Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Battle Report - The Empire vs Beasts of Chaos

6/23 Plastic Legions HQ

Beasts of Chaos

Wargor GW, Heavy Armor, MoS General 88

Great Bray Shaman Lv4 Mos, additional hand weapon 244

Bray Shaman Lv2 Braystaff, Lore of Death, 116

4 Minotaurs, 2nd hand wp. MoS 196

5 Minotuars GW MoS + Bloodkine 270

20 Slaanagors MoS, Warbanner + Champion, Std & Musician 315

Beast Herd 10 Gor, 7 Ungor Foe-Render + Std & Musician 133

Beast Herd 10 Gor, 5 Ungor Foe-Render + Musician 115

Beast Herd 10 Gor, 5 Ungor Foe-Render + Musician 115

Beast Herd 7 Gor, 7 Ungor Musician 82

5 Warhounds 30

5 Warhounds 30

5 Warhounds 30

5 Warhounds 30

Fiend of Slaanesh 75

Fiend of Slaanesh 75

Shaggoth, GW, Light Armor 306

Pts: 2250 Models: 116

The Empire

General of Empire- Full Plate, Great Weapon, Rod of Command, Holy Relic, Barded Mount
Captain of Empire- Battle Standard Bearer, with Imperial Banner, Full plate, Barded Mount
Warrior Priest- Great Weapon Armor of Metoric Iron, Icon of Magnus
Battle Wizard- Lv1, Dispel Scroll, Wizards Staff

24 Swordsmen Full Command with War Banner
- 9 Free Company Detachment x 2

10 Handgunner, Marksman w/ HLR

12 Knights of the Blazing Sun, Full Command, Steel Standard

20 Flagellants

19 Greatswords Full Command
- 9 Swordsmen Detachment

Great Cannon x 1

Steam Tank

Rich's return to WFB was a good one, Having only once played a pure BoC list and Rich using things he was unaccostmed too (as he normally ran a Chaos List with heavy beasts in 6th ed) -I think the game was a surprise for both of us.


Rich had his several groups of Minotaurs, his Shaggoth and Fiend and Shaman on his Left Flank, Herds up the Middle and more herds on hid right flank with some Hounds, he had two units of Beast herds and another unit of hounds in reserve for Ambush.

I had my Infantry up the middle with Flagellants on the left and Greatswords on the Right, I had the Stank on the far left Flank and the my large unit of Knights on the Right Flank. My Wizard and Handgunners were poised to rush into the Watchtower ASAP. I had a lone cannon on the hill at the edge of my 12"line toward my left side of the table.

1st Turn- Empire

I advance my troops, take the watch tower. Cannons put wounds on the Shaggoth, Kill one fiend and a Minotaur.

1st Turn- BoC

Rich advances his troops, moving his heavy hitters toward the Stank, cautiously moving the rest..I can tell at the bottom of 1, My knights are in trouble if I can't a charge off to many units, around the them..my cannon won't last long wither. The Shamans hit me with nasty spells..BoC
is still using the old hated spell list from the 6th ed chaos book, titilating Delusions, Excoriating torment, the dreaded "Hold" spell I take some lumps, nothing major.

Turn 2- Empire

My Blocks march ahead, my Greatswords are heading toward the one trouble shaman. Tank and Cannons dont do much this turn. I inflict some minor causalites with my handgunners

Turn 2- BoC

The Shaggoth Charges the Steam Tank, I had rolled maximum Steam points for Stank this turn held plenty in reserve for the inevitable charge.
The Stank grinds the Shaggoth to paste but does take a wound from the beast. Rich makes out in the magic phase "Holding" my Knights..they are now basically going to be surrounded. ambushers come on and are in my backfield, trouble is coming

Turn 3 Empire

The stank and cannon shoot, I get off a good steam template on the ambushing beast herd..followed by handgun fire makes them run off the board.
My infantry is still unengaged positioning. My knights are held..My wizard miscasts (1st of two, I have been miscasting like SoB lately)

Turn 3 BoC

Rich sends his Mino's at the Stank, same result the put a wound on it but a grinded and broken. My knights and Cannon are charged...I am wiping up the right side of the board while Rich the left..I need to turn my blocks to suit the change in the direction of the battle...

Turn 4 Empire

My General and Infantry blocks charge a herd and smash it moving into another unit my Greats do get to move facing the right direction now in the BoC backfield. My Flagellant are tarpitting a nasty block of Minotaurs of the left side...my cannon is gone, my knights lose and break only to be run down next turn . Instead of moving my Stank toward the middle of the board here, I stupid have it charge his one Shaman that is driving me crazy..I can't catch it but hope my Greatswords can next turn..it doesnt work and a low steam point roll basically puts the Stank out of action at this pivotal point in the game. My Handgunners kill the remaining Fiend.

Turn 4 BoC

Rich, Seals the Deal here but getting successful "Hold" Spell on my General and his Swordsmen. His Minos who have eaten my Flaggies are poised next turn to finish me off..he repositions everything he can to help out this game winning melee.

Turn 5 Empire.

Can't break the hold spell...I am in trouble..My Greatswords eat up a herd but no matter, I take other detachment causualites through out, my Stank is way out of position and can't move enough to do anything

Turn 5 BoC

Rich's Minotaurs Slam into my Flank and I am held I cannot fight back...causalties are massive...getting a rear charge soon coming as well. I either already used the Rod of Command on a bad round of Combat, couldn't use it because I was held or it just didn't bother, because there was nothing I could do the next round (everyone was out of position) it mattered not., I get shattered and caught..General BSB, Banners...600 points plus all the extras..even with my Greatswords, Stank and Handgunners and Wizard..there is nothing I can do to come back from that....its late so we call it

Beasts of Chaos- Victory!!-

Welcome back Rich!


Nathaniel said...

I was confused by one thing in this post and couldn't really find reference to it anywhere else. "The Shaggoth Charges the Steam Tank, I had rolled maximum Steam points for Stank this turn held plenty in reserve for the inevitable charge."

Are you playing by alternate Steam Tank rules? I thought that the tank loses all steam points at the end of your turn so it can never have points on the opponents turn. Also, as I understand it, the roll doesn't determine the number of steam points. It just determines if you produce the number you tried to or if you fail and take a wound (i.e, you only ever produce 0 to 5 and then add the die roll to see if you succeed or not).

John@Plastic Legions said...

I'm confused too. Thanks for pointing that out..I was definitely in error about how steam points worked..I had read it as you bid 0-5 and rolled a D6 for the total if you got more than your total you took the wound thinking the Tank could have a max of 10 SP per turn. That being the case its seemed to make sense that since it clearly says you lose them at the end of "the turn" not "your turn" that they carried over through-out the full turn. As you describe it..5 SP isn't alot and being a sitting duck against anything that is S6 or higher during opponents turn (since they autohit) makes me seriously reconsider using the thing...after taking even a couple wounds..it becomes almost useless.

Nathaniel said...

Yeah. I read the rules on it pretty much the same way as you did at first. The guy I was borrowing the tank from made sure to point out to me that it was 0-5 and not plus the d6. Made it less good than I had expected it to be =/. Ended up not being very effective for me but it's made me reconsider how to use it in future games. Fortunately at least, it is a war machine so it only gives up victory points when it's completely destroyed. In my first game with it (against Dark Elves), my opponent got it down to 1 wound, but couldn't finish the thing off within the 6 turns.


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