Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mighty Empires IV Concludes

11/4 @ Games Workshop, Oak Park

Final Standings

(Anthony) Night Goblins- 21
(Andre) Ogres- 16
(Joe F) Vampire Counts- 13
(Joe D) Dark Elves- 8
(John K) Tomb Kings- 7
(John H) Empire-7
(Kenny) Dwarfs- 6
(Chris ) Warriors of Chaos-5
(Bob) Skaven- 3
(Mike) High Elves- 2

Eliminated in Round 5
(Bill) Vampire Counts- By Night Goblins
(Leo) High Elves- by Dwarfs

Another Mighty Empire campaign comes to a close. Anthony once again prevails showing he is the master of playing Orcs and Goblins countering Kenny's Dwarf Gunline with huge block of Trolls in a final round invasion of the Dwarf Capital.

We take up a new Mighty Empires in January, our house rules have evolved to a point where they are functioning very well, there are a few needed tweaks (like the removal of terrain special features, which were all over the place had zero bearing on anything) but otherwise its working quite well. One thing that still bugs me and that's inherent to a map based campaign and that is you always end up playing who is next to you on the map which results some guys playing weekly..(for instance Mike and Andre must have played 5 times) Open challenge's aside
having neighbors to invade is the I don't really see anyway around if we stick to map.
I've been discussing some changes with some the guys for next round. So the ideas being tossed around are making it much more narrative based, with a tree or node based campaign with lots of specific scenarios..that way at least if your playing the same opponent often the games with be different. I think 2k games standard with reinforcement option are ideal, although I like to squeak in some Smaller games at the start of the campaign and work up..With a good rules set in place making a more advanced dynamic map is ideal. Since Anthony has won 3 of our 4 Campaigns..he's volunteered to sit the next one out and GM. meaning we can blind assets on the map the only he will have knowledge of..this creates so new possibilities I am looking to explore for Mighty Empire's V. We have a great group players right now and I hope everyone can return for the next in Mid January 09.


Andy said...

I've been running 3 ME Campaigns now, and we've altered and added to the rules.

The way I constructed the map was as an island, so as everyone could threaten everyone else. Thus everyone wants to play everyone else, not just one or two people near by him/her. We adopted a version of the Sea rules and said everyone started with a Capital City by the sea, and that was their port.


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