Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mighty Empires III

A Mighty Empires Campaign, 10/23 Games Workshop, Oak Park.

We completed the third round and played the entire 4th round last night including the strategy portion of the campaign map. The map above is status at the start of the upcoming 5th round
on 10/30

Round 3 Results were

Vampire Counts won a solid victory over The Empire
The Vampire Counts expanded their territory by 2 hexes and upgraded one hex.
The Empire having land grab claimed 1 hex

Orcs and Goblins Fought to a draw with the Lizardmen
Orcs and Goblins upgraded two hexes
Lizardmen grabbed a new hex.

Dwarfs won a marginal victory over the Wood Elves.
Wood Elves upgraded a hex to their second keep
Dwarfs upgraded hexes to 3 citys,

Round 4 Games

The Empire vs Lizardmen
(strategies Empire- building boom, Lizards- all or nothing)

Wood Elves vs Orcs and Goblins
(strategies Wood Elves- land grab, Orcs- scouts)

Vampire Counts vs Dwarfs
(strategies VC - disaster, Dwarfs- Elite Army.)


The Empire won a solid victory over the Lizardmen
Empire claimed two new hexes and upgraded to a Keep.

Orcs and Goblins defeated the Wood Elves
Wood Elves grabbed a new hex
Orc grabed more hexes

Vampire Counts defeated Dwarfs
VC expanded and upgraded
Dwarfs raided for gold.
(not sure the vp scores will update later)

round 4's disaster was rolled and Bill choose the Empire (me)
luckily I made all my saves and failure would result in losing
all upgrades in the failed hex.

Campaign Scores (you need 12 to win)

Vampire Counts- 10
Orcs and Goblins- 7
The Empire - 7
Dwarfs- 6
Lizardmen- 5
Wood Elves- 3

odds are Vampire Counts win next week unless stopped

Round 5 challenges:

Wood Elves challenge Lizardmen
Orcs and Goblins challenge Vampire Counts
The Empire challenge the Dwarfs

Battle recap- The Empire vs Lizardmen 2000 pts.

My first attempt at a 2000 point game. Eric didn't have his terradons so he was short
so I removed my Dogs of War Dwarf Mercs to even it up. So we played a 2000 points game
but only used 1850 in points. My list was my usual with my General upgraded to a Lord with Several more magic items, I included a warrior priest and for the first time 20 Flagellants.

Erics list was his spear wielding uber general/ lord mounted on a carnosaur (little did I know how brutal this thing was) another mounted hero on a cold one. a block of cavalry ( Saurus warriors on cold ones.) 2 blocks of Saurus Warriors, 2 groups of skinks and a stegadon.

First 2000 point game, first time versus Lizards. Erics army is the cavalry version of the Lizardmen not the brutal magic version I have read about so he had no magic but 3 dispel dice
the extra coming from an upgrade on his hero.

I choose the Lore of Fire for my wizard and with priest along my magic dice were 4/4.

basically I held back in order to shoot everything I could as he advanced with the exception of his Skinks who were scouts and started the game in my face. My cannons where brutal decimating his cavalry from 8 to 2 in the first turn, but my Hellblaster also blew up that turn taking down a few skinks before it did. Skinks did some minor damage before being charged and routed by the flagellants who chased them thru some woods and ended up being bogged down in difficult terrain and putting themselves out of the game. my shooters picked off a few units while my pistoliers blasted some Saurus warriors before getting slaughtered in close combat. All my shooters were killed pretty easily..the game basically came down to his bad bas ass general versus the rest of the my entire army. The Stegadon's shooting didnt do much, although my General had to use his Jade Amulet to shake of a wound, which changed my strategy on attacking his Lord and fearsome beast.

In the top of turn 2 his Lord charged my Free Company detachment.basically slaughtering them however the few remaining guys held taking it to the next round. during my half of turn 2 I tried to charge him with both my knights and my main block of swordsmen but both failed the terror test and did nothing as a result at the top of 3 my Free Company was slaughtered and broke his lord persued and overran straight into my wizard who had a Wall of Fire cast on some nearby advancing Saurus Warriors., Stupidly I elect to nix the Remains in Play spell and flee I roll horribly and the wizard is killed. If I had just held at least the spell would have lasted another round. Regardless I know had my uber lizard god in my backfield going after my cannons and during round 4's shooting phase he starts casting "hand of god" which is basically rolling D6 S4 autohits on every unit in 8" luckily most his rolls on my cannons hit cannons and dont destroy them, and I only lose 1 crewman, my General got very luckly only took 1 wound and I made my 6+ ward save. I also lost about 1/2 my crossbowmen. This could have been alot worse. my Swordsmen where just barely out of range. I responded with full grapeshot hits from two cannons on the Lizard Lord and but only cause 1 wound to him and one to his beast, who has 5 wounds!! My general veered off from this guy since he only has 3 attacks (4 with horse) and I didn't want to face the reprisal of the 10+ attacks from his lord and My General ran down the remaining Cavalry to score points. The Lizard Lord turned away from my artillery in turn 5 and flank charged my knights who where in a drawn combat with his other Hero. Although my knights were slaughtered, He should have stayed on the cannons because at the bottom of round six. I came up with two direct cannon hits causing 3 S10 hits each to the Carnosaur (who survived with 1 wound remaining but I killed his General.
In the end I lost all my shooters, my wizard, the hellblaster and my knights but everything else was basically full. Eric only had his Carnosaur, Stegadon, his Second Hero, 2 Saurus Warriors and a handful of Skinks. Final Score was +850 points to me and a Solid Victory


Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Very cool map! How is the Mighty Empires Game? I wasn't sure if I should pick it up or not.

BTW - I updated my blog, check it out. The High Elves are coming!!


Old Coast said...

Hey Jeff

the campaign portion of rule is cool and it plays well, the rule book is only 6 pages. And you just as well do the map online with a variety of tool
so I don't if its the $45 or whatever
but we are having a good time, hope to catch a game with your elves (or dwarfs) soon.

Felix said...

It's only worth the money if you're going to use the tiles.

I keep telling myself that I'm going to paint them up, but always end up doing something else instead.


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