Friday, June 12, 2009

Plastic Stank- WIP

Here we have the new Empire Plastic Steam Tank. I've played without one for years not wanting to get and fiddle with the expensive metal model and I never thought I'd really like it, but as time as gone on and the WFB meta game expands. I find myself needing one from time to time. Now its plastic..although annoying only about $7 cheaper than old metal model but thankfully its a great kit. Although pictures of the painted sprues these are all over the new White Dwarf...I thought I through up some shots of the unpainted sprues and go into some WIP shots.

Good selection of extra parts, and alternative cannons, you can model a more traditional one
with all the Sigmar Heraldry or one that comes from a more obscure province. I really like the fact the driver is an full model not just a bust plus you can model it so you can see inside the tank and since there is some nice interior detail you might as well paint it.

Rear Assembly complete, alot of little gaps and things to sand and fill...this is assembled with just a rough cleaning...obviously I have some work to do.

Rear of the tank, again..awesome detail..I love painting stuff like this..time consuming sure
but the results are great.

Boiler front and interior assembly.If you are going to have an open top this section needs to be painted first before you assemble the rest of the tank... lots of great details here. The gun also snaps in, so you dont have to glue it and the gun elevation is moveable.

I will add more photos here until the project is complete...It is going to take me awhile as I am working on few other things as well right now. I expect it to be built by Sunday night..and then primed so I can take it out to play on the 17th..I don't think I will get to painting it until mid-july but we will see. check this post periodically for updates if you're interested.


Andrew said...

Wow, I love the detail in the boiler engine thing. That will be fun to paint!


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