Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Club Night 7/14

We have 1st meeting in July last night..despite spotty attendance from some of the regulars we are getting a consistent 4 or 5 games happening every meeting last night Bill and I played our 1st VC vs Empire match up in a long time. First time trying out the Steam Tank vs Bill and he brought out the Lv 4 on the Zombie Dragon for the only the second time playing me. Always
a good the unorthdox list we both played. ( I had no other artillery other than the Steam Tank, while Bill played with No BSB, and no mega block of vampire laden troops) work both for an against us. The Steam Tank works very well against VC..and although Blood Knights can on average pop it open like a can of tuna on the charge..Bill didn't want to commit them with letting them wreak their own havoc 1st..The ate up my Greatswords but got held up long enough to get into trouble. The Stank Cannon took down the Dragon.( being able to fire the cannon at other targets while in close combat is crazy powerful ability) The spell "Curse of years" is a personal bane to me..I can never , ever seem to shake it until it get down to 3+/4+ mass extinction level..after numerous dispel attemps (I threw 4 dice at it and came up with 3 "1"'s..I finally shook after it killed my BSB. In the end a last chance attempt by Bill to regroup with Dragonless Vampire General joining the graveguard was thwarted by the Rod of Command While put serious hurt on my almost wiped out swordsmen and General..I wasnt going anywhere allowing Luthor Huss and 9 Inner Circle Knight plus another full detachment to slam into both flanks at the bottom of turn 6. The Vampires were crumbled to dust in a rare Empire Massacre. As always I have some of the best games with Bill.

In other games Nate brought out his Lizards and took on Chris's crazy converted Wood Elves
the Lizards pulled out a Solid Victory there. Then Rich's Beastmen took on Chris's Wood Elves
in a serious all skirmishers which the Beasts pulled out the Victory,

Finally Nate and I played a 600 Lord of the Rings games, Mordor Vs Rohan or more specifically Shagrat and the Tower Guard of Cirith Ungol VS Eomer and the Riders of Rohan Scenario was"High Ground" where we battled over a ruin on top of the huge hill set up I have with my Realm of Battle table. Outnumbered 2 to 1 Nate had his work cut out for him, although with 9 might, and being able to regenerate might he had a good chance..Eowyn and Eomer got a bit too ambitious and tried to take out too much too soon and got mobbed and went down early..while the Rohan captains took down my troll, I still had over half my troops remaining swarming all of the captured hilltop, while Nate was failing courage checks and down to 3 models..Rohan conceded and Mordor won the day...Great Game.

I did take a few photos..I will pop up later.


The Hammer said...

Sorry I missed. Softball is still going on. I'll be back in August. I'll keep checking the forums in the meantime.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Correction - the beastmen pulled out the victory again. Minor, but still a victory. Not much was left on the table - only the two units neither of us wanted to mess with were left: Chris's Treeman and my big unit of Slannagors.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

Sorry Rich, I dont know why I keep doing that..I think I am hearing things.corrected.


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