Sunday, April 25, 2010

Battle Report. - Empire vs Beastmen 2250

Saturday 4/24 @ Plastic Legions HQ

Steve was kind enough to come by today, anxious for another practice game with his new WIP Beastmen Army. He and I have been digging into the 8th Editon rumors pretty heavily of late and we discussed trying to play this game as an actual 8th ed test game with his beast VS my Lizards (borrowing most of my Army from him). Sanity then grabbed hold of us and we figured we did this we end up "just making stuff up" So there wasn't any point. We just decided to make this a 7th Ed, and since Empire are my 7th Ed army, I might as well run them.

A couple of firsts here, first time playing the a Beastmen list, and first time using the Battle Chronicler software. Since Steve was in all plastic mode, photos were going to be very I figured I give this software another try. I messed around with it last fall and it just wasnt there yet. Since them the added a bunch of stuff and while it still took me quite awhile to annotate this, once you can load a bunch of armies into and if they can just add just a few more useful markers and the ability for custom graphics, this is going to be great. Still in the late beta stage I am giving Battle Chronicler a big thumbs up.

Steve brought a Core Comp style list, while I ran my Midwest Rampage list, both were close enough in the composition department that were evenly matched.

Empire vs Beastmen 2250


Beastlord - Wargor- Stone Crusher Mace, Gnarled Hide, Blackend Plate

Bray Shaman- Dispel Scroll

Core Troops
20 Gors FC X2
10 Ungor Raiders X 2
15 Gors, Mus X 2
Tuskor Chariot X 3
5 Warhounds


3 Minotaurs X 2
6 Centigors
16 Bestigors FC, Warbanner


Chaos Spawn X 2


The Empire


General of Empire- Helm of Rat Slayer, Holy Relic, GW, Pistol


Warrior Priest- Armor of Meteoric Iron, Icon of Magnus, GW
Battle Wizard- Level 2, Seal of Destruction
Battle Wizard- Level 2, Rod of Power

Core Troops

24 Swordsmen, FC, Warbanner
9 Free Company Detachment x 2

10 Free Company, FC
10 Handgunner, Marksman, HLR
10 Crossbowmen
10 Huntsmen
20 Flagellants


Great Cannon
5 Inner Circle Knights , FC, Steel Standard
5 Pistoliers, Mus, Champ w/ Repeater Pistol


Steam Tank
Helblaster Volley Gun


Deployment- Nothing fancy here, Steve has a ton of small drops, He held three unit in reserve for Ambush-20 Gors, 15 Gors and 10 Ungors. and still I was done deploying before he had to but down his more expensive stuff. Pretty standard deployment for me. because of ambush I set up three units in the backfield to watch my back. we took turns placing terrain and Steve won and took the good side...(man would I have loved the him and the tower in my Dzone) No big deal, I'm used to playing without the benefit of good terrain by now and just rolled with it.

Beastmen Turn 1- Steve won the roll off and elected to go first, he didnt push my left flank as hard as I thought he would but came gunning for me on the right, He rolls two "6"'s for his 1st two Ambushing units putting them exactly where he wants them..I'm not that worried I have a wizard and the HVG there to watch my back.

Empire Turn 1- I dont do much moving seeing what I can thin out first turn plus I have two units crawling up my rear. Things start out like shit as I bid 5 points for the Steam Tank wanting to send it right out into his line so he has to start taking terror test. "of course" I roll a "6" (essentially a misfire) and I take wound and do nothing. Double Ambushers right were he wanted them forced me to bring my Pistoliers over to help out, not close enough to shoot this turn. I bring the free company over from the left to eventually flank the ambushers on that side and move to the Magic Phase.. I hit the Ambushing Gors with a Fiery Blast, and only get 3, and only get a couple of Dogs with the Burning Gaze, Steve magic defense is low, so ideally I should be owning the magic phase with two level 2's, a Priest and the rod of power. "well you know how "should have" goes. On to shooting. I line up the cannon on those Minotaurs on the hill, MISFIRE, malfunction. cannon's not shooting until turn 3. Helblaster Lights up the Gors a close range I roll 18 shoots hitting on 4's, wounding on 3's and I only end up with 3 wounds!!! only kill 6 of 20 Gors, enough for a panic test they other shooting goes much better, I kill 2 minotaurs on the left side with handgunners and archers, and my Crossbows get the Warhounds down to 1. Steves turn.-

