Saturday, June 6, 2009

GW update- Chicago Metro

Some good news on the GW front, at least here in the Chicago metro. As some of you who read this know I am friends and game with several GW employees (three being metro store managers -I talk to these guys on a semi-regular basis.) You also know I have no problem being critical when need be (because of course I know better right?- note sarcasm.) Of course I want to support these guys because I spend money there, I like these guys and want them to do well.
I am now quite psyched to report that it seems the boys upstairs at GW Corporate have gotten the message that people are none to happy with the recent policy changes made company wide the last 6 months in terms of the way and hours that stores operate. Starting with Chicago Battle Bunker-we've got a trial period starting coming on June 17th with a 10pm closing hour, with suggestions that this could go as late as 11pm if things go well. For at least the last 3 months Vets or any gamer that works for a living have essentially been shut out of GW stores because of the 8pm closing time and with Chicago rush hour it's nigh impossible to get to a shop and have time to get a game in- unless you live or work right next to one. The 10pm closing hour makes weekly club outings a possibility again and the Bunker certainly has the room. A couple things about the expanded hours.They are conditional meaning if people don't show up, it wont last long so don't whine on your favorite forums about the store hours and don't show up when you have the chance. Also use your head and if you are going to buy something buy at one of these events after 8pm so they can see the expanded hours are generating sales. That's what we used to do at Oak Park and it certainly made a difference for awhile. Speaking of Oak Park..rumor has it a return to our weekly club night with a 10pm hour is once again a possibility, this would be while hosting at my house is turning out pretty well..we just cant get the numbers we had when it was at the shop, I'd love to have the option anyway..because getting larger events off the ground needs the weekly participation that only the shop can offer. For you folks on the north side of the Metro, again rumors circulate that a weekly late hour at the new Niles shop is a strong possibility as well. This is good news for club gaming, let GW know you want it by showing up. I'll be at the Bunker on the 17th and will have more this as it comes.


Felix said...

That's both good and bad for me.

Good- Tuesday nights were neat.

Bad- I like the possibility of non-GW games at your place, John ;) Also it was cute to see your little girl running around with a mallet.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Well I wouldn't worry about that..I will still be hosting and Josey will definitely have the rubber mallet
its just nice to have options
as long as people are willing to come over opens up alot of possibilities the store can't offer,
plus I'm not sure yet Oak Park will open back up late..its a rumor...the Bunker isn't going to draw any of our regular crew...although I will try to make it once a month since that is going to be Wednesdays and not Tuesdays


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