Saturday, June 27, 2009

Battle Report- The Empire vs Tomb Kings

6/23 @ Plastic Legions HQ

Tomb Kings of Khemri

Tomb King, Destroyer of eternities, Collar of Shapesh, light armor 268
Lich Piest, Hieratic Jar, Dispell Scroll 165
Lich Priest, Staff of Ravening 160
Icon Bearer, Icon of Rakaph, light armor 107

28 Skeleten warriors, light armor, shield, full command 277
19 Skeleton warriors, bows, light armor, full command, banner of the undying legion 221
4 Chariots, Standard and musician, Mirage standard 210
2 tomb swarms

24 Tomb Guard, Light armor, shield, full command, war banner 343
4 carrion 96
1 scorpion 85

1 bone giant 220

2242 pts, 86 models

The Empire

General of Empire- Full Plate, Great Weapon, Rod of Command, Holy Relic, Barded Mount
Captain of Empire- Battle Standard Bearer, with Imperial Banner, Full plate, Barded Mount
Warrior Priest- Great Weapon Armor of Metoric Iron, Icon of Magnus
Battle Wizard- Lv1, Dispel Scroll, Wizards Staff

24 Swordsmen Full Command with War Banner
- 9 Free Company Detachment x 2

10 Handgunner, Marksman w/ HLR

12 Knights of the Blazing Sun, Full Command, Steel Standard

20 Flagellants

19 Greatswords Full Command
- 9 Swordsmen Detachment

Great Cannon x 1

Steam Tank

This was a 2250 battle between Chris's Tomb Kings and my Empire. We did this battle once before quite awhile was quite an interesting game then (where one my Cannons took his screaming skull and Heirophant 1st turn with a well placed shot and perfect bounce and he was making crumbling checks from his very first turn and he still won) and I was sure this going to be as well. This was also my first chance to try out the new Empire Steam Tank. Mine is still WIP..but done enough that I had to get it on the table.


Khemri was deployed with his infantry in blocks up the middles, archers on the flank, chariots on the other flank with the Bone Giant and the Carrion hidden from sight toward the center of the board. The Empire had Infantry in the middle all the way to flank with Steam on the short flank and my Cavarly all the way on my Left flank. My Cannon was in middle, shots would be tough but with large on the table..I'd figure I'd get some shots off.

Turn 1- Khemri

Khemri wins the 1st turn and starts off strong..using its painful much as I tried to stop it..I end up burning all my dice and my scroll trying to prevent those Carrion from charging my cannon 1st turn with the extra move from the spell in the magic phase..I am one dice short and Chris gets it off. the Carrion take out my Cannon before I ever get a chance to use it and over run off the table..he also racked a decent amount of kills from his archers this turn a great start for him.

Turn 1 - Empire

I quickly get my Handgunners and Wizard into the nearby watchtower and look to put them to work..I plow the Stank straight away anxious to see what it can do. my flanks march full speed ahead while my center creeps up to see whats about to happen

Turn 2 -Khemri

Chris strategy is use the extra movement possibilities in the movement phase to his maximum advantage..he's trying to set up flank charges on my oncoming cavalry and advancing his infantry blocks, both his swarms and his Scorpion come up in turn 2 and are in my backfield he also has his Carrion back on the board and in my backfield..I am not liking this one bit,again I take casualties from ranged fire on my detachments.

Turn 2- Empire

I end up turning my stank around to facedowm some of the backfield attackers that are threatening me..I move my infantry ahead mine cavalry is in his archers face ready to charge or take one. My Greatswords are squaring off against the chariots. My Wizard and Handgunners inflict some hurt on the Carrion.

Turn 3- Khemri

Chris gets off alot of charges..His infantry block with his general charges my general and his Swordsmen..his scorpion rear charges one of my detachments which elects to flee, my other detachment successfully countercharges, My Knights get charged by the archers. My fleeing detachment is caught and run down by the tomb scorpion..but my Flagellants are poised to charge it next turn. Chris moves the Bone Giant into the fray during magic phase on the flank of my countercharging detachment. Combats are intense both our generals are locked in a challenge. My BSB kills his Heirophant which makes his start making crumble checks, I forget who won the 1st round but we stayed locked with plenty of causalites on both side. My core Knights who suck accept when charging use there superior numbers to actually win the 1st round of combat against the archers..chris takes his causualites and keeps fighting,

Turn 3 Empire

My Flagellants charge the tomb Scorpion, my Stank repositions itself headed toward the combats, my Greatswords charge the chariots, My Handgunners finish of the Carrion. In close combat, My flagellants blow thru the tomb scorp and right into the flank ongoing huge combat, that turns out to be my ace in the hole..I have huge round of CC..My General Kills his Flagellant martyr and do a ton of combat res is so high everything including the Bone giant pops this round, Not to mention both my greatswords prevail and my knights wiping out both there opponents. huge turn for the Empire..the game is essentially over.

Turn 4 Khemri

Chris charges his Tomb Guard into the Stank hoping to do some damage not realizing what a tarpit it is against a S3 infantry block..undamaged at this point I end up with 9 steam points to put into grinding essentially shredding most the unit during the close combat phase..Chris concedes at this point realizing it is just not Khemri's day.

Result- Empire -Massacre

Conclusions- Chris started out very strong but had some very bad breaks..the Tomb Scorpion charge worked to my favor immensely as he left himself a sitting duck for my Flagellants to flank break. The Stank was mostly a deterrent this game and I didnt use it all that well..Chris could figure out how to wound it, until it was grinding up his Tomb Guard. In the End my Close combat dice went exceptionally well on all fronts with large static res's on top of that..its just damn tough to beat the Empire when the dice gods are loving you. Great game to Chris. best part about this game ending early is I got to play Rich's Beast of Chaos..another interesting game where I learn that the 6 year old army book is still playable in the current environment!


ZeroTwentythree said...

They get rockets, now? :D

John@Plastic Legions said...

nah..Chris just likes to make an occasional nutty figure in all his armies..the guy with the rocket is the army battle standard bearer..I told him the rocket gave his army some kind of weird "beneath the planet of the apes" vibe


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