Saturday, November 14, 2009

Incoming,- Beastmen!

Incoming! Beastmen

In the dark places of the world, the Beastmen have been gathering in number and in February they will unleash their rage on the Warhammer world with renewed vigour. A feral army of twisted monsters, the Beastmen have inhabitant the dark forests and wild places of the world since such places existed. To lead a Beastmen army is to field vast herds of braying, brutish beasts who worship Chaos in all its forms, and who fight to level the civilised world.

This will be the first time ever that the Beastmen have had their own, completely stand-alone, army list. The forthcoming Warhammer Armies: Beastmen is full of twisted monsters old and new, and an all-new lore of magic. The Beastmen are the original inhabitants of the Old World: in February 2010 they come to reclaim it from the hands of Men.

Make sure you check out December’s White Dwarf for more on the Beastmen.

Just in case you needed an official announcement to believe- here you go..this also speeds up the March time line, that's been much talked about recently.


ahschmidt said...

Sweet. This is one of my favorite armies. I hope they land in the same area as Lizards, WoC, Empire, ect in terms of book writing. Hopefully there will be some new dragon ogre, and minotaur models. The existing ones are ASS!


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