Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Empire Battle Recaps

Club Night 11/3 @ Plastic Legions HQ

Empire vs Vampire Counts 2250

The lists....


Arch Lector, Barded Mount
Warrior Priest
BSB Barded Mount w/ Imperial Banner
Empire Captain on Pegasus

24 Swordsmen FC
9 Free Company Detachment
9 Free Company Detachment

24 Swordsmen FC
9 Spearmen Detachment

5 Knight/ Musician/ Champion

10 Handgunners, HLR

10 Huntsmen

20 Flagellants

5 Pistoliers w/ Champion w/ Repeater

Great Cannon

Steam Tank

Vampire Counts

Vampire Lord Lv 3 DK.w/Lance, RF,
Vampire Lv 2 BSB w/ Drakenhof
Vampire Lv 1
Necromance /w Corpse Cart

20 Zombies
20 ish Skeletons (War Banner)
20 Grave Guard (Banner of the Barrows)
20 Ghouls
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
5 Blood Knights ( Flag of Bloodkeep)

The setup....

Another classic game with my friend Bill, his "VC Deathstar" featuring Vamp Lord, Vamp BSB with Drakenhof in the GG with banner of the barrows is nigh just have to feed it hope everything else goes your way. Also Bloodknight can pop the steamtank easily on the charge. so I set up with my most manevurable units, Knights, Pistoliers near the Steam tank on my right flank to run interferance. Both my blocks and detachments with the middle with the Flagellants on the left flank and my Cannon and Handgunners on a hill to the rear. My huntsman were also on right side of the table in some woods near the Blood Knights as well.

Bill had set up his Death Star, and Skeletons in the middle, dogs and zombies on one flank, while Blood Knights and 2 units of dogs on the other. Corpse Cart was in the back field. Bill had 2 vampires with Danse, and of course the Lord has the book of arkhan so as usual the magic was going to be tough with three "danses".

The Action...

As both lines advanced toward the table center, my more manuevable stuff starte shooting his dogs taking out one of the untis. I survive the first couple magic phases ok, as bill devotes his spell power in building up thr zombies to about 40, I hit them with my Flagellants who on the charge do very well against zombies it take 4 turns but I am averaging a +8 CR everyturn and they by turn 4 eat up all the zombies and unit of dogs trying to help out.

The VC eventually get the remaining dogs and the deathstar into my My Swordsmen block with my Warrior priest...some dogs get in there as well due to charge on my detachment that accidentally hits the main block first as its too wide and snaps over.

In close combat the VC lord does 7 or 8 kills by himself..I kill all the dogs...but the my block is broke by huge combat res (over +10 net) and is run down, My Warrior Priest dies and I lose a banner, but.the VC lord and his Deathstar are now far behind my command block near my cannon.

During the same turn the Blood Knights also "danse" in toward my command block but are short! This allows me to charge them with my Command Block and the Steam Tank has clear charge in the flank. My command block never even gets to attack as the stank ends up causing with 6 or 7 wounds Kills the whole unit of Knights. With the blood knights gone and the Stank unscathed. things are looking up.

My Knights and Pistoliers, Huntsmen and Captain on the Pegasus are all harassing the skeletons and corpse cart. My knights take it out and the Skeletons numbers are down to close to 12. The ghouls are not able to get into anything but are trying reforming hoping a combat will stick so they can flank The VC Deathstar eats up my Cannon (I dont mention my Cannon in this much because it was all but useless, mis-firing with mafunctions twice it only shot on turns 1, and 4, only killing 1 blood knight turn 1 that invocated back next magic phase).
Seeing the Steam Tank closing on its flank..the VC Lord decides to out of the unit single handedly and danse into the stank..hoping the Strength 7 charge can do enough wounds to cripple the tank before my next turn. unfortunately bills dice are weak, he only lands 3 wounds and I make 2 of the 5+ saves, so the tank only takes 1 wound, The following turn I generate 3 Stream Points and turn that into 7 grinding attacks, and 4 wounds on the Lord...with only a 2+ armor save he needs 5+ and comes up short the VC Lord Dies and his army will soon crumble.

