Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Grey Company, Expanded

So I wrapped up getting my Grey Company complete to 600 points this past weekend. I added 10 rangers and the eagle Gwaihir to the list as well as the new display base extension. While that certainly is Aragorn above he's not in the list he's just proxying one of the "Rangers of the North" I need for the list, if I added Aragorn it be almost 800 points. My list is pretty simply: Gandalf the Grey, Gwaihir, 5 Rangers of the North, 20 Rangers (10 w/spears) 27 models with break point of "14" of course breaking is semi-irrelevant as long as Gandalf is alive and there haven't been too many games where the big "G" had been killed before the games very end.

Of course I am well accustomed to the fact by know that this list isnt particularly competitive but it is fun. The Eagle adds a new dynamic as its move "12" and defense "8"..Gandalf while awesome always needs support, when engaged against other beefy heros..I can't go hand to hand with Str 5 attack and last for long. The Eagle is great for going after other heros to either soften them up or kill them outright, also quick enough to get back to support Gandalf as well.

Gwaihir, Lord of the Great Eagles

The whole display with the 10 man add-on for the new figures

Not much more I can do with Grey Company, other than add some characters like Arathorn or Halbarad, I recently picked up a box of Warriors of Minas Tirith and probably do up a bunch of them and have a more well rounded Gondor force. I've been fiddling with my Cirith Ungol for a bit as well, a good couple days of painting and I have 600 points, but that included running Shelob. Anyway its Bilbos Birthday Bash for these guys next weekend, If I get my act together to take a personal vacation in February to attend GitD, it might be these guys or Cirith Ungol. Do yourself a favor pick up a hero blister and a army box and go play this game. I'll be sure to do a write on the event when its concluded with 22 people paid points its over triple last years attendance! It would be really ironic if the event gets close to Core Comps shoddy numbers from this year. LotR SBG going head to head with WFB in a tourney body count 2010???? Not sure what to make of that, but someone upstairs at GW probably wouldn't be happy.


botwt said...

Very cool!
I have two armies near completion for LotR SBG one being the Grey Company and the other the Shire.
Very nicely done!! :)

BigLee said...

Nicely done.

Drunken Samurai said...

Very nice! I have been collecting Grey Comapny models for some time. I really need to start painting them and get them on the table. I hope you bring them out to the GiTD next year. I would love to play against them.

Tim Kulinski said...


Once again nice looking stuff my friend. I think you need to make it to GitD this year, I think you would have a blast man. Heck man, I would even let you crash on my couch if you come out!

Kev said...

Very nice. I have a box of these guys based and ready for undercoating.. weather permitting. Liking your base a lot.


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