Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adepticon 2010 Report- Part 2

my appearance award for Warbands, and example of the quality they put into
every detail at Adepticon even the trophys are cool.

Friday Night- Warhammer Fantasy Battles Warbands

So I rolled over to the Junior Ballroom put my stuff down and the ran over to main ballroom to enter my 2 entrys in the Rogue Demon painting competition (more on that later) and I was rolling dice in round 1 of the Warbands tournament.

Game 1 vs Lizardmen- Sean

Sean was a good guy and fun to play he had good list nothing crazy but like mine, something that covered all the bases and could get the job done. The Scenario required that we each assign a unit to carry some intelligence and keep it from the opponent for the duration of the game, I gave mine to my Huntsmen bunkered up in some woods with the idea of getting them the nearby building as soon as possible. Sean gave his to some ranked Saurus Warriors. When we rolled for magic we both rolled 6’s Sean totally surprised me by taking the Comet in which he needs boxcars to get off, since he took such a gamble I said like, if you’ve got the cojones to take the comet with just two dice, I’ll take Wall of Fir Since I am throwing 3 dice (due to an item) and you’ve got two (or three every other round with the diadem, which I figured he had and did. Things just went bat shit crazy for me 1st turn, my wizard miscasts, takes a wound. Next turn I miscast AGAIN, this time it’s the result on the miscast chart where your opponents spell automatically goes off So he gets the comet going off automatically, he drops it on my Huntsmen carrying the objective, they get obliterated, drop the intel, which his skinks run in, pick up and run away. My Handgunners get pasted by the terradons drop rocks and then my blocks of troops totally whiff in combat with Saurus, and I get skewered by the spears with tons of kills, I break and game over. Loss, No Bonus points. I was like first game, heads foggy from LotR, Sean was a good dude and I chatted with him again when I could through out the weekend

Game 2 vs Chaos Dwarfs – Joe R – Ringer.

With rock bottom points round 1, I get the ringer army round 2. I've seen Joe at events before, he's from the Wisconsin crew over at wwhfb.com the Wisconsin Warhammer forum. I know he’s good player and in my opinion this damn ringer army is way too tough to be a ringer army in warbands. The army was 10 Warriors with a Sorceror, ok fine, a Stonethrower, ok cool, 5 Bull Centaurs, ouch too good and too cheap for what they do WS 4, S6, T4. and then most broken thing ever the Blunderbuss. which isn’t as bad as it could have been being only 10 guys..but the box pattern it shoots in is just too over the top. Luckily I avoided that best a I could. I had to put all my fire on the blunders early so the Bulls charged my Handgunners turn 2 and where too close for a stand and shoot so they got mowed down, wizard in tow., my block hung in there after taking two big stone thrower hits and thankfully only a S3 shot from the blunderbuss. I ran down the blunder guys , next turn but was behind his sorcerer and warriors and didn’t have enough time to turn around a come back to engage. The bulls where on the far side of the board out of it after killing my wizard and handgunners and holding the quarter. I got a lucky break late when the Stone thrower misfired and popped. But I had no option to get any more points and joe just moved his guys over the another quarted to pick up two quarters and a win.
Loss, No Bonus Points. Joe played the ringer very relaxed and casual ,unfortunately for me he’s an expert range guesser, and army was a bit too tough for a ringer army. (Ringer should have been Orc or Ogres or something)

Game 3 vs Vampire Counts- Chris

I end up playing my pal chris, who’s in my club and the guy who I did a most of my warband practice list with. Although I only played this list once before, It was just bad match up for him. I’ve got a 3 die Burning Gaze doing S6 hits to him, While I never actually got the spell off this match it didn’t matter , I thinned up his black knights with shooting, got his ghouls tied up in the woods with some misdirection from the huntsmen…shot the zombies down. He had a spirit host locked in with my Handgunner but I kept winning with only +1 combat res with outnumber as he kept wiffing. He eventually got his black knights and his Vampire on the flank of my block, he had a chance but just didn’t get enough kills, I got lucky and got a couple wounds tied and with a musician I won the combat. Now he wasn’t canceling my ranks, Got a kill and was up by 5 or so and his vampire and 2 knights just burned away. Every thing else crumbled that turn. Win, Max Bonus. I felt bad because Chris is the man but only one of us could win.

Game 4 vs Wood Elves- Sean

Different Sean with Woodies, he had a Branchwraith, with 5 dryads, 6 wardancers, 3 units of three archers and an Eagle. Once I saw the scenario, I knew I was going to win because it required holding the center of the table, and I have block of 25 guys and he has a bunch of skirmishers..so unless he ran my block off, He was in trouble, I thinned him out too much early with my own shooting..by the time he charged me with everything he had, it was to my front…I pulled a guy off with the stand and shoot..my magic was hurting him and he just couldn’t get the kills. I broke him and he ran.he got away and rallied but I’m in center with about 30 guys and everyone alive minus a few shooting casualties. Game over. Tough match for Sean coupled by and equally tough scenario. I felt for the guy but was a good sport Win, max Bonus
2-2 FUN 5, SPORTS 5, COMP 5.

