Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mighty Empires II

A Mighty Empires Campaign, 10/16 Games Workshop, Oak Park

Round 2 Results

Orcs & Goblins defeated Empire (marginal victory)
Orcs Defeated Dwarfs (Jeff) ( solid victory)

Vampire Counts defeated Wood Elves (massacre)

Dwarfs (Billy) defeated Lizardmen (marginal victory)

Round 2 map updates

Orcs and Goblins eliminated Dwarfs, taking their only tile
Tony remains undefeated

Vampire Counts pick up two new tiles upgrade to a city

Dwarfs (Billy) upgrades to a city, (he may have grabbed another tile)

Empire upgrades to a second city.

Wood Elves pick up a tile ( land grab)

Lizardmen upgraded to a Keep

Dwarfs (Jeff) Eliminated.

Round 3 games

Orcs and Goblins VS Lizards- TBA

Vampire Counts vs Empire 1500 pts- Solid Victory for the Vampire Counts

Dwarfs vs Wood Elves 1500pts - Marginal Victory for Dwarfs

Empire VS Vampire Counts 1500pts- Rnd 3 Battle recap

My 1500 point list is posted here in previous posts and is pretty standard. I did go with 2 cannons this time and one 5 man squad of huntsmen. Bill's Vampire Counts Army consisted of a Blood Dragon Vampire Thrall, Two Necromancers, a big block of Skeletons, two blocks of Zombies, 12 Black knights, 10 Wolves and 5 Fell bats.

The game for me started out well in turns 1 and 2 -where my Hellblaster Volley Gun racked up an amazing 38 shots over the first two turns at the end of turn two Bill only had 4 Black Knights and 2 Wolves left as a result. I inflicted some cannon hits on the zombie block and some other shooting damage. Things slid sideways on turn 3 when close combat began. even thou I won the initial combat of my Swordsmen, Detachment and General vs his Thrall and block of Skeletons, the Thrall's constant challenges did me in as My General failed to finish him off landing only 1 wound and was then killed. The first time my General has fallen in a game since I started playing at GWOP. I couldn't handle the VC's summons as my Dispel Dice got knocked to two as my Wizard ran off the table failing a leadership check from some bypassing routing cannon crew. By turn 5 the game trainwrecked for me with my Swordsman fleeing off the table, my knights broken and all my General, BSB, Preceptor and Swordsmen Sgt all dead at the hands of the Blood Dragon Thrall. I kept accepting challenges hoping my high armor saves would get me through to land one wound. Never happened. tough match.
Vampire Counts prevails with a +881 score. Thankfully I scored Land Grab a my strategy event this round so even thou I lost, I'll pick up a new tile. Good learning experience for my next game versus the Vampire Counts.


Felix said...

Ha, I don't even know whether to laugh or cry at how badly those Vampire Counts game go. It's definitely a game of "kill the leader" as much as possible.

Old Coast said...

Yep I couldn't believe I couldn't kill that damn Thrall, I had him with my "always strikes 1st" blade until his Necro cast the same on all his troops so it went to iniative and he beat me..still I had 3 chances not fail to 3+ on saves an rolled a 1 and 2 taking 2 wounds and dying...the kicker was I had my BSB, preceptor and Sgt all killed before they got a chance to strike...I needed to take that SOB out with the Hochland Long game

Felix said...

Yeah, next time I'm going magic crazy on them. I think I can bring my dispel dice up to 6 in 2k points.


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