Beastmen Turn 2- Steve's ambushing Gors charge the Helblaster, and the rear of my FlagellantsHis third ambushing unit, also rolls a "6"!!..he gets them right where he wants them as well. The Centigors charge my malfunctioning Cannon, this surprised me because I was sure steve was going to wait a turn and over run it with Skirmishers, next turn..The Centigors overran and forced my Fire Wizard to flee..error on my part, I had room to move his somewhere safer, dumb and it cost me. The lone Warhound, charged my other Wizard..I figure it would but I got lucky and my Wizard killed it unscratched. The Spawn on my left flank charges my Huntsmen in the woods..he only rolls a "7" for move, I figure whatever I'll just run away..well I roll boxcars on the flee roll, and the table inch at that angle is 11 inches away. Things aren't going so good, Steves, taken out both my pieces of Artillery, one wizard is fleeing, my skirmishers are off the board..he only kills a couple only saving grace..its only turn 2!!!

Empire Turn 2- Things go a bit better for the Empire this turn, the Steam Tank and my Knights both Charge the front of Steve's Command Block, I kill the Bray Shaman right there and his Wargor with the Strength 10 vs large target Great Weapon cant get the tank. I break him easy and he runs..he gets away by 1 inch with good flee vs my crap 3d6 chase..this comes back to haunt me late game. Anyway the block breaking causes all kinds of Panic hell. Both chariots flee running thru each other and another fleeing block of Gors (My Swordsmen charged and he fled) I get about 8 kills from the chariots impact hits on his own units. the Ungors on the right also flee. My Free Company flank charges the Gor in the rear of my Flagellants, the break and get run down. Shooting and magic I do 5 wounds on the Minotaurs, on the right side. My Fire Wizard does fail his rally check and runs off the board..but Steves got 5 units fleeing, His General on the run His Wizard's dead and the backfield is under control. I am back in it.

Beastmen Turn 3- Steve charges my left detachment with a big unit of Gors,, the other surviving ambushing unit of Gors charges my Free Company. His Chariot and remaining Minotaur charge my Handgunners, and the Spawn and remaining Minotaur on the right flank charges my Crossbowmen, Steve rallies 4 of his 5 units, one Chariot goes 1 inch from going off the table and gets another chance. big stand and shoots kill the minotaur on the left and makes the one on the right flee. The chariot and the Spawn do find there targets thou. Centigors tied up in woods reposition, and the Ungors shoot away not doing much. My Detachment gets eaten up by the Gors and overruns into my Flagellants flank. (steve is rocking the primal fury rolls, this a very powerful ability for the new beasts, Steve made seeming all of them until near the end of game, it was like the Beastmen had Eternal Hatred, ouch!.) My Free Company loses combat but sticks to fight another round. My Handgunners get blown over by the Chariot that overruns off the table. Back and forth this one is going.

Empire Turn 3- I gamble and bid 5 points for the tank this time I get it and charge the big unit of Gors are my 10 O'Clock. Steve flees and gets away by 1/2 an inch, My remaining Knight Charge the just rallied Bestigors and Steves Wargor, I had forgotten I took there banner and I had been more concious I probably would moved them away for an easier target this charge was a sucide mission..I wanted to nerf this unit as much as I could for late game. I reform my Swordsmen to Flank Charge the other unit of Gors next turn as my Flaggies are doing their job tarpitting them, I have my Pistoliers and my surving detachment set up to keep those Centigors off my Generals rear. I am shooting and casting at the but cant kill a model.While My Wizard came up empty this turn, my Priest gets off the Hammer of Sigmar on my Knights Unit Champion this is big because the Wargor Challenges me, I do three Strength 6 wounds to him, but Steve makes on the Saves and lives..I have this unit and General below half, which is great..The Wargor puts the pain on my unit Champion, another another also dies but One model survives for another round.

Beastmen Turn 4- Centigors charge my Pistoliers, another error..I could have fled with them and counter charged with my detachment next round if just moved my Fast Cav over another couple inches..the way I had it lined up..they would have fled thru my Generals Unit which would have forced me to make a game deciding panic check, not wanting to risk it, I hold I did position my Detachment right so the overrun would catch them not my General. Both units of Ungors start moving catch my Wizard in the Forest, The chariot in the Steves backfield runs off the table. The other chariot moves one and positions, so does the spawn, The Gors fleeing from the Steam Tank, rally. While Gors fighting my Free Company prevail and take them down. Steve's has one Minotaur on the right who rallies and moves off toward the tower to save the points. My Pistoliers do get blown away by the Centigors who overrun into my detachment.
Could not get lucky there and it forces my hand next turn. The right side Spawn and my Crossbows were pushing every round, but this round I get lucky and kill it. Go Crossbows!

