Tuesday, April 6, 2010

GW New Releases!, WotR, LotR

Ruins of Osgiliath, New Plastic Terrain Kit

Damn! this just showed up in my mailbox, considering my never ending Osgiliath Project this will definitely flesh it out in its entirety, getting to mesh with what I have already done should be slightly challenging but in the long run save me bunch of time on stuff I have to make. Also coming soon, a expansion book for War of the Ring..and bunch of cool figures including to two set of plastic knights..if GW continues its LotR scale creep in its plastic kits you'll be surely seeing these knights showing up in both VC and Elven and Empire Armies..pretty sweet stuff.


Tony said...

This is the first time, I've seen this new release - thanks for posting.

Now I have to force myself NOT TO BUY it (too many on-the-go projects at the moment).



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