Friday, October 8, 2010

Bilbo's Birthday Bash

Next up for me is Bilbo's Birthday Bash, a great local tournament for GW's red headed step child otherwise known as The Lord of Rings Strategy Battle Game. Taking place November 6th and 7th, I originally was signed up to make the weekend trek to Minneapolis for the North Star for WFB, but life, the wife, the kids and the business, made traveling away for what amounted to 4 days for Warhammer, not an option. Given that my Saturday and Sunday day time were free, I got the hall pass and BBB is on. Upped to 600 points and only one army this year, (as opposed to two 350 point armies, last year, one good, one evil) My Grey Company with Gandalf the Grey is return with another 10 Rangers and the Great Eagle, Gwaihir. With a break point of 14, I am sure I'll get my arse handed to me at 600 points..but its fun army..and while I've lost alot a games , actually most games are very close, and the great eagle is surely to be a real problem for my opponents. I should note, after my horrid luck at probably my last 3 WFB events, the law of averages says I am long overdue for some luck breaking my way in a tournament, so I am optimistic. I am working on the new models right now, pictures of additional models and my expanded display are coming soon

Speaking of the Lord of the Rings, SBG..I'd like to point out a great recent post from my pal Tim over at Cursed Treasures, titled "what does it take" Tim laments the inability to keep this game relevant amidst the volume of 40K, and WFB and to an extent its sister game WotR. A great post and I sympathize. Finding people to play LotR with is like pulling teeth..even thou most folks I know agree it's a great game, with fantastic models, a very low cost entry point, and some great local events every year. Let not forget the years premier LotR event Gathering in the Desert out in AZ, a great excuse to get out of Chicago in middle of grey and cold February, Once again I certainly plan on trying to get away for the weekend and be there!, fingers crossed this time it will work out. If you're local and have an interest in throwing down with LotR SBG, definitely
shoot me an email.


Conspyre said...

I think part of the reason is that while it is a fantastic game, it really suffers when subjected to the standard gamer mantra- bigger games, more figures, angrier lists. As a small-scale skirmish game, especially when paired with strong scenarios, it's a blast. Played as a large-scale mass battles game, it's like pulling teeth, and that's always where people seem to want to drag their games, kicking and screaming. It's kind of too bad they made the move to one 600 point list- I always thought the need to master both sides of the conflict made LotR tournaments fascinating, and the low points level keeps things quick while still allowing some of the cool heroes in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the publicity on the upcoming tournament. Registration is going great this year and I'm confident everyone will have a great time.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Gwaihir turns out for you. I've never actually seen that model in person! Just a few more weeks and the dice will roll. See you then.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try LOTR some time. Ive heard good things about the system. Is the Gathering in the Desert only LOTR?


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