Friday, November 13, 2009

Core Competency 2009- To War!

Core Competency takes place tomorrow morning at the Chicago Battle Bunker, I heading off bright and early and am getting a good nights sleep tonight. I will have a full wrap up Sunday, pictured is my list and and below are a few shots of some of the new stuff, wish me luck!

Finished up some old style archers I recently picked up for a full unit of Huntsmen a new unit for me, I have the new box as well, As a few playtests I am wondering why I havent been using there guys.

My bew Arch Lector model, the head is my extra from the Avatars of War Warrior Priest

A new unit of Talabecland Swordsmen - This unit started out about a month ago being my Greatswords detachment, after dropping my Greatswords they needed to grow. I stilldo have a couple Greatsword command models standing in here to fill out the unfinished Standard bearer and drummer I am still working on. There are 4 guys with two handed swords who did double duty with my Greatswords here too. Their arms will be coming off soon getting them in line with the rest. As it stands I've added about 10 more models to round out this unit..Painting is at Stage 2- not done, but good enough for the weekend..I will be putting alot more time into these guys

My Steam Tank, is seeing its first tournament tomorrow.

"The blessing of Sigmar", My objective marker.


Tristan said...

Nice objective marker!

Powerposey said...

Nothing says, "Warhammer!" like a well painted Empire army. Nicely done, and I agree with the above post on the objective marker. Very creative!

ahschmidt said...

Cool stuff. Let us know how you do.


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