Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Abandoned Base

After an surprise aerial bombardment of nerve toxin, Agents from Void Corp explore an abandoned Federal Base on the Red Planet looking to download the data from its Comm Sat. A dozen surviving Federal Soldiers lie in hiding waiting for the chance to pay them back.
This battle will be hashed out very shortly as soon as I can one the guys to sit in.

WIP for this scenario...The Void Corp Dropship.(GZG) The Federals (Khurasan) and a Grav Sledwith a mounted cannon. (GZG) Building 1, the command post and 2, the Comm Sat have just been sprayed Green.

The Buildings (as well as the models) are from Ground Zero Games..despite the simple appearance the building are metal casts and bring the headaches that metal casts bring..I spent way too much time on them. Especially with the freehand numbers...Thanks to the Tuesday Night crew for suggesting the weathering powder, it makes it all come together.

Are the rate this 15mm stuff is coming together I should have a nice selection of playable stuff all popping out this month...It also motivated me to finally get around to trying Flames of War...and I putting together the rest of a 700 point force just for some demo games this month.

I haven't played any WFB since Core Comp...oh noes!...has 8th ed soiled me from my Favorite Game? Nah...no worries there I needed some time off and I seriously have the WFB itch...what I end up settling in on for my dig-in project over Xmas break is still up for grabs.


David said...

Very nice looking setup. Looking forward to the batrep. What is the playing surface and sculpted (?) cliffs?

Porky said...

I really love looking at this table. The near future theme is especially interesting too, maybe because it taps into a lot of familiar sources.

The report sounds like being good vicarious fun. I'm also looking forward to it, but don't feel hurried.

Nick said...

Everything looks awesome. I especially appreciated the numbers! I'm so glad you're itching for wfb again, I'm itching for a beautifully painted, and photographed batrep (I can't find any better on the webs than yours!)

Anonymous said...


Cool! Lets try this scenario out tomorrow.



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