Game 5 vs Orcs and Goblins- Chad.

Last game, my ninth game of the day, I am dead tired. Now I am 2-2 and feeling good about things..I just want to give Chad the best game I can. The scenario involves assign an objective (we called it the "football" )to a unit and getting into the enemy deployment zone. I gave it to my Huntsmen of course because they can deploy closer to his D-zone. Chad’s army was a Chariot, a level 2 Shaman, 4 units of 4 Savage Orcs and bunch of small units of 3 Spider Riders. Deploying my huntsmen as far forward as possible was a good move because it forced chad to keep his chariot back and out of combat to hold his d-zone otherwise I’d run my huntsmen right in. He gave his object to some spider riders who pushed hard and fast on my right flank. My block started in the middle but when I saw the flank push I immediately rotated and started moving my block horizontally toward the short table edge and behind a forest so they couldn’t be shot or cast at. My wizard and Handgunners are in a building and they and my huntsmen are shooting everything they can and doing ok, Chad’s taking more losses than he wants for sure, he send a unit of Orcs to charge the building they break my Wizard and Handgunners, who run away but rally, His guys leave the building And my huntsmen drop back and grab it. Meanwhile I still putting a fireball and 15+ shots on his stuff a turn. My block is pushing toward the flank and he has two units of spider riders in woods on my flank, one is down to one unit from shooting, the other three carrying the foot ball, I charge my Captain (out of the unit alone) (WS5, 3 attacks , Sword of Striking, hits on twos, kills on threes at the three riders with the football) inot the woods after the Spider Riders. They run, drop the football (objective), This also forces the shaman to panic, he fails, and both run right out into the line of fire of all my shooters. At this point Chad has two units of Orcs left, one full at four orc and one at three, The unit of four charges my huntsmen in the tower, and I get crazy lucky on the stand and shoot and kill the whole unit (all sixes) he then charges my block, but my static combat res is too high even without my captain. the following turn I kill one orc, the others break and are run down. My shooters and wizard cleaned up the rest and all chad had left was his chariot ,that was out of the game the whole time. So I never got the football in his D-zone but I got everything else. Win + 3 Objective points. Chad was a good dude, thanks for the Guiness guy! and this was probably the best 500 point game, I have played..I look forward to playing this guy again.

So I finish 3-2, a great comeback and I finish tied for second place. Best part was I also won the Best Appearance award for the event, which was great because there was some other awesome stuff in the event. The difference was I built this army for the event, had my own display base, etc, I'm sure that carried some weight. The prizes this year were incredible..for Best Apperance Warbands, I not only got a a trophy, but a whole bag of stuff containing- the WFB High Elf Dragon Box, and bunch of hobby tools, 3 feet of green stuff, some 2 part apoxy Some Vallejo inks, some round resin bases and a bunch of weathering powders…Holy Crap!, easily Over $100 in swag alone plus the trophy…I’ve had won either Sport or Appearance at Lord of the Rings I would have cleaned up. Normally for Best Appearance I get some blisters or whatever GW promo crap is laying around.

Anyway a great way to end the day a bunch of us hit the bar for some beers and crashed ready for the Fantasy Championships bright and early, and that will be part 3 of my Adepticon 2010 reports.

Saturdays WFB Championship, write up coming soon......


robinoc said...

Congrats on the Best Appearance award on War Bands and I enjoyed the write-up on the 5th battle; descriptive and touch and go.

battlemind said...

Wow - you were in 3 events? Awesome. Congratulations onteh best appearance award - it really is a stunning paint job.

Warbands games are fun aren't they? You probably should have won - Chaos Dwarfs, I'm sorry, but CD are broken - you can have hordes of troops (goblins) all with Ld:10, because that's what EVERY CD character has! And don't get me going on the earthshaker... Ya, they should just be dropped.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Actually, I was in four events. the LotR Champs and the 3 WFB events..
I played 9 games over 12 hours on Friday..something I will definitely NOT do again, it was just way too much and I was a zombie on sunday for TT...Thanks for props, thou and I agree about the Chaos Dwarfs..Blechh!

Conspyre said...

Just another reason people need to get over the Chaos Dwarfs- they're out of date, and just not suited for the current play environment, especially in an oddball format like Warbands. It's been a decade, nobody has any excuse for it to be their only army.

Bill Lim said...

Congrats man! You deserve it, after all the effort you put it. Nice to see some of our local club getting the accolades.

Looking forward to the rest of the write-up.



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