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Adepticon 2010 Report- Part 4

Sunday- Warhammer Team Tournament

my Empire and Jeff's Brets,

The WFB TT has been around as long as Adepticon, over the years it’s struggled with its identity of being a fun, casual event or being a standard tournament. As Adepticon has grown in popularity the TT’s organizers have had to combat the growth of entries pushing the hard competitive approach to the fun, relaxed approach I think they originally tried to foster. In 2009 the competitive meta game crashed head on nto the TT with allowance of lord level characters, creating some friction between “old school” and “new school” participants. This year the composition requirements were relatively simple 1000 points per team member, No Lords.

My partner for the event was Jeff Schiltgen, and I want to take a second here to congratulate him. Jeff won the Overall again in the Championships Saturday and at Adepticon he’s won every WFB event he’s played in at least once and is now a the 4 time Championship winner. So congrats buddy!

Jeff was running his Bretonnians and I was running my Empire. we dropped the first match purely through horrid dice and then won the secondly two games with close to max scores. We ended up in 16th place but the broken out scores haven’t been released, and I am curious how our score broke out I initially thought our list was “too tough” for the TT, and boy was I wrong, even with no Lords. We where right in there, but if we were softer than we were we would have gotten rolled. Unfortunately the bright and early (dice at 8am) start time of this compounded with the entire weekend, I was literally a walking zombie and Jeff the same, I don’t have much in the way pictures From Sunday and I don’t even recall the team names of the players we played, for which I apologize Here's a brief run through of the games.

Game 1 VS Wood Elves and Wood Elves.

Lots of Skirmishers, Archers, Wardancers and Double Treeman. The rules encourage different contingents for the TT, but don’t require it although they most definitely should. Double Treeman against our Leadership 8 army, resulted in Making A LOT of psychology tests that we failed every single one of. Literally our entire army fled the board, except for the two unbreakable units (my Stank, Jeff’s Grail Knights) and one lone Knight I had who survived by himself. We played this game correctly, this list was a very hard match up for this even under average dice conditions. The Stank killed one treeman, although it took two rounds longer than average said it should have, but no amount of tactical maneuvering is going to help you when your whole army flees the game. Our opponents here and in all three games where good guys..but this one was a loss

0-1, (think we got 2 bonus points here)


Game 2 Vs Tomb Kings and Skaven

A pair of super nice guys with a relatively soft list compared to what it could have been, No Screaming Skull catapult, No Abombination or other Skaven nasties..Our list was definitely tougher. We stack the heavy stuff on the skaven side any one we broke the threats there…my support actually rolled most of the Tomb Kings force on it own. These guy had some really lousy dice early but made it interesting late game with some luck that made thing challenging for us. In the end we won with max bonus points



Shot from game 2, those Tomb Kings on the hill were taking from all sides

from the Empire

Brian Hodge's High Elves. just because when I think of High Elves I think of Brian's. His partner Alex had some really cool old Ral Partha Treekin proxies that were just bad ass

Game 3 Vs Dark Elves (Tyler) and Skaven

Tylers great converted Abomination, looks nasty? it is...

Again a pair of great opponents, I remember Tyler because I played him before round 1 of the 2009 WFB Championships, in which he and I had a great game. This was definitely “the game” of the event for us These guys had a tough force, Abomination, Hydra, Plague Monks, Censer bearers, Executioners with an Assassin, Storm Banner all the bells and whistles. Definitely a tougher list than ours at face value. This game went back and forth a lot, Jeff had a black cloud over his head and his dice were just totally horrible to the point were I could tell he was getting pissed. On my side I was doing pretty well, I gambled on generating 5 Steam Points made the rolls , got a huge charge from the tank off that obliterated the Plague Monks I then got into the executioners and did serious damage to them before the Assassin and Master can openered the Stank. Jeff lost a ton of guys thru failed 2+ saves on shooting , his Grail Knights had a hell of time dealing with a unit of Dark Riders and his Peg knight found no love until a lone rider managed to hold up a unit of Crossbows long enough for me to plow some Knights in. My cavalry rolled up the left side of the table grabbed table quarters the objectives And beat everything I faced in close combat, Jeff managed to salvage his side of table, and although we killed neither the Hydra or Abomination (which was largely ineffective due to bad positioning,) if it was on the other flank I think we would have serious problems, but they stacked there heavy directly opposite our, thankfully. In the end with table quarters, banners, etc we where up +700 and won handily plus max or close to max bonus…although on kills this game was a draw

2-1 max (or close) Bonus


Trick or Treat..the winning appearance army Wood Elves and Night Goblins

So the TT wrapped, a good time was had by all, one I had a blast playing with Jeff, although I have to admit I only really pulled my weight in the final game, The two big gripes I think organizers are going to hear about the event at non allowing duplicate armies on the same team and the terrain. The pre determined terrain setups definitely had a negative impact on some armies, including our game 1. for whatever reason. This much more clear to me in the Team Tournament than the Championships (obviously having to do with the type of lists that were brought) Hopefully that will go into consideration for next year. Whether I’d do it again depends, its not really my element but I’d love the see the original idea of people building themed forces for this get the legs it used to have back. We’ll have see how things develop for next year, of course I’d play with Jeff again in a second, but have to assume his regular partner will make it next year, so we’ll see.

James Hyde and Caius Jamison's Team Armies are always the spirit of the Adepticon Team Tourney always built for the event and always awesome, congrats gentlemen.

Adepticon 2010 Gallery coming soon!


zealot said...

Great post! I've been enjoying all the coverage everyone's doing of all these events. Keep it up!

Domus said...

Thanks for the kind words!


Nathan said...

Out of curiosity, what type of camera do you use for taking pictures? I was thinking of getting in to taking pictures when I am playing games but I currently only have this old 5MP camera I got before school years ago. Was curious if its possible to get decent quality photos without investing necessarily in the professional quality cameras or not?


John@Plastic Legions said...


every photo on the blog here was taken with Canon A640 you find them now for around $150-200 -its a great budget camera..I've recently upgraded to a Canon G9 for lots of other things but for miniatures photography the A640 is a great bet.


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