Empire Turn 4- My General and Swordsmen charge the Flank of the Gors locked in with my last couple of Flaggellants, who did their job smashingly. As much as I want to Charge the tank into that unit of Gors in front of it, I have to turn it around and bring it back to guard the rear of my General from the overrun of my "speedbump" detachment I put in its way. My Wizard throws a big "dazzling brightness" on the Centigors making them WS1, not matter as Steve has a money roll and smokes my Detachment over runing right into the tank..good thing I put it there.
My General on the Flank crushes those Gors and runs them down but doing so moves me into a path of alot of beastmen units converging on me., My last Knight dies at the hands of the Wargor..and they are moving in as well. I need one more unit..anything and I dont have it.
My Crossbows try to shoot that damn last Minotaur but miss.

Beastmen Turn 5- Steves got two Chariots (one on each Flank) and a Small unit of Gors, that can also flank my General, Steve comes up short on the impact hits..but does considerable damage without my Ranks I lose by two, but come up with the "7" to stick, next turn I'll get my Ranks back and it will be a different story. Centigors put two wounds on the Steam tank, no good. My Wizard gets swarmed by Ungors in the woods and is killed

Empire Turn 5- I make another stupid mistake that costs my big time...the Steam Tank has 7 wounds left, I can safely bid 1 steam points and not have to roll, D3 Grinding Attacks..If I kill just one Centigor, I'll outnumber him by a terror causer. Stupidly I got big bid 3 Steam Points and roll another damn "6"...take wound and nothing( in the end this what costs me the game, I think. Like my friend Jeff's says' "Safety Steam for the Win!", On the positive side, my General and his friends crush the one chariot and the Gors on his flank, while my Warrior Priest chases the other chariot off...My Swords are above half and looking good holding the quarter with one turn to go.
Crossbows shoot at something, either the Mino in the tower or the Ungors but dont do anything.

Beastmen Turn 6- Steve's last turn. Steve is a late game master, winning or losing he comes at you guns blazing last in point He charges his Wargor with one wound left out of the unit into the Steam tank, with Strength 10 weapon he's autowounding me on anything but a "1" Steve dice prevail and he puts 3 wounds on tank, 3 from the Wargor- nothing I can do. Steve remaing spawn charges my last 3 Flagellants on the table, picking up full points for the unit. His ungors move and shoot my crossbows..I surive with 5, enough to contest the quarter. His other units fall back as much as possible into scoring positions.

Empire Turn 6- Last licks for the Empire...all I've got 4 wounds left bidding 1 Steam point...I have 50/50 shot making the roll and getting a chance to kill his General...even if he gets 3 wounds on me, as long as I can save off a lucky Centigor hit..I can grind both units with whatever I come up with on the D3...I roll a "4" and take another wound..Steve happily delivers 3 wounds and pops the tank...I take a last ditch effort to shoot the minotaur in the tower with myrossbows..needing "7"'s one wound gets me almost 100 points I hit with a 6, bypass cover with a 4, then fail to wound by 1, with a 3, Game Over.

Steve was up 300 on the extra's that and the 300 points from Steam Tank bottom of 6, put him up a bit over 600 points on me, earning him a nice solid victory for the Beastmen. Not sure if I got a clear picture of the Beastmen book this game..No nasty monsters, perfect Magic. Steve caught some big early breaks, and I made some blunders that cost me. Steve took advantage and did what he does best- win. I look forward to playing Steve and his Beastmen again and soon, as he's one my favorite opponents for sure.

We spent about 30 mins post game sorting thru the current 8th editon rumors and had a bit of a Q&A session on the rumored rules, and their application given our study of the game. I recorded on the camera to preserve the details of the conversation and I will be writing it up soon, nothing ground breaking if you're following the rumors but when you hash it out like we did over the gaming table, given both our current experiences, I think we had pretty good analysis of what we can expect for 8th edition. look for that soon and please chime on your opinions of the annotations I did with Battle Chronicler. This was a long one, so thanks for reading!


Dean said...

Thanks for the write up and taking the time to use the software, I enjoyed reading it.

Bill Lim said...

Battle reporter software looked good. Nice write up. When I saw the two units show up in your rear on turn 1 I was worried for the empire...

Looks like it was a fun game none-the-less.

good job,

Steve said...

Great write up! That tool you used really made some great images to use as well. I will have to try it the next time I do a battle report.

Do you think you will do more battle reports?

TrekkerYu said...

Very cool battle report. Did you enter into Battle Chronicler as things happened? Or did you work on it after the game? I will have to try it...

John@Plastic Legions said...

Hey Chris,
I just took notes and did it after the game..entering it on the fly is possible but you'd need a way better handle on the program than I have.


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