Despite his Vamp BSB and Grave Guard most likely surviving the game they are out of the game position wise at this point and I have too many units moving in on the Ghouls..and dwindling Skeleton block..faced with crumbling checks Bill concedes. Proving once again, the best counter the Empire has against the Vampire Counts is the Steam Tank.

Round 2

Empire VS Warriors of Chaos 1000 points

The Lists...


Warrior Priest, AoI, Icon of Magnus - General
Captain- BSB
24 Swordsmen
9 Free Company Detachment
5 Pistoliers
5 Knights Musican Standard
20 Flagellants

Warriors of Chaos

Exalted Hero- General
Level 1 Sorceror- Spell Familiar

20 Marauders- Flails
20 Warriors, MoS, HW& Shield
5 Marauder Horsemen
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
1 Spawn

The Set up...

Standard deployment here for a 1000 point game..infantry in the middle with fast, mobile stuff on the flanks. My opponent Aaron is a veteran gamer but new WFB he's just learning the ropes. I ran my 1000 point list from the Adepticon Escalation tourney this spring as it shows a good variety of what the Empire can do. Aaron lists was all Slannesh when he has the oppurtunity to do so, His spells were The Lash, and Titilating Delusions.

The Action...

I go first move my Blocks ahead...bring my knights up one Flank to catch some dogs..and I bring my pistoliers up the other side to go after the Marauder Horse...The WoC blocks march ahead with both dogs screening them at an angle, while the spawn lumbers in the rear. the Marauder Horse come out to screen the Spawn from shooting.

My turn I have several charges..My Knights Charge the them up and 2 remaining ones break. They flee with a big roll (13 or so)and do not catch them and plow right into the front of a 20 man block of Chaos Warriors...not good, My Flagellants on the otherhand hit the Marauder footmen. slide over but thanks to Aaron dogs being the in the way, the WoC general is out of the combat. I break the Marauders and the they flee..the Flagellants persuing away. My Pistoliers shoot up the Marauder Horse killing all but two. My Knight do zero wounds to the WoC but fortunately I make my saves from the wounds that are returned..I still lose due the +5 static res on the WoC block, I flee, easily escape and rally the next turn.

Things go south for the Warriors here as the Marauder footmen do rally but keep getting recharged by the Flagellants, I got "3" martyrs on both charges and some strong dice and even with the general in combat..the marauders lost again running and rallying with only general + 3 men left. Finally with some help of the rallied dogs Aaron kills all but one of the Flagellants however that lone guy held up the combat and allowed my full block of swordsmen to charge in finish the job. (the general dying in a challenge with my Warrior Priest)

The unit of Warriors and the Sorceror (who miscasts losing his 1 magic level) are now near my deployment zone basically out of the action..while Aarons Spawn is tied up in combat with my pistoliers for several turn until i finally kill it with only 2 men left... In the end Aaron had only his Warriors left, and they werent in a position to anything but try to score turn 6 for some extra points. I had only lost 1/2 points. for my Pistoliers and Flagellants, a solid victory for the Empire that I hope gave Aaron a good feel for the game.


Bill Lim said...

good write ups. Boy am I rusty...I really need to play games with more frequency. Credit where credit is due though, John did exactly what he needed to do. Tie-ing up the right units, obliterating the right units, and "feeding" the right units. If I had another 1/2 in on the danse move with the Blood Knights, perhaps it would have been a different game...but alas it was great to get back in to the swing of things...

Thanks for a great game John!


John@Plastic.Legions said...

if you made that danse it would have been totally different..the numbers on average say no matter what (unless you failed every armor save) I lose by I'd had 2 chances to make a "5" on the break.. if I held same result..if I broke...a run down again almost guaranteed..makes me think my Arch Lector should definitely take the rod of command over the the speculum..

ahschmidt said...

The 1k game was fun, and I got a kick out of watching you guys play. The dynamics, and choices you have to make maneuvering your units around is really interesting. Its much less abstract than a lot of games. I'm looking forward to busting out more units.

Bill Lim said...

and hopefully I can shake off some of the rust, and give a better game next time, both from a watching, and from a playing perspective :P



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