Monday, July 20, 2009

Blood Bowl- Huzzah!

I've recently purchased the new Blood Bowl PC game via download and I am horribly addicted.
I have seen Blood Bowl played lots in my gaming circles, it always looked cool but it was just another game to get in the way of finishing stuff for other games. Forget that- Blood Bowl is awesome and I must play it. Thoroughly enjoying my romp thru the Classic Mode Campaign, that I hope will teach me the basics of the TT version (that's what they claim)...I am playing Lizards (as "Team Stegadon") and am of course planning out how I am going to convert up a bunch of TT models out of the current WFB line. Definitely on my "to do" list for 2009. If you like good turn based PC games this one is for you (there is also a RT mode I will eventually try) . Since you only need 15 models or so I am defintiely going to try out the TT version soon!- Blood Bowl for the win!


eriochrome said...

Welcome to the addiction. Since you live in the Chicago area you actually have the second biggest blood bowl event in the US local to you with the Chaos Cup played at the Bunker.

Here is a pretty good lizardman conversion team:

This is my easy conversion team:

Εγώ said...

Hi there, I just got addicted to BB pc version too. Hadn't played the TT before and always wanted to try it.

I really love the game, however I am hoping on a future patch to make the opponent matching interface a bit more functional.

Bill Lim said...

I will add that the TT version is really great for doing a "club night" type of event. Since we can never tell exactly who will be there on club night, doing a BB league would allow us flexibility. If people don't show up to play its no big loss.

I also have built a custom bloodbowl pitch at larger scale. My only complaint with the boxed set is that the board was a little small for the larger figures (Trolls, Rat ogres, Ogres, Flesh Golems, etc) My pitch is bigger, and I no longer run into problems with size. Though I did have to create a custom throwing template. I'll have to check out the PC game...though I'm not sure I can handle it on my current PC.

Anonymous said...

You had to post this right as I was in a dash to get ready for our match...

Now you know why I didn't get as much done last night as I was hoping. :)

It is a great game! I was planning on joining a league in Grayslake this September, so I jumped on the chance to start practicing. I hadn't played before, but it seems to follow the LRB5 pretty closely, from what I have read.


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