Friday, July 31, 2009

Bilbo's Birthday Bash

My Grey Company- Gandalf, I am very happy with the way he came out
the base needs some touch up thou..

Bilbo's Birthday Bash (or BBB) is a 350 point Lord of the Rings tourneys for the original game, not War of the Ring. I'm not sure how well received WotR is a singular system...beautiful book I am even coming around to some of the rules now that I have read the book after finding some of the rules I disliked were explained to me incorrectly or the explanations werelacking the input of other rules that countered the things I disliked. (another topic for discussion later) Anyway rules aside I like WotR as mass battle rules for strategy battle game in a campaign setting. IF I want to throw down a causual LotR's game- the Original game is great fun, I wasn't looking for a substitute for WFB but an alternative, the original LotR game is the fix (plus I love all the games based on it as is, High Seas, and Old West)

BBB is brought to us locally by the Adeptus Windy City, Lord of the Rings club, these guys have been working for years to get the game competitive in an enviroment dominated by 40K. There is a small dedicated fanbase here, that could use more local involvement. These guys run great events and have a real passion for the game so given my own interest in it, I wanted to take part. For BBB you'll bring two armies, one good, one evil, both 350 points. I have a ton of Mordor (Cirith Ungol) so that was the easy part (thou figuring a 350 pt list maximizing what I had painted wasn't) for my Good army I settled on Grey Company. I am not really an elf guy (except as heroes) and I wanted try a ranged I thought they'd be a good fit for the hero I wanted to run..Gandalf the Grey.

My GC list is small..Gandalf plus 16 models and I sure it will be challenging to run..I am alot more experienced with my Mordor list coming in at 32 models at 350 points its a mini horde should do alright..4 games total, 2 with each army..The event is coming up on August 22nd. so right around the corner. I have 15 GC models to paint and 14 grunt Orcs and finish 5 warg riders that are about 50% done. I have a week off coming up and if all goes well..I am going to do two mini display boards that will both fit inside my large base I carry everything around in at tourneys. This is all coming right up so should see progress reports soon.

I really need to lose these tiny particles you can see in the close ups, its really holding me
back from being a better painter...but I cant figure away round it without a "clean room" to paint in (not gonna happen) plus I can't even see the stuff until its photographed.

Looking good from 6" away I guess that's all that really matters right?


Vomit said...

Very nice. I very much like the realistic (ie worn) look, in that he actually looks like he's been on an adventure or two. Love the sword and staff, both of which look like they've had plenty of use! Nice job :-)

Peter said...

Could you possibly tell/show how you did gandalf's cloak? I still haven't decided on a colour scheme for my elves and as I want them to live in the mountain range (I can't remember what it's called)I think that colour would be great.

As for the particles you should always wash your brushes before as well as after as that will get rid of any particles, I suppose you could always give the models a dunk in some water or something.

Good luck at BBB is he 112? And keep up the good work!

Tim Kulinski said...

John nice painting man, Gandalf looks great. Good luck at BBB, love to hear how you did.

By the way, are you planning on coming out to AZ for GitD in Feb of 2010?

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Thanks guys

@ Peter..
Base Chardonite Granite
then I layered up with Shadow Grey
then I gave him a light wash (50/50)
of Badab black.
Then I layer up Shadow Grey w/ Codex Gray (50/50
then highlighted with Codex Grey..there may be a few Fortress grey highlights at the very top...
this one I should have written down.

@ Tim...
I surely will report about BBB
I am thinking seriously thinking about GitD..its just getting there with all my stuff..I trust Southwest with my Models as much as trust a Rabid Dog..A road trip may be in order along historic route 66..that be cool. plus I can bring a table!...I'll email you.

Peter said...

Tarr John, I just need to pick up Chardonite Granite at some point.

Felix Flauta said...

Haha, nice.

I'm very much "into" the War of the Ring (as a concept). It's what I wanted originally from the Lord of the Rings since armies doing battle is the image I take from the books back from when I read them.

However, I won't be done with my army any time soon. Just finished my first Mumak the other day!

Unknown said...

I had the same problem with tiny dust particles spoiling my work. I solved it using an hairdryer with cold air setting to blow the dust away.

Very good painting, anyway!


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