Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blastscape Firestorm inbound

And not in a good way. It seems GW's last of year of "reorganization" is biting them in the arse full throttle. The new Blastscape terrain pieces are showing up to pre-orderers and the people are none too happy. The previews look great and I love my moon craters from a few years back. Apparently the Blastscape stuff was produced in a similar fashion but by a different manufacturer. The quality is flat out horrible, in fact from the photo's I am seeing- its a joke. Where is the quality control GW?, someone should be losing their job over this one..letting bad product like this go to market is a brand killer. Time for me to wait until I see that new ChaosTemple piece before I order it. IF GW is known for anything its the highest quality in plastics, letting that one slip away is a big no-no. Potentially killing pre orders for all kinds of product. I have to predict they're going to be recalling these as the quality is so poor compared to stock photos, its just not cool. I thought only Hasbro pulled this kind of BS. I first got wind of this earlier today buts its been going for few days and is getting picked by several blogs and now TGN.

Read the original thread here at Dakka Dakka, while the peanut gallery over at Dakka is definitely known for its hyperbole, this ones dead on.


Robert said...

The new Chaos Temple is a nice piece. Very big and solid.

I am expecting my Blastscape set tomorrow so I will reserve judgement until I see it. Even it if ia bad as the early views seem to be I am sure I will keep it and paint it.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

I figured (hoped) the temple would be, GW's terrain kits are some of the best out there.

These craters are probably just result of shoddy manufacturing from an outsourced producer. Shame on the lack of QA from GW..but hopefully they will address the issue. Definitely post up your thoughts Robert we be glad to hear them.

Absolvent Artichoke said...

Have no fear, both the Temple Of Skulls and the Battlescape with wrecked Rhino terrain pieces are good ol' fashioned injection-moulded plastic. The Blastscape pieces however are cheap and nasty vacformed plastic churned out of China.

Mitch said...

Yeah, it looks like the original's from the WD are casted from resin, and the real ones are vac formed, which blows


Dictator said...

I hope they fix it and reimburse the customers. From what I have seen the miscast blastscape looks like a POS

Robert said...

I just got mine in the mail today. It looks like the pictures on Dakka but I don't think it is all that bad. It is not what was advertised so I can see why people were upset. I will keep them and use them. They are the same material and quality as the Moonscape set.


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