Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pre-Adepticon Report #1

9am Friday, Lord of the Rings Championships

I return with Gandalf and the Grey Company for my third Lord of the Rings event. Its a crying shame this game isn't more popular these days, but what can you do. GW is trying to push its large format LotR game, War of the Ring, and if it wasnt for the strong community of the few diehard around here I think we'd probably be seeing that. Fortunately for me WotR, hasn't taken off here among the Skirmish game crowd, I'll see some kids playing it from time to time at the Bunker, but thats about it. The skirmish game is extremely tactical, and while its an easy game to learn, its very hard to master. Thankfully for me, I play alot of games with the ruleset, and while I have not put Gandalf and crew on the table since last year, I know the system well enough, its just the LotR specifics I get fuzzy. I know how to play my army its lack of experience against other armies that's going to hurt me. Scrambling to find the time and opponent for a last minute game this week..nothing finding your Sea Legs, round 1 of the tournament! Gulp!..I'm also entering my whole Army and display, in the Open Category in the Rogue Demon this year, as a Fangorn Forest Diorama. Looking forward to just rolling some dice and having fun with this one.

5pm Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Warbands

Into familiar territory with some WFB warbands, I'll be immediately jumping from one tournament to the next. I've played a bunch of games with my warbands list and a very comfortable with it, (they're all units in my championship army for saturday). The great thing about Warbands is every casualty is a big deal at 500 points and games can turn around multiple times depending on events. These games are all scenarios and I have no idea what they are, so there is some mystery there..It's really going to dependon the scenarios and my matchups on how this goes.
I am going in confident as small point games are win/win for the Empire not to mention I am have three years tournament experience with the Army under my belt. I'm showing the army here with three different wizards as I am bringing three and will which ever model coincides with whatever Lore I take.
I have been working on this simple display board for these guys on and off for the last week. the Shellac I used caused the paper to bubble up and if I had another week, I'd redo it..its probably only noticable to me anyway..I like the concept of what I did here with wood, paper, stain and varnish..and want to do some more stuff along these lines in the future.

So this is my Friday, I'll squeeze in some trips around the vendor hall and meet some folks between games, after 10pm or so I'll just be at the bar in Harry Carays


Tim Kulinski said...


Lets meet up on Thursday, I will do a practice game with you, although Gandalf and and Ent in your small force scare me! But I am up for it if you are...

John@Plastic Legions said...

Right on Tim!, that Ent is just for display purposes...same 350 list I've had Gandalf, and 16 rangers..thats it.

Anonymous said...

Good luck John! Most people won't be expecting to see Gandalf in a 350point army so you'll have some nervous people I'd expect.

I'm sure you'll have fun as always!

I'm hoping to get a little bit of time on Friday morning to swing through the specialists hall and say hello to all my friends. Makes me sad I won't be able to play this year!

Good luck with all your events!

Powerposey said...

If you have the spare time I would love to see a tutorial of your display board. It is simple yet looks really good.


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