Saturday, November 21, 2009

LotR- 2010 Adepticon Primer.

11/21 @ Chicago Battle Bunker

Back to back weekends at the bunker, this time it was for the Lord the Rings Adepticon 2010 primer. I don't get to play much LotR given my groups focus on WFB but since I'm bringing My Grey Company to the championships this year, here was a good chance to play in the actual environment. Unfortunately instead of having the 8 signed up over at AWC, we ended up at only four so it wasnt much of a tournament. So tucked away we were in the back room with 4 awesome tables throwing down some Lord of Rings.

Game 1 Vs Dol Guldur (Dragi)
(Orc Shaman, 6 Spiders, Orc Banners, 26 Orcs)

This scenario was based on capturing four objectives one in each quarter, Dragi had 6 nasty Dol Guldur spiders who were my main concern, fortunately we were on the marsh board and there wasnt much terrain, plus Dol Guldur didnt have any shooters. This was a turkey shoot, he broke after about 6 turns and the Orcs started to flee, unfortunately before I could run my guys over to get all four objectives, The game ended so i only got a minor victory but I didn't lose a model.

Game 2 Vs Tower of Ecthelion (Josh)
(10 Citadel Guard, 10 Warriors, 10 Archers, Captain)

I don't like playing good vs good, but in the Championships this is allowed so I got to roll with it.
Josh has basically a shieldwall with Ranged support, not ideal for the Grey Company, I like shooting Orcs. Josh gets first turn and his archers touch up for Volley Fire on mine, I do the same but pre empt his shooting 1st turn with a heroic volley from my Rangers hoping to thin out the shots back, I get three hit but he passes two of them off to nearby warriors, I kill one the others miss. We have an objective in our Dzone that must be destroyed. His shieldwall is marching right across the table while his archers harrass on my left flank. despite his uber strong defense I am on hills and killing his guys. when he gets about 6 inches away, I win Priority and Gandalf comes down on the flank shooting a Sorcerous Blast along his 10 model line of Citadel Guard..unfortunately I only roll '2' for the push and it only gets three guy..missing the Captain by one, I was hoping to knock have them down then charge in my Rangers and get the two strikes per model attacking guys knocked to the ground. I only kill one tower guard so hold back the charge, deciding to shoot instead, the shitty dice roll on the blast screwed the whole plan, Next turn I win priority again, but Josh's Captain calls a heroic move, so do I to counter..we dice off- he wins..damn Gandalf gets swarmed and my Rangers are too far away to help ( my mistake) I survive the combat but lose Priority next 2 rounds and that hurts Gandalf takes a couple wounds I burn all my Fate , but forget I can reroll Fate!, (thanks to Narya , his ring)
which would have bought him on more round. After Gandalf goes down things go south from there, I still manage to kill 10 or 11 models over all but I get broken, my object destroyed, etc,
Josh gets a major, I get no bonus points. lesson learned here, I was overconfident and exposed myself to much too soon going for the big hit, so it goes..I'll know better next time. Great Game to Josh.

Game 3 Vs Dol Guldur (Dragi)

Due to losing game 2, and the other guys drawing round 1, I play Dragi again, this time its a Reconnoiter-esque scenario where one guy is attacker the other defender..The Attacker has to get his models off my table edge and I have to stop him. I win the first Priority role and choose to defend, figuring I can shoot him up and stop him. The table is wooded valley with alot of rocks and tons of trees so there is a ton of cover. I set up in 3 groups..getting so crossfire from the flanks, while the middle group moves down the hill to gully and center of the table to meet Dragi's Spiders. Again I am shooting him up good...he charges Gandalf with all the Spiders but I had already cast "terrifying aura" and only 3 spider pass the terror checks..I get a few Rangers in to support and quickly kill the Spiders after a few turns and a few Sorcerous Blasts...I have 5 guys holding the right flank no problem, on the left flank (where Dragi's Shaman is) I cant hit anything, too many "in the ways" or just bad dice, The Shaman has also cast "Fury" so the guys in his group are getting a 6+ save too. He approaching my table edge and I can't stop him...I've killed everything else and his force is broken, but "Fury" is keeping the remaining 6 guys from making courage checks..I win a couple of priorities..Kill two more Orcs, I have Gandalf in range for a blast, but the push could easily taken the Shaman off the table and the mission would be accomplished since I can't do two wounds..I figure My Rangers can kill him...Two orcs manage to flee the table losing me the Major Victory all I have to do is kill the Shaman- I get him in combat twice more with three rangers but he survives with only 1 wound, finally I lose priority and he Dragi the Minor Victory! So many chances..I couldn't roll a five.
I've now realized after fact that "Fury" would have been gone after the Shaman lost his first combat (not to mention all his will was gone) about 3-4 combats earlier, so its more than probable that all his Orcs and Shaman would have run away (courage 2 and 3) We were having fun and I didn't bother to read all the spell details- to my own loss. Its a primer with 4 players, I lose the game but get all the bonus point having only lost 5 models...a REALLY fun game regardless.

So I learned/ relearned a bunch of stuff I had forgotten not playing since BBB I'll want to get at least a half dozen games in before Adepticon for sure..So I had a fun day regardless of the outcomes and picked up 5 Warg Riders from the Bunker Junk bin just for showing up..sweet!

Outside of that the WFB Ard Boyz Final was going on in the big room today, I knew a handful fo guys (masochists) playing in it and Ard Boyz ( or "cancer of WFB's colon" as I call it), is the subject of my next RANT..coming real soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow - only 4 players to a bunker core game tourney. As much as I like LotR, it's turning into a rare game indeed. Nice reports - keep it up. Too bad you didn't have any pics to show.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time. I wish I could have made it down there to play some games.

One more thing to keep in mind with Gandalf, he can use Might to affect the dice roll for the distance on the Sorcerous Blast. If you needed on more inch to get the Captain on the ground and potentially gang up on him then it may have been work the might point. Gandalf is a very resilient wizard as you learned, don't forget to reroll those fate points!!

I'm glad to hear they gave away enough stuff that everone got something.

John@Plastic.Legions said...

yeah I was pretty bummed at 4 person turnout when we has 8 signed up...hopefully Adepticon can generate some more local interest.

@Brent, you're killing me! god I am such a noob, putting some might on the 2 inche die roll really could have helped me. I spent maybe one Might before Gandalf went down., if I could knocked that captian down he couldnt have reached me next turn even with and learn
Next time!


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