Tuesday, November 11, 2008

WFB players!, I want your input

I often wondered why the competitive tourney standard popped up from 2000 points to 2250 in recent years. In my own gaming I have recently defaulted back to 2000 points whenever possible as personally I find the game much more balanced and rewarding with less room for new book power creep to rear its ugly head. I found myself saying "Hey" it's only 250 points how much of a difference can it make?. I am not exactly sure (just an idea from my own perspective) but I wouldn't mind examining the idea in more detail for an article.

So to any WFB players who check in here I'd like your input. I like to see your 2000 point list and how you'd change it to 2250, what would add/ subtract...do you dump those extra point in characters?, troops? or fancy rares or expensive magic items? I'd like input on as many armies as possible, so if you find yourself with the time please contribute here. I will take in as much info as I can, analyze and post the results...should be pretty interesting as I'd love the input of players from the US/ UK/ EU/ AUS/ NZ or where ever! if you want to comment on this "idea" please do in comments section..but if your interested in contributing please email your 2K and how it would change at 2250 to oldcoast@comcast.net. Keep in mind these are generic lists geared at open tournaments so your list should be viable against all comers. Army Builder or Excel files are ideal...but I'll take whatever format you got! Thanks in advance for helping out!


Anonymous said...

I don't have lists to send but if I was to increase my normal 2000pt list in lizardmen, I'd take another stegadon, my mortals would get a unit of knights, my daemons would get more flesh hounds and some upgrades and my skaven would get a ton more units and toys.

As you can see, depending on the army i would take different types of extras to fill those 250pts.

ZeroTwentythree said...

I play horde-y skaven & empire. The difference in 2000 and 2250 would mostly be in regular troops.

I might downgrade greatswords in 2250 to swordsmen in the 2000 empire list. Haven't played them at 2000 points. I've only played them at 2250 so I'd have to work them out in reverse.

I will try to contribute specific lists if I get some time later in the week.

John@Plastic Legions said...

See for me I usually use the extra points for a rare ( Helblaster, etc)
or take some fancy banners...I usually pack my troops in the base 2K. Yup I knew the different takes would be interesting..if you guys could contribute lists, I'd love to see them.

John said...

The extra 250 points can make a big difference as it allows the inclusion of some powerful Lord characeters by most armies. 2000pts gives you extra slots, but 2250allows you to fill them properly.

For Dwarves I typically use the extra 250 pts to increase my missle firepower with an Organ Gun and an additional unit of Quarrellers.

Sigmar said...

Hi John,

I agree that the 2250pt game can be more imbalanced than the 200pt game which I think the books are finely tuned for.

It's for that reason though that I think people play 2250pts. There's the opportunity to take advantage of an army's imbalanced options. I think there are other reasons too:-

1) It adds some variety and more choices if you've been playing 2000pt games a lot

2) There's more opportunity to "suprise" your enemy and out bluff them. Especially, if you play against a regular opponent.

Personally, I usually play 2,500pt games against my gaming buddy. It allows for a lot more variety especially when you know which enemy army you're going to be facing.

For tournament games I think it should probably always be 2000 pts.

For friendlies I prefer a bit of variation.

All the best,

PS. I posted another of your battle reports, nice to have some painted minis on the report site.

John said...

ANother option we tend to take is to play 1999 points that way armies dont become to unbalanced with guys bringing in powerful Lord choices at the expense of core units, e.g., 2000 pts lets Chaos field a Lord on a Dragon, 1999pts doesnt

Ray said...

2.25k is definitely a power creep number. In my VC Army at 2k I run a nice block of 18 Grave Guard w/ great weapons and a Vampire with Blood Drinker (sword that restores wounds to the unit per wounds inflicted). At 2.25k. The Vampire moves to another unit and I buy a Wight King BSB with the regen banner, I give the unit a banner that improves their chance to hit and make it 7 across instead of 6. A nice heavy infantry unit becomes a death star. Granted the unit is not perfect, it can be avoided, the wight king assassinated, etc. but man when it hits, it hits hard.

Mainly I would tend to agree that when going frok 2k to 2.25k I typically spend it on another character for more magic offense and defense, and other nice upgrades. If I buy another unit it would be for flanking, like a second unit of wight cavalry.


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