Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Battle Report- Empire Vs Wood Elves IV

10/3 at Plastic Legions HQ - 1250pts
This is our 1st round in a Mighty Empires Campaign being run out of our tuesday night club at Games Workshop, Oak Park.

Army Lists

The Empire (John)

1 Mounted Captain ( Army General)

1 Battle Standard Bearer (Captain)

1 Battle Wizard (Lv 2)

24 Swordsmen- Full Command

10 Free Company (detachment)

5 Archers ( detachment)

10 Handgunners- Marksman w/ HLR

10 Crossbowmen, Full Comand

6 Knights - Full Command

5 Pistoliers- w/ Outrider

Great Cannon w/ crew

The Wood Elves- (Felix)

Wood Elf Noble (Army General)

Spellsinger ( on foot, Captain)

16 EternaL Guard

10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard
10 Glade Guard

5 Glade Riders

8 Dryads

8 Wardancers

(Army lists - Similar to what you've seen before here, I went with 6 Knights and full command hoping to increase frontage versus Felix's long lines and took the standard for the CR bonus. Felix changed things up going with 30 glade guard plus a block of eternal guard
he sacrificed allot of magic for a ton of shooting (36 shooters I think) in retrospect his magic
has been much more deadly to me. we both had 4 power dice and 3 dispel dice, I finally rolled a "2" for my jade wizard and got the "master of wood" spell, particularly useful here.)

Empire Deployment- A this was a campaign game, Felix's Wood Elves won the "scouts" special rule during the campaign turn. meaning I set up my entire army FIRST, then he deployed. I packed my stuff close enough it didn't really matter, his Glade Riders rushed the flanked..and were definitely troublesome. The only other special rule was we used my WIP
Watchtower in the background here as a building per the rules ( you could enter, capture it ect.)

Wood Elves Deployment- The long lines of the WE essentially make my cannon useless.
adding a mortar to the mix later. The block of eternal guard was wisely placed away from my cannon.

Turn 1- I took some shooting losses for sure...I was thinking about the end of "300" with all there arrows Felix thru at me. Not to mention his Noble has that Hail of Doom Arrow..which is brutal.

Bottom of turn 1

Bottom of Turn 2, My Knights Charged a group of Glade Guard breaking and overrunning them, charging my directly into the Wardancers..I lost a knight or 2 here, but killed all 10 glade guard and a pair of wardancers.

Bottom of 3, Pistoliers gun down 5 of 10 Glade Guard here..these 5 GG storm and take the tower and harass me with shooting the rest of the game.

Bottom of turn three. My Swordsmen battled the Eternal Guard and the Wood Elf Noble challenged my Battle Standard Bearer to single combat, I accepted and they fortunately fought to a Draw, My Swordsman came up strong and managed to break then overrun the EG. This was huge for me and terribly unlucky for Felix. In the foreground here- My General, wounded in a fluke -where felix hits me with two out of 10 arrows for a group of Glade Guard...I roll "Snake Eyes" for my 2 armor saves and out jaws drop ( he has a 1+ save, but 1 always fails) however my Talisman of Protection saves the day when I roll a "6" and "1" on my ward save. I needed a "6" whoa. -close. Anyway with 1 wound I charge these dryads alone, kill 3, win combat, again break and overrun them too
This turn was brutal for felix and basically ended the game here for him. He had lost both his characters, all his EG, and his Dryads. not to mention my Crossbows and Handgunner killed all his remaining wardancers in the Shooting phase ( I did lose all my knights to the Wardancers thou at the top of turn 3)

Turn 4 - I had three archers try to storm the watchtower to dislodge those Glade Guard up there, I managed to kill one leaving 4, but they were ran off and my Pistoliers were routed as well. They continued to slowing pick off my shooters, but time was running out and I had plenty of shooters left to go around.

Turn 5- The lone unit of Glade Guard ran from my General who ended up chasing them for the next two turns. Shooters managed to kill my Battle Wizard. And my Swordsman got hung up reforming and moving thru the woods, being Unit strength 20- I left them alone back there to hold the quarter and score.

Turn 6- (Photo above) Felix's last gasp, the Glade Riders who had destroyed my Cannon and Crew, ran back to this far table edge and tried to get a luckly arrow in to finish off my General. They missed and He continued to pursue the Glade Guard who kept trying to flee. The fled right into the range of my remaining Crossbows and Handgunners who shot them down. The game ended with felix having only the 4 Glade Riders and the 4 Glade Guard held up in the Watchtower.



Enemy Units Destroyed -

Wood Elf Noble/ Army General 125
Spellsinger /Captain - 175
Dryads 96
Glade Guard 120
Glade Guard 120
Eternal Guard 222
Wardancers 147


Enemy Units at 1/2 str

Glade Guard 4 of 10- 60

Enemy General Killed-
Wood Elf Army General ( turn 3)- 100

Captured table quarters- 2 = 200

Capture Unit Standards
Eternal Guard unit Standard=100

Empire Total = 1465


Enemy Units Destroyed -

Battle Wizard- 136
Free Company Detachment-50
Knightly Orders -178
Great Cannon- 100
Pistoliers- 114


Enemy Units a 1/2 str

Archer Detachment 2 of 5 = 20

Captured table quarters


Captured units standards

Captured Battle Standard

Wood Elves total - 698

Point difference- EMPIRE + 767


Photos and blow by blow coming soon, this fight really came down to one offensive sweep at the turn on the bottom of turn three, where the Swordsmen broke the Eternal guard during their 1st close combat, pursued and overran them.


Felix said...

If only... Eternal Guard had stuck another turn, then I would have had a fighting chance with 2hth attacks in the front rank and 1 in the second. 13 attacks! And the challenge yet to be fought!

About 2 more dead swordsmen, by me reckoning.

Also, if the Glade Guard in the tower had survived, they would have been a scoring unit, preventing a massacre score.

John, I was re-reading the rules and realized that you could not charge 360 with your general. When they're mounted, characters don't move as skirmishers anymore, but as monsters.

Old Coast said...

I think with the pivot option which is 360 and then a straight line, as per monster rules I was covered, wasn't I?. I dont remember doing anything that violated charging per monster rules.

Felix said...

You have to be able to see your target when you declare your charge. If you pivot 360 then you can't charge something that was outside your line of sight.

I think. (Love this rules conjecture).

It doesn't really matter. You probably just would have marched that turn and then charged the next.

Old Coast said...

Ahh I gotcha...yeah definitely lets keep that in mind. the chart on 59 is a good example.

Felix said...

What IS that monster in the picture anyway?

In the picture, it can charge because it can see the unit from the other side of the forest. If it had been completely behind, I don't think it could charge.


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