Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lustria's Finest.

Even thou I've got VC, Dwarfs and Goblins sitting around in Boxes, I went ahead got some Lizardmen..mainly to do a Blood Bowl team..but as I built my BB Lizards I found I really like the models and the bits and I will be doing the full army. They fit my play style well and are different enough from Empire that I can enjoy it I am going to wrap my Empire Army up for the time being adding a few final pieces for the upcoming Core Competency Tournament here in November and then Adepticon 2010. While I've got Daemon's built and most of them painted 3 colors, they are far from done and I'll be working on them at my leisure..honestly I don't have alot of fun playing them..I try to make them as interesting as possible for my opponent I love the FW GUO model I have I am going to go put an 100 x 100 base and display it If I ever use him in a game it'll be for fun so I'll just deal with the additional frontage.

It will take me quite a while to get Lizards built and painted up. So Daemons may make occasional appearances..I just need to find a combination of units I can enjoy playing and not feel abusive. My VC are on the back burner for now and will rear their head one day..but I seriously need to unload the goblin and dwarf stuff I have.

Anyway here are shots of my converted Lizards for Blood Bowl.. My Saurus are new Temple Guard models with some Saurus Warrior bitz, the Kroxigor has had the weapon removed..of which the clubs head is attached to the tail and I add some arm spikes. There are 6 Skinks on the bench still, as I am still messing around with Greenstuff helmets..we will see how they come out.


Mike Howell said...

Ahem. Lustria's Finest have fur, sir.

Actually, I've been tempted to pick some up myself. Don't tell the Council of 13.

eriochrome said...

The new temple guard do make for good Blood Bowl minis. Maybe in the future I will have to upgrade my old saurus warriors in the team.

Tim Kulinski said...

Stop it, stop it, just stop it John! You post up about BB and I start getting the shakes to play! hell I have 6 old school teams sitting in a box at home, they can't jump ahead of the rest of the stuff I have to paint!

Looking forward to seeing the progress...No wait a minute, no I don' I mean yes...Oh crap, it looks like I will have some BB on the table soon!

Thanks John, just what I needed right now ;-)

John@Plastic.Legions said...

LOL!, your welcome Tim.

Bill Lim said...

Looks good. What are you gonna do with the Kroxigor's up raised hands? Anything.

The Temp. Guard do indeed make nice linebackers/saurus BB players.

I'll have to get crackin and get my team into a roster.


TrekkerYu said...

My group is also starting to get into BB...good trend.

What gobbo stuff do you have? We could work something out if you're unloading.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

@Bill..not sure wanted to put a ball in there but it wouldnt fit without major conversion...maybe make strangling the ref? Lol..not sure he's getting painted as is for now

@ Chris.. I will email/pm you about the

Unknown said...

Nicely done - you'll have a blast with the Lustrians and how they play!

Can't wait to see pro-painted Lizzies, finally - there aren't too many around?!

Good luck, with the BB team - our group just started up and we've got custom 40mm boards made up so you can actually fit those types of biguns on the field without overlap - litkoaero was AWESOME in making me custom passing templates for 'em.
A like pic is here:

For those also wanting the dimensions to make their own we measured:
Range Ruler Information
The range ruler is 50mm (exactly) wide. x 1.3795 = 68.975mm

The first segment (the bit that goes over the models' head) is 26mm x 1.3795 = 35.867 long. There is a 10mm circle in the middle of this segment which goes over the top of the throwing model's head.
From there, there are increasing bands which dictate the distance of the throw.

The next band is Quick pass which is 100mm x 1.3795mm = 137.95mm long exactly.
Then Short Pass which is another 100mm x 1.3795mm = 137.95mm exactly.
Then Long Pass which is another 100mm x 1.3795mm = 137.95mm exactly.
The last band is the Long Bomb which is actually 80mm x 1.3795mm = 110.36 long exactly.

So in total, the passing template is 40.6cm long and 5cm wide.

ZeroTwentythree said...

It's a shame that daemon players have to tread lightly when making a list. The daemon-guilt is a sign of how badly the f-ed that book up. :/

That said, I used to play BB 2nd edition and loved it. It seems to be undergoing a new wave of popularity and I'm regretting getting rid of all of my old stuff. I'm starting to get tempted back into it -- and your post is not helping ;)

John@Plastic.Legions said...


That's awesome man, I am going to do Lustria Pitch out of 1.5 inch Hirst tiles as well, it my next project after I finish up my City tiles/City Quarter..hopefully litko held on to that info as I will want one of those templates.

Unknown said...

Yup, and any colour you'd like to boot though I think the brighter the better.
There's something mesmerizing about the neon effect when looking at the sides of coloured plexiglass!

I paid $20 and decided to get an extra one as backup if a buddy decided to wiseacre with the original...good luck, again, with yours.


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