Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lost in the Jungle- Hobby Update

Lack of updates aside, I have been busy with all things Warhammer. One of the numerous great things about Adepticon is that it certainly pulls no punches when it comes to kicking your ass, in the motivation department. I've been hard at work on my new Lizardmen army that I hope to be ready for event's this fall, Specifically our own Core Competency 2010 and the Twin Cities, Northstar.

Starting a new army from scratch is a daunting project, I didnt feel the same way when started my DoC as they were never more than a screw around project when I didnt feel like playing Empire. With my Lizardmen I'm building about 2500 points of models right off the bat to cover me thru I want to run at Adepticon next year. I'm pretty psyched as they were my first choice when I started playing Warhammer, but the new Empire book and releases at the time, pulled me in and the rest was History. Onward with my Lizardmen thou. No Slann for me, for the first 6 months of play. I'll add him in later on. The core of the army starts with 45 Saurus Warriors and 3 Stegadons..the rest you can probably fill in. It depends on the event and the composition rules of whats gets in where, but I plan having at least 3, good, flexible lists with my initial build.

In new approach I am trying to build a unit (or two) and totally paint them to completion. Which means I wont even be playing a test game with this Army until probably September, but that's ok..I've played so many games against Lizardmen, I know them better than any Army in the game with the exception of Empire. Will see how bad the itch gets if I can keep them off the table until its fully complete. As it stands I'm about 50% complete on my 1st unit of 15 Saurus and My Engine of Gods. My Engine (and yes I'm only running 1) is the Army Centerpiece and I have pretty cool, simple conversion I hope people dig. Photos coming soon...I hope to get these first two units done by the end of April or 1st week in May.

In other news, The next big event around these parts is Midwest Rampage. It's Year 5 for the Rampage but the first year I am actually going to attend. I tried last year, but couldn't get my child care duties covered it being so close to Adepticon. This year, myself, Aaron and Chris, and whole bunch of folks for are making the trip downstate for the two day event. It looks to be an awesome event, more on the Rampage at a later date, but I do have one painting project I'll need to do for it and I'll be bringing the Empire, So I don't see my Lizards getting back on the table until almost June. I'll definitely be lost in the jungle for the majority of the summer when it comes to hobbying.

Finally our Club Night picks back up this coming tuesday with almost a month since the Campaign concluded and Adepticon. Not sure what were are going to be up too. (pick up games mostly I think) but I am sure we'll be getting into something organized before too long. Its our 23rd meeting since getting kicked out of our local Games Workshop store when the store hour cut backs happened early last year. In fact the one year Anniversary of Club Night in my basement..was 4/14/09, a year ago


Randroid said...

Wow! I'd love to attend the Midwest Rampage but the 6hr drive is a bit daunting.

I'll have to think about it ...

ahschmidt said...

Hey, do you ever listen to heelanhammer? The host talks (a lot) about lizards, and his experiences with them. His styles is mainly cagey avoidance with a lot of magic battering. Don't do that when we play. ;)

Greg said...

Pictures of that Engine would be awesome when they become available - I'm doing one as a commission right now, and I just don't really *get* the Lizards, if you know what I mean. Some inspiration from another creative quarter would be greatly appreciated.


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