Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here be Daemons!

Time as come at last to reveal that secret army I have been talking about the last few months. While Daemons isn't some great revelation, as there are Daemon players coming out of the wood work and they are the poster kids of new power creep armies on the fantasy scene these days. That aside they work well for personally as I wanted a low model count army I could get done by years end..when I found the Spearhead online on closeout for a $110.00 I snatched it up immediately and my deal with the devil was complete.

I couldn't ask for a army with completely different play style than my Empire. I played my first game with these guys the other day and I massacred my pal Joe's Orcs and Goblins..No shooting, 1 was all close combat.

There are definitely some things I don't like about the army book, and they are the things I see tourney players abusing. First of all heralds for each god should be unique and you sure as hell should not be able to take identical gifts, being able to run 4 Khorne Heralds outfitted the exact same pure bullshit and I dont what GW was thinking there. Anyway you wont see me running identical heralds...My army is a Slannesh/ Khorne with a Slannesh Herald BSB and a Khoren Daemon Prince, (yes only two characters at 2K) I wouldn't even dream of running a Bloodthirster in anything less than 3K.. (not that I even have one)

I painted these guys up based on the pictures in the book. with a few personal touches here and there. they are really only 90% done at this stage with base flock, some touch ups and bit of extra highlighting to come...The Painting challenge is 6 days away and I have 4 models done. All the other models are base coated and washed already so it should not be to tough. 500 points is 21 models of just detailing. and if I run out of time I am will certainly be at the 3 color standard
The Skulltaker model obviously took the most time (about 9 hours so far since sunday night) 3 or 4 models a night should get me there- right on schedule

The one model I have done you don't see is my test Daemonette...I doing in style similar to Demons in "Hellraiser" (pale blue/ black leather)with a bit of red/purple to tie with the Khorne models.

I will have follow up pictures of the full 500 points in the next "Painting Challenge" update, this was just a preview. I highly doubt I will be using these guys for anything but fun games and our store campaign but with power creep of the new fantasy books you never know!


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Does the Khorne Herald come stock that way - looks like

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Does the Khorne Herald come stock that way - looks like the lead singer of a late 80's metal band.

As always - good job on the painting.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Actually that's Skulltaker the Khorne special character..who subs as
himself, a Khorne Herald or a Daemon Prince...he will have to until the plastic daemon prince kit comes out in spring.
The actual Khorne Herald comes on a Juggernaut and looks like a regular bloodletter but with a different pose
he actually reminded me of the spitting image ofsinger for GWAR if you know who they are..
anyways Thanks Rich!

Bill Sullivan said...

Looking good, John, I really like the fire on Skulltaker, the little smoky touches at the tip are a nice touch. Are you planning on getting some flock on the bases when they're sealed, or are you going for a more "badlands" look?

I'm with you on the duplicate gifts, it's right up there with being able to take multiples of Vampiric Abilities. I think the Bretonnian book did a good job of it, by increasing the cost every time you want a double of a Virtue. I have to disagree on duplicate Heralds, though. In 2K games it's a little nutty unless you're running a mono-god list (which personally I would, go Slaanesh), but given the reluctance of GW to do 0-1 style army options lately, I think leaving them unrestricted makes the army list scale up to larger games better, as otherwise you'd kind of run out of hero choices, and I sure as hell don't want to see multiple Greater Daemons of one god in a 3-5K game.

Also, do you guys have room for one more in your painting challenge? The Skavens, they are a painting...

John@Plastic Legions said...

Hey Billy, thanks
We need pairs for the painting challenge..and are at 6, so we need 8 to expand...let me put you on deck and see if I can come up with one more to fit you in. Also I talked to Mike at the shop today and he was a bit flaky on getting it done but said he would. I will press him on commitment to get it done. because if he can't you could take his spot. By the way we do have one maybe two campaign spots open for January, if you want in, you're in. just let me know soon.

Bill Sullivan said...

Absolutely. The break from WHFB was good for me, I think, as long as I don't end up playing against only Fear-causing units... :P And painting the Skaven is nice, it's a force that I wanted to play because I like the character of the force, rather than the rules, like the High Elves.

ZeroTwentythree said...

"and you sure as hell should not be able to take identical gifts, being able to run 4 Khorne Heralds outfitted the exact same pure bullshit and I dont what GW was thinking there"

Have you played a game against an all nurgle army with 4 identical heralds? Everyone is minimum T4, with a 5+ ward and a 4+ regeneration, poisoned attacks, and if outfitted properly you get no bonus for attacking the flanks or rear of their units.

Your figures do look nice. I like glowing-hot swords.

John@Plastic Legions said...

hah, I know! I overlooked that Nurgle is worse...
I think if
A) if you take more than on Herald from same god, only one should get the special bonus
B) Don't allow duplicate gifts

both those would go along way to fix Daemons. That's the way I'll play them anyways.

Bill Lim said...

looking sharp. I like the look of these guys, but am awaiting the pics of your demonettes.

Hopefully I can keep up with you (and the painting schedual) got another couple tree kin finished the other day (one left). Gotta start working on the other core choices.

Bill Sullivan said...

You're not running the Army of Sticks, are you Bill? I seem to recall building a whole bunch of Glade Guard... I got about 75% done with some Slaves tonight, I may actually be ready by Tuesday.


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