Friday, March 12, 2010

Adepticon hacker thwarted!

Adepticon registration is closed. a good week + early this year because of a cyber theft attack on the registration cart. Apparently some lowlife working from the EU figured out a way to divert funds from the Paypal cart to his own account. It was over the course of last weekend and if you didn't use the cart over that time period, you have nothing to worry about. I wouldn't bother mentioning this except for two things. I was one of the people whose money was stolen, and I have recovered the funds back from this jerk.

The other day Matt, who runs Adepticon, sent me note that my information from the Adepticon cart may have been compromised. Although I had long since signed up for my core badge and other events. I recently decided to play in the WFB team tourney as well (more on that later) and just last weekend signed up for Sundays Team Tourney, last minute. After a round of coversations with him I found only my cash was gone and nothing else was compromised. It turns out the good folks have lost three days of paid registrations due to this attack, and although they caught it quickly and have secured the site. They decided to be safe further testing was needed and being this close to Adepticon decided to just close registration early (you can still register at the Adepticon and open tickets are posted on the site.) Acon staff honored all tickets purchased even thou they were out the funds and alerted Paypal to the theft.

I myself contacted Paypal as well informing them of my situation. Just today I was informed that they located my funds and returned them to me! I just checked and the money is there, the best part is they transferred directly back from the account in question. Now how this guy/gal thought they were going to get away with this a whole other topic, but point being Paypal did right by me and since I have been vocally critical of some policy changes since eBay bought them, I wanted to say -Thanks Paypal for stepping up here, and quickly too.. I can only assume that if I got my money back the others did as well. I will of course offer this to Adepticon even thou they implied I didnt need to as concession for the hassle. I figure, no harm , no foul.

As for the hacker, what is wrong with people?, if you have the brains to do something like this
go hack somebody that deserves it like "JP Morgan Chase" ...those vermin have been robbing me blind with no recourse for years. Go after the people that deserve it and leave people that work for a living alone!..WTF!.



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