both doomdivers, but was slain by magic.

The orcs were whittled down over three turns, after which their squig hoppers finished off our damsels.

After losing both of its companions to our only succesful Spearchukka shot, the champion Kroxigor charged lengthwise across the table to destroy a chariot that was wearing down the middle nightgoblins.
It was then charged by the remaining chariot and two leadbelchers. It only took two wounds(!), and crushed the chariot with one blow; winning combat.

Summation? Extremely frustrating game.

Their doomdivers couldn't miss, ours couldn't hit, and the Slann was acting as its own SAD - even with FOUR dispel scrolls.
We lost two and a half of our main combat units without even crossing the halfway point. In the words of my teammate, it was Shenanigans.

josh said...

Oh, and further Shenanigans. Not one of the 5 of us could figure out whether the Spearchukkas could shoot the Large Target Slann hidden in his unit of Templeguard.
We got so wrapped up in the Large Target rules, nobody checked his US.

Yah, it's 5. *headdesk*


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