Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mighty Empires VI- Round 8

Final Standings, Wood Elves just squeak out the Campaign Win.

13- Wood Elves- Chris
12- Warriors of Chaos- Rich
11- Empire- John
8- Vampire Counts- Bill
7- Warriors of Chaos- Aaron
4- Lizardmen- Nate
4- Orcs and Goblins- Anthony
2-Dwarfs- Billy


Billy- War Tax
Aaron-All or Nothing
Chris- Heroic Battlefield (Acropolis)
Nate- Raid
Bill- No Guts, No Glory
John- Headhunter
Rich- Diplomacy @ Wood Elves
Anthony- n/a (forfeit)


Dwarfs VS Lizardmen
Massacre Lizardmen - Concession

Warriors of Chaos (Black) VS Empire
Massacre Warriors of Chaos (Black)- 5EP

Wood Elves Vs Vampire Counts
Solid Victory Wood Elves- 4EP

Warriors of Chaos(Brown) VS Orcs and Goblins
Massacre Warriors- 5EP (forfeit)

Final thoughts- Another campaign comes to an end, this one dragged on a bit long due to weather and absenteeism that forced extensions of the campaign sessions. We were rock solid up to round 5, and in retrospect and by the core rules we could have ended it there, with the Orcs and Goblins winning with 10 Empire points..we had a predetermined goal of 8 rounds so we soldiered on, unfortunately our O&G player never made it to another session and gave up three forfeits that really reset the map. Empire, WoC (Black) and the Vampire Counts battled for dominance. As of round 5 The Wood Elves are at the bottom of the standings but used the forfeits against the Orcs to put him out of the running and get back in the race.Wood Elves then snuck in the back door with Chris wisely taking Heroic Battlefield as his strategic event because by winning he could get himself an extra Empire point by capturing the strategic map objective. Taking on Bill's Vampire Counts in the last round The Wood Elves did prevail and Chris's map tactical thinking won him the Campaign! Rich and I had the throw down we had been waiting for, unfortunately for whatever reason, I made some critical mental errors and my dice paid me back for it, no excuses..I got pounded and grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory! a finely played game by Rich, as another campaign comes to an end..we are going to reconvene in April for some open gaming and what's motivating us for our next event.



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