Monday, October 4, 2010

Core Competency, Day 2.

10/3 @ the Chicago Battle Bunker

Day 2- Dice were at 10:30 am sharp the following day as we continued rounds 4 and 5.

Game 4 vs Jeff B, Lizardmen- Loss

Slaan, 2 Scar Vets (1 a BSB) two big blocks of Saurus, two triple krox skink packs, a Stegadon., 2 Salamanders and Skinks, First time playing Jeff, good guy and player. I was basically controling the flow of this game, and his own dice where shutting the magic down until the very end. I did make one fatal error the ended up costing me. With the Stegadon tied up with m General and Swordsmen..I knew it would take me two turns to get enough wounds to clear unless he failed his stubborn cold blooded, which he didnt. I decided to charge my BSB out the Free Company (as they where too wide to fit) and over to aid taking down the Stegadon but the angle I was at caused my BSB to meet the tail end of the Stegadons base , I thought he would slide up but the judged ruled he was stuck at the point of impact. ( I later found out that I could wheeled at lot more for free and got him where I wanted, my bad for not knowing the rules well enough) Anyway where he met the Steg, allowed and and entire block of Saurus to Charge him alone and he was killed....this allowed the Saurus to overun into my free company breaking them and they eventually got run down but a lone salamander with one wound. I had some other tough breaks especially not being able toe with the Stank..and leaving 1 damn Saurus model in the other unit of Saurus with his Scar the end, the ended after turn 5 again running out of time. Still a tight game, Jeff gets off a strong magic phase late and it hurts me bad. The games ends and the difference is 165 point Jeff's way, I lose by 65 points! Battle Standard alone gave him 100 points and...., that unit of Saurus that had 1 model left in it at the end of the game was worth 360 points, plus the single Salamander with 1 wound stil worth his units full 150. IF we had gotten the 6th turn in, it was extremely likely I would have picked up over 500 points and the win, but again an 8th edition FUBAR loss...Jeff was a great opponent is what it is.

Game 5 vs John W, Dark Elves.- Win

Dreadlord, Master BSB, 2- Sorceress's (Lv 2) 39 Warriors, 20 Warriors, 19 Corsairs, 10 Crossbows, 5 Dark Riders x 2, 20 Blackguard, Hydra.
I think I have played John's Dark Elves with my Empire probably a half dozen times in tournaments since 2007..I think we had one Draw...other than that he has always managed to Squeak out the win...This was a strong match up for me because he didnt have a real counter for the Stank, (no RBT's) shooting and magic aside..I had to give up my Flaggies and Knights to take down the Hydra, but I did kill and ended up crippling his Corsairs that supported got tangled up in the wild wood and taking a lot of shooting, with his harpies wiffing and getting killed in hand to hand with my Mortar crew, I had no pressure from either flank, which makes the game alot more controllable. There was a building in the center of the table that was a haunted house per the rulebook and you had to hold that as the objective. John had his Blackguard bunkered up in there all game which was fine by me as the were not a threat to my infantry and were slowly taking losses from the Haunted House and my Artillery. My Stank got in with his 39+ Spearman and DreadLord...They could not put enough wounds on the tank to be effective and then I got my General and Swordsmen in there as well and they splintered...A couple miscast from his Sorceress, left them each with one wound, I picked one off alone with a gunshot..the other survived. A the bottom of turn 6, I charged my Free Company into the haunted house with the Black Guard who were almost all gone after a bad round of dice from the haunted house and his BSB took a ton of wounds and failed enough ward saves to die...I took the building, score 2000+ VP for me versus 900 ish for John...and I got full Objectives..a good way to close out the event...John's probably my favorite tourney opponent we always have great games, I was just due this time.

So I wound up 2-2-1, not at all bummed out by my result because my Draw and 2 loses could have very easily been W's if I got to finish the game or just had a bit of luck on the die roll,so it goes..that's Warhammer.
On to the Awards!

While final scores aren't posted, I know I managed to score 63 out of 84 potential battle points, if my appearance and sports scores are anywhere near normal, I should have definitely gotten a top 10 finish.

(edit: with final scores posted here I actually got 69 BP, my paint being tied for second, and my sports at 19/30 and Comp at 19/25. I knew with the Stank I'd take comp ding and a 19 is higher that I thought I expected a 14 or 15, my Sports is lower than I thought expecting 21-24 range..not sure what that opponents liked the Steam Tank better than me!?? In reality I had three really close games where things can get a little testy so you just got to roll with it..again I must reiterate how bad having to rank people for sports sucks. Anyway...7th overall was my best showing yet.)

I did win the runner up in players choice category (for favorite army) which was nice. Winning the silver bunny trophy and certificate.
I had already won Best Appearance at Core Comp 2008 so I am not eligible until I bring another army. That award went well deserved to Brian H whose High Elves can be seen in a previous post here., Player's choice and Best Overall went to Dennis G's whose Slanneshi painted WoC are always a top contender in all categories and can been seen here and on many of the WFB forums..finally congrats to Alex N winning best General going 5-0! and my pal Steve for winning the award..for scoring the least amount of points in a game 66!! while getting tabled..despite that game Steve still had a strong showing winning 3 games.. Huge props to Alex G the organizer its about the most professionally handled and run as a gaming event can be, which is a good thing as Alex is running the WFB action at Adepticon next year.
Once again Kudos to everyone for another great event here in Chicago